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Philipp Raecke Baro
Hello Everyone;   This might be more relevant to higher education institutions. Does anyone have procedures in place to ensure employees (electricians, tradesmen) working on roofs are advised of a fire alarm, when the fire alarm is not heard in the roof?   I'm inquiring specifically about procedures which may involve low-cost tools (pager, cell… (Show more)
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Curt Floyd
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is currently developing a Guide for Structural Fire Fighting. This guide addresses fundamental knowledge of fire dynamics in structures to help identify strategy and tactics supported by science-based research for effective and safe firefighting.   The current draft recommends that initial arriving… (Show more)
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Tim Smith
I am new here and I have a quick question. I did a search before just asking so I apologize if this has been posted here before.     How often are firefighters required to be re-trained on CPR?  I was thinking it was annually however I cannot find it in writing as OSHA CFR, NFPA standard or other?     I know that the AHA and Red Cross have… (Show more)
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Gerald Dworkin
Lifesaving Resources ( announces its 2016 Water and Ice Rescue training programs as follows:   INTERNATIONAL ICE RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY     •  February 18 - 21 (Portland, Maine)   ICE RESCUE TECHNICIAN COURSES     • January 23 (Kennebunkport, Maine)     •  February 06 (Oxford, Massachusetts)     •  March 05… (Show more)
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Thomas Joseph
As per NFPA Codes and Standards 1901 - and 15-9.3-2.1, requires the rear of the apparatus at least 50% in a chevron pattern in red and yellow or yellow-green.  The issue we have is who is responsible for the installation of the chevron? We are a letterer and decorator of fire apparatus and we have been given conflicting information… (Show more)
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Can fire departments use chains, come a longs, chain fall, etc from local hardware in vehicle extrication or does it all have to be NFPA approved?
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Kyla Caponigro
  As deadly wildfires are devastating California, "Only the Brave," a movie about the 19 hotshot firefighters who died battling the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona in 2013, hits theaters next Friday. I wrote about the movie in "Too Soon?" in the current issue of NFPA Journal.   For the article, I had a chance to speak with Brian Henington, a… (Show more)
Benjamin Pugh
  The NFPA Standards Council has received a New Project Initiation Request from the fire service asking NFPA consider developing an ANSI Accredited Standard to establish the minimum requirements for the effective contamination control of fire department personal, their personal protective equipment (PPE), accessories, and equipment.   … (Show more)
Alex Cooper
I recently heard NFPA was making a push to make particulate hoods mandatory over nomex hoods for firefighters in NFPA 1971. Is this statement true or is this more of a suggestion to protect firefighters? 
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Kyla Caponigro
Shared by Kyla Caponigro Employee 2 months ago (Show more)
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