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I read NFPA 291 Section 4.9 about flow testing without a pitot gauge, but I do not understand where to get the variables. Can anyone help explain the process a little better to me?
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I have been tasked with finding the NFPA standard that was in effect when we purchased our departments air packs  that we are currently using. They were purchased in ??? I need to know what the NFPA standard was surrounding SCBA then and what the current standard is and major differences. If anyone can direct me to where i may readily find this… (Show more)
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Click to view contentFirst off, I must me transparent that I am not a firefighter, first responder or even in the industry. I am only a regular person that loves our first responders and cares for their safety along with the safety of our community. That being said, I truly would like to know everyone's feelings about the NFPA guidelines as a whole and more… (Show more)
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does anyone know of any special restrictions regarding the use of hearing aids within the fire service, whether they are trying to get on or presently on the job?  Was told to look at 1582 and chapter 6 but unable to locate anything.  thanks
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Could you please help with the emergency exits design for a mess hall? The design calculations, how many doors to number of persons, the width of door, and documents reference for the support?   Ajith Neelathkalam
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Does NFPA allow to use fiber reinforced Plastic (FRP) material grating for tunnel and Viaduct evacuation walkways?
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Does 1002 require 1001?  We are an industrial site and have been running our firefighters through the 1081 program and then the 1002 driver and had planned to run them through the 1002 pump as well.  I noticed that our province (Alberta) now requires 1001 Level 1 as a prerequisite to any level of the 1002 (based on the 2017 edition).  So I went… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
Question about Confined Space Rescue.  What is the best practice or recommendation on wearing SCBA vs SAR during a Confined Space Rescue Incident.  When should you wear one vs the other?  What's the breakover point? Thank you,
in Emergency Response
The Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District is planning to upgrade its fire and emergency medical services and is seeking a qualified consultant to provide input into this plan.  Qualifications include experience with rural fire departments operating with limited budgets, particularly how they can comply with NFPA fire operations standards. cmfpd
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