• Fuel Storage Room Electrical

    We have a room in a vacant building that is scheduled to be converted into a "Fuel Storage Room." The items range from 55gal drums of  hydraulic fluid, motor oil, antifreeze, and air compressor lubricant. Aside f...
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  • Continual use of USB Ports in computer monitors

    USB fans plugged into USB ports located in computer monitors - I think if the fan power matches the USB port power we are OK (500mA), but not sure.   Second piece is if the monitor goes to sleep, does power to t...
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  • NFPA 780 Annex L

    ADJ is defined by equation L. as the equivalent collection area of the adjacent structure which equals 40xLL. However, this is the same methodology in the determination of AL. Seems that the methodology used sh...
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  • Maximum Transformer Primary Distance

    For a transformer, 450.14 states that where the primary disconnect is remote, it is to be lockable per 110.25 and the location field marked.  For a large building (500K-1M Sqft), is there a code limit to this dis...
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  • Whats the minimum size, general - use snap switch, for a 1 1/2 HP, single phase, 230 V, AC Motor ? I have searched everywhere in the codes. Not sure how to get the correct calculation. Residential Electrician, apprentice

    Whats the minimum size, general - use snap switch, for a 1 1/2 HP, single phase, 230 V, AC Motor ? I have searched everywhere in the codes. Not sure how to get the correct calculation. Residential Electrician, apprentice
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  • Feeder Conductors in Parallel

    My question has to do with ampacity of feeder conductors in parallel. Parallel feeds must follow 310.10(H), last time I checked. 310.10(H) states that it's only allowed if one follows 310.10(H)(2) through 310.10(H)(...
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  • transformer secondary and primary protection

    A 45KVA transformer located in the basement, 460 volt 3 phase primary out to a 120/208 volt 3 phase circuit breaker panel on the second floor of a 2 story building. The primary protection is a 460 volt 3 pole breaker ...
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  • When am I required to wear PPE

    From the very beginning of my exposure to the NFPA 70E I have been taught that if I am inside the limited approach boundary with exposed energized conductors i have to wear appropriate ARC rated PPE.  My manageme...
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  • Wound Rotor Motor Fusing (Question of the Week)

    What is the correct fuse rating to provide short-circuit protection for a 100 HP, 200 V, 3 phase, wound rotor motor? A. 200A B. 250A C. 300A D. 110A    This question is on a test for Residential Electrician ...
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  • Code Question of the Week

    A dwelling has an attached garage. The garage receptacle must be GFCI protected if:   It is a 30-amp, single phase receptacle It is a 20-amp, single phase receptacle It is rated 60-amp, 240-volt, and within 6-fo...
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  • Elevator Hoistway Branch Circuit Wiring

    Requesting clarification on NFPA 70, NEC Handbook 2017: 620.24 Branch Circuit for Hoistway Pit Lighting and Receptacle (A) Separate Branch Circuits. Separate branch circuits shall supply the pit lighting and recepta...
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  • Shipping

    I work for a dredge company working aboard a vessel. I am confused by the "Extension Cord" issue. The company likes to refer to the OSHA rules as they are tied to the shore side of operations as well. Where I am only ...
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  • 2 Chiller - redundancy

    I have two, large commercial chillers.  One will operate at any given time.  The designer is attempting to use an ATS to switch between which chiller will operate.  I'm told that there will be a "remote...
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  • Feeder Tap Grounds in Parallel

    #250.122(G) Equipment Grounding Conductors for Feeder Taps   250.122(G) says  Equipment grounding conductors run with feeder taps shall not be smaller than shown in Table 250.122 based on the rating of the ...
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  • Tamper - Resistant Receptacles

      Can you please help me regarding the 2017 NEC article 406.12 (2). Guest rooms and guest suites of hotels and motels and Exception (2). My understanding of the article, all 15 and 20 amp receptacles shall be tam...
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  • Lightning protection from tower NFPA 70 artcle 250.60 & 106 and NFPA 780

    Lightning protection systems NFPA 780 and NFPA 70 article 250.60 and 250.106   I have a design with has multiple towers on these towers the manufacturer has lighting strike protection, the tower is aluminum they...
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  • NFPA 25, Electric Fire Pump Test Result

    In reviewing a fire pump test report written on a CA State Fire Marshal issued form, it indicates that a non-acceptable test result was found according to section (adopted 2011 code, which appears as
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  • Electrical Outlet placement for modified peninsula/island

    Hoping to get some input on electrical outlet placement on what was a raised bar peninsula that has been modified to a single level island. Pictures below are a snapshot of the electrical blueprint when the house was ...
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    I purchased a skid with some heaters and control panels from a heater manufacturer.  There were 3 large panels and none of them had the wires labeled.  They claim it was built to NEC standards.  Can any...
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  • For fire pumps does article 240.87 (Arc Energy Reduction) apply?

    We have a situation where we have a 125HP fire pump.  The NEC does not require GFI projection due to the application.  Normally a 1000A, 480V service would require GFI protection.  The question came up ...
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