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It would be great to have some real life case studies of the balls in action.
in Emergency Response
to avoid radio traffic, is it allow to communicate verbally (face to face) in the incident command post with incident commander.   hope to find any code support my question   thanks,
in Emergency Response
Are there any NFPA standards for maximum recommended workload of a company of fire fighters?  I look through NFPA 1710 (2016 Edition) and did not see it.  I hear that it is 10% but want to find documentation.
in Emergency Response
Does NFPA define "substantially career" fire department?
in Emergency Response
I am looking for statistics on compliance to NFPA 1221 7.4.2. i.e.  alarm processing time is the time it takes to initiate dispatch of FIRE apparatus and personnel or the time it takes to transfer a fire alarm to another PSAP and, with the exception of the call types identified in (listed below), 90 percent of [fire] alarm processing shall… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Earlier this week, NFPA was contacted by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (HHS/ASPR) Division, as the agency has made a change in the system platform they use to monitor the location of electricity dependent DME (ventilators, oxygen concentrators, powered suction pumps) populations… (Show more)
Hi, I am designing the ventilation system for a college of medicine and there are many laboratories, two of them are Radioisotope labs. I am providing an exhaust system for each lab, consisting of two induced draft dilution fans (1 working + 1 stand-by). Each exhaust system is serving 4 hoods inside one laboratory via a manifold, and provided… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Is a HAZMAT Team required to respond to a car/vehicle accident involving ANY Electric Vehicle(EV)? Is this a nationwide requirement? A state requirement (which state(s)? OR - just a suggestion determined by Local Authority?
in Emergency Response
Hi,   we need to have a temporary fire protection in underground parking arena (08 nos. of basement) for a time travel of 15 days, as the building (shopping mall) is under construction.   Current condition of building (parking area) are as follows.   1. Exit staircases are not constructed (Ramps are accessible). 2. Sprinkler system is under… (Show more)
All Retail Shops are recommended to be provided with Quick Response Sprinklers. Fire Size used in the calculations is 2.5 MW considering Quick Response Sprinklers in compliance with BS 7346 Part 4 Table 3.     NFPA – 13, where listed quick-response sprinklers, including extended coverage quick-response sprinklers, are used… (Show more)
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