• 430.32(B)?

    430.32(B). What is a automatically started motor and what is a non automatically started motor? 
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  • Plugging a UPS into another UPS or power conditioner

    Can anyone tell me if it is OK to plug a UPS into a Line Conditioner?  We have a fairly large piece of hospital lab equipment that a representative suggested we get a power conditioner to plug the UPS into. ...
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  • NFPA 70 690.12 RSD and Ground Mounts

    Hello, My organization is troubled by a recent question raised about the Rapid Shutdown Requirements of a Ground mount system which has AC conductors entering a building for interconnection.   In NH the guidance...
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  • NFPA-13

    HI, I want to learn about NFPA-13 just about design of sprinkler system. plez help me
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  • Question concerning HRC1/2 PPE

    Looking to replace our current arc flash equipment and I am wondering if long coats (lab coats) and leggings are a viable replacement to the coveralls in a HRC1 or HRC2 environment.  
    created by jeff.mundy
  • LV control  panel primary and secondary  fusing

    In low voltage control panels ( typically 120 VAC PLC panels )  how can the code be correctly applied for fusing from a control transformer to loads such as electronic modules.  One main fuse from the line s...
    created by jz2018
  • Aspirin for Coronavirus?

    NOTE:  THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR   I've been researching this... One baby aspirin per day may help against coronavirus, and other viruses that mess with the lungs: https://...
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  • Clarification on XFMR secondary OCPD requirements. 

    When installing a 1300kva Delta 13.8kv primary, 480vac Delta or Wye secondary.  XFMR will have <6% impermanence.  Is it necessary to install a fused disconnect on the secondary of the XFMR with OCPD on th...
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  • Generator Wiring

    This question was about generator wiring and has been removed.
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  • Clarification of # of feeders and exceptions

    Where more than one structure is on the same property, each must be served by no more than one feeder or branch circuit [225.30]. As you might expect, the NEC provides several exceptions.   Is 225.30(F) one of th...
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  • Does a diesel fire pump controller require surge protection per 2017 NEC, 695.15?

    I believe this still falls within the scope are Article 695.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  • Line side/Load side versus Bus side/Line side

    Does anyone know the history and where (if one exists) for the official definition of "Line Side" and "Load Side"?   Countless standards such as the NFPA 70 (NEC), 70E, IEEE 1584, C37.20.2, and even electric equ...
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  • Ampacity Derating for Fire Condition 700.10

    I wanted to clarify what the designer is expected to do regarding calculations to show compliance with 310.15 (B) (2) Ambient Temperature Adjustment Factors, especially during a fire condition.   This is al...
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  • PLC Panel 120 VAC Digital Input

    I have a #16 AWG  600 V insulation cable cable coming in from the field to the marshalling terminal with  a 120 VAC digital input to PLC. From the other side of the marshalling terminal to the PLC card wirin...
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  • Applying Temporary grounding devices

    In table 130.5(C) The task of "Application of temporary protective grounding equipment, after voltage test." is listed as a "Yes" for Likelihood of occurrence. Does this mean an EEW permit is required?
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  • Racking Breakers

    Table 130.5(C) lists "Removal or installation of CBs or switches" under any condition as "Yes" for an increased likelihood of occurrence. If a remote racker is used a withdrawable breaker, is an EEW permit required?
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  • My tool pouch was taken - what should I do?

    I need the pdf version of NEC just like I need my screwdriver and lineman's pliers at my right hip.  How do you feel about NFPA eliminating pdf version of 2020 NEC?
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  • MCM or kcmil

    Need to make a public comment, mostly in my company, but need to know, are we supposed to use MCM or kcmil. Is there a reason to NOT use KCM? What article will/does cover this?   Thank You. Jerry
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  • Can I utilize  a 20' vertical steel beam as down conductor?

    Can I utilize a 5/16" thick vertical steel beam as a down conductor? In order to avoid running conductor down the 20' beam, I would just bond the top and bottom of the beam.  Beam is being utilized as the down...
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  • Hot Sticks and Arc Flash

    Does the act of using a hot stick involve a likelihood of occurrence of an arc flash incident?
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