• 2011 NEC Question

    210.60 Guest Rooms, Guest Suites, Dormitories, and Similar Occupancies.   (A) General. Guest rooms or guest suites in hotels, motels, sleeping rooms in dormitories, and similar occupancies shall have receptac...
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  • NFPA 72 Sec. - 2019 Edition Pre-Action Monitoring

    Does section of the NFPA 72 2019 edition apply to pre-action sprinkler systems?
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  • EPS load test.

    I have a question about running the monthly load test for an EPS. I work for a hospital and I am running the load tests for our 800 KW generators. According to the compliance guy, the load must be over 30% of the na...
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  • grounding electrode conductor connection to concrete encased electrode

    NEC 2014 Section 250.52(A)(3) states that 1/2 inch or larger rebar bonded by tie wire (20 ft or more) can be used as the grounding electrode. When attaching the grounding electrode conductor to the rebar to be encased...
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  • Article 220-22

    Hi, i would like to know article 220-22 still available in NEC? as we can't find in our book.  Thanks
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  • Could someone tell me if this is safe?

    Hello all.   I have an easement on my property that runs from an electrical pole on the road, back, underground about 800 feet to a neighbors yard where it stops at a transformer. There is a creek the runs perpe...
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  • NEC Art. 630.23 & 630.24

    I understand dedication of hoistway, machine room, etc. branch circuits for receptacles in these spaces.  Can I put the lighting in the elevator hoistway and adjacent machine room on the same circuit?  Or ar...
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  • metallic conduits for pv under roof sheathing

    In search of any reference to installing residential pv system and fastening metallic conduit to and distance required from underside of wooden roof sheathing.
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  • LOW Voltage 12V DC NFPA Code

    Hi, I am new to the USA (from Australia) and I want to know if there is a NFPA standard that relates to 12V DC electrical wiring for Fire Apparatus and any associated equipment fitted to a Fire Apparatus.   I pu...
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  • Campus emergency (NEC 700) & Legally Required Standby Systems (NEC 701) and optional systems.

    A collage campus emergency (NEC 700) & Legally Required Standby Systems (NEC 701) and optional systems. To do everything on campus.  They are asking for is to install one 700 KW natural gas generator tha...
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  • 220 and 110 outlets on 1 double pole breaker (random theoretical question)

    OK So this is probably gonna sound a bit random and possibly bizarre but say if I imported a domestic 220 outlet from Europe and wanted to wire it to a double pole breaker for only one part of a house, would it b...
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  • Installing Ethernet In My Home

    Hello,   I'm looking to install ethernet in my ~45yo house. Right now I'm looking to use unshielded Cat6a cables. I've read that 16-inch spacing between the ethernet cabling and my house's electrical wiring is b...
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  • NEC 220.87 : KW or KVA?

    NEC 220.87 allows for the existing load to be used for load calculations as follows: The maximum demand data is available for a 1-year period. The maximum demand at 125% plus the new load does not exceed the ampacit...
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  • Battery Back Up

    What is the standard back time of Batteries in non alarm condition and in alarm condition? 
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  • 70E Question

    I have a question about format in 70E Can someone please tell me the format for measurements? (how it is written)   Is it metric (imperial) format like in NEC? Or is it imperial (metric) format like in all oth...
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  • In the rv section 1192 is there a code that prohibits 120v wiring in ac ducts? I have a overheads ac units that is full of wiring

    In the rv section 1192 is there a code that prohibits 120v wiring in ac ducts? I have a overheads ac units that is full of electrical an tv wiring. It fills the duct about 70% and restricts the air flow.
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  • UL

    Do the electrical components of a Tunnel Boring Machine for a tunnel construction in Virginia have to be UL approved or listed?. The TBM will be mining in gassy conditions (C1D2)
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  • SCCR with control panels fed in series

    I am trying to interpret correctly the logic of the SCCR method suggested in NEC 409.110 (4).b  which is the UL508A SCCR Calculation. According to this method, all the components in the feeder circuit would defin...
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  • Fiber Optic Cabling

    Can 480V power wiring and fiber optic cables be installed in the same conduit per 2020 NEC? What are the requirements and/or restrictions?
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  • Hospital Grade Receptacle

    NFPA 99 (2015 edition) (D) notes a receptacle is not required in bathrooms If a receptacle is installed would a hospital grade be required? Part A required hospital grade at patient bed locations. Is a rec...
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