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Gregg Cleveland
   We all get asked to join various organizations, sections, etc. and many of us ask why?  What value do we get from our participation?  Well, I will be like everyone else asking you to join the Fire Service Section of NFPA.            Like any organization, you get out of it what you put into it.  Need information?  You will have access to… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Michael Cajayon
I'll try to make this as simple as possible..   My AHJ operates at the Technician level and provides Confined Space Technician services. The state splits Awareness/Operations/Technician levels into 3 different classes. Some people in the department only have have the class up to the operation level - which NFPA 1006 states they may make rescues… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Kenneth Fauth
Looking for a basic EOP Template compliant with NFPA 1600#
in Emergency Response
Paul Siebert
How many times have you been asked by citizens or residents about what you do as a firefighter? At some point, we talk about the apparatus checks, the training, and the emergency calls. We can typically recite the number of fire and if applicable, the EMS calls we responded to last year.  Some agencies have extensive data collection and analysis… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Robert Solomon
Today’s Daily Dispatch featured an op-ed by our president Jim Pauley, addressing concerns and questions around how to best protect occupants in the event of an active shooter incident or other hostile event while continuing to maintain adequate safety features in place such as the means of egress. As Jim noted, upcoming editions of NFPA codes… (Show more)
Aaron Brouwer
I saw in our Manufacturers Guidelines that it states in BOLD and UNDERLINE not to machine dry turnout gloves but no reason was given.  I asked them about it and they couldn't give me a solid reason for this as they said they were not part of NFPA 1851.  So now I am reaching out to you guys. I looked at NFPA 1851 and it basically says the same… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Chris Ellmer
Hopefully this is an easy question, my search didn't produce an obvious answer.   What is the rule for new hose as far as service test go?  Do you accept the proof test for its first record of testing and test the hose the following year or do you service test new hose before it goes on the rig?   Here's the NFPA 1962 section: "Hose shall be… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Jessica Miriga
Our company wants to get training to become certified to clean/decontaminate fire fighter soft goods (we have a large commercial Esporta machine). Upon my many hours of research, it looks like we need to take a certification class that is provided by a Verified third party Independent Service Provider. Does anyone know which ISP providers are… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Curtis A Ladwig
This is more of a training question.  We are looking to purchase Hybrid (Electric Car) Simulator.  Any idea who makes one? 
in Emergency Response
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