• Structural Design of Remote Communications Facilities

    Reference NFPA 1221 Section 4.10 Remote Communications Facilities, sub section* Where the building that houses a remote communications facility is located within 150 ft (46 m) of the potential coll...
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  • Alternator replaced-PUMP TEST?

    I am asking to get better clarification on the low voltage charging system. I know if you have replaced a radiator in a fire fighting piece of equipment, that a pump test is required to ensure the system will perform ...
    created by checkers1994

    SFT is transitioning from Fire Mechanic series to EVT series for Certification.  Does anyone know where EVT training is, or will be offered in California?  Fire Mechanic series is being retired at the end of...
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  • Has or will NFPA 1901 take into account new helmet designs in reference to not wearing helmets in the crew area?

    NFPA 1901 - through instructs firefighters not to wear helmets in the driving and crew areas while the apparatus is in motion. With the advent of new technology and designs of fire helmets, has the...
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  • HAZMAT TEAMS REQUIRED FOR Electric Vehicle Accidents?

    Is a HAZMAT Team required to respond to a car/vehicle accident involving ANY Electric Vehicle(EV)? Is this a nationwide requirement? A state requirement (which state(s)? OR - just a suggestion determined by Local Auth...
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  • Fire fighting vehicles

    What would be Nfpa's criteria for deciding to have combat vehicles in Petrochemicals if we have fixed and brigade systems?
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  • Rehab Kit/Box

    For those of you that run rehab/utility apparatus in your jurisdictions, I'm looking for a good inventory list of items that can be kept in a box/kit to ensure rehab is being done on our members before they are recycl...
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  • Fire Service Section – Why Should You Belong?

       We all get asked to join various organizations, sections, etc. and many of us ask why?  What value do we get from our participation?  Well, I will be like everyone else asking you to join t...
    created by clevelandg
  • Service testing new hose

    Hopefully this is an easy question, my search didn't produce an obvious answer.   What is the rule for new hose as far as service test go?  Do you accept the proof test for its first record of testing and t...
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  • 1901 Aerial Apparatus question

    NFPA 1901 Section 8.9.4 is pretty much all about aerial apparatus with fire pumps. It continues on in to state, "If the supply hose carried has other than 2 1/2 in. NH threads... [etc requirement etc].... the ...
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  • Webinar on Ambulance Remounts and NFPA 1917

    Hey, are you interested in learning about how the 2019 edition of NFPA 1917, Standard for Automotive Ambulances, addresses the issue of ambulance remounts as well as how they addressed in other documents relating to a...
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  • I need a list of U.S. Fire Departments that serve populations of 100,000 - 249,999.

    I am a Ph.D. student and also a Lieutenant on Engine 1 with McAllen Fire Department in McAllen, TX.  This information is needed for a study that I will be conducting.  Thank you for your help in this matter....
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  • We have a cross country pipeline through which diesel is being transported to upcountry areas. Now, we are planning to pump mogas through this pipeline. Can you guide us on requirement of fire trucks based on the distances between pumping stations. The

    distance between our pumping station is on average 220 kms. The tender will have to cover the emergencies involving spillage and fire. Moreover, kindly guide us on the placement of fire tenders based on the total resp...
    created by ghulam.abbas
  • UNIT ID #s required on roof or Tops of Apparatus ?

    Were in the NFPA does it mention markings or Unit ID's on Fire Apparatus, front, side or top ? We have 5 units that do not have Unit ID's or placards on their roofs and there is a disagreement even if they a...
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    As per NFPA Codes and Standards 1901 - and 15-9.3-2.1, requires the rear of the apparatus at least 50% in a chevron pattern in red and yellow or yellow-green.  The issue we have is who is responsible f...
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  • help on hose

    hose manufactured prior to July 1987 can they be tested and if passed used.
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  • Which NFPA standard covers fire apparatus access roads?

    I would like to explore the NFPA standard that would cover fire apparatus access roads and fire lanes.
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