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I read NFPA 291 Section 4.9 about flow testing without a pitot gauge, but I do not understand where to get the variables. Can anyone help explain the process a little better to me?
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I work for large Fire Department and the Fire Marshal has expressed an interest in providing Crowd Manger Training to assembly occupies. Has any other Department already done this, I’m curious how invasive a program like this would become.   Thanks in advance,   ~ND
in Emergency Response
I would like to know if, in a NFPA standard, a formula exist about calculing the initial attack force, for exemple for an industral plant. We know fro residential fire, 10 FF is recommanded, but is there a way to calculate the initial attack force for other occupancies. If so, is it possible to have the reference standard. I already consul NFPA… (Show more)
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Hello,    I have a question regarding Rope Rescue.  Does NFPA recommend a certain safety factor with ropes?  IE: 15:1 safety factor?  I have heard many opinions on this topic lately and am looking for the most up to date/accurate information to teach on this subject matter. From reading NFPA1983, it seems like this was something that was in the… (Show more)
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Reference NFPA 1221 Section 4.10 Remote Communications Facilities, sub section* Where the building that houses a remote communications facility is located within 150 ft (46 m) of the potential collapse zone of a taller structure, the roof shall be designed to resist damage from collapse of the exposing structure. How do you… (Show more)
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After review NFPA 101 deeply, I found that the sprinkler system required industrial occupancies F-1, but there is another type, special purposes industrial non-occupied occupancies. But after searching the code about the fire fighting system requirements to this occupancy, I did not record any specific requirements.   My question is, Is the… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Good day, Fire Service Colleagues: My name is Derrick Phillips. I am a Battalion Chief with the St. Louis Fire Department with responsibilities for training and homeland security. As a Master's candidate at the Naval Postgraduate School, I am working on a thesis to address intelligence gaps in the fire service. More specifically, my thesis aims… (Show more)
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