• Fire Service Intelligence Survey

    Good day, Fire Service Colleagues: My name is Derrick Phillips. I am a Battalion Chief with the St. Louis Fire Department with responsibilities for training and homeland security. As a Master's candidate at the Nava...
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  • Differences between NFPA 1852 and 1981

    I have been tasked with finding the NFPA standard that was in effect when we purchased our departments air packs  that we are currently using. They were purchased in ??? I need to know what the NFPA standard was ...
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  • Emergency exit door calculation for messhall

    Could you please help with the emergency exits design for a mess hall? The design calculations, how many doors to number of persons, the width of door, and documents reference for the support?   Ajith Neelathkalam
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  • SCBA Fire Service Lens Inspection

    NFPA 1852 section reads: Facepiece inspection shall include the following:  (3) Lens checked for holes, cracks, scratches, heat-damaged areas, and a proper seal with the facepiece material.  ...
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  • Sprinkler system for residential buildings?

    I have a 6 floors new residential building ( about 22 m height and 800 m2 area ), with four aparments per floor. it will be very difficult from the owner side to install sprinkler system. Is there any chance/code ref...
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    SFT is transitioning from Fire Mechanic series to EVT series for Certification.  Does anyone know where EVT training is, or will be offered in California?  Fire Mechanic series is being retired at the end of...
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  • Has or will NFPA 1901 take into account new helmet designs in reference to not wearing helmets in the crew area?

    NFPA 1901 - through instructs firefighters not to wear helmets in the driving and crew areas while the apparatus is in motion. With the advent of new technology and designs of fire helmets, has the...
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  • Workload standards?

    Are there any NFPA standards for maximum recommended workload of a company of fire fighters?  I look through NFPA 1710 (2016 Edition) and did not see it.  I hear that it is 10% but want to find documentation.
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  • HAZMAT TEAMS REQUIRED FOR Electric Vehicle Accidents?

    Is a HAZMAT Team required to respond to a car/vehicle accident involving ANY Electric Vehicle(EV)? Is this a nationwide requirement? A state requirement (which state(s)? OR - just a suggestion determined by Local Auth...
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  • Rehab 1584

    I have a question on NFPA 1584, I am hoping someone could clear up and maybe I am just reading it wrong..Under Chapter 6 - 6.1.4 - It says members shall undergo rehab following the use of a second 30 min or ...
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  • Rehab Kit/Box

    For those of you that run rehab/utility apparatus in your jurisdictions, I'm looking for a good inventory list of items that can be kept in a box/kit to ensure rehab is being done on our members before they are recycl...
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  • CPR Certifications and annual requirements

    I am new here and I have a quick question. I did a search before just asking so I apologize if this has been posted here before.     How often are firefighters required to be re-trained on CPR?  I...
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  • Emergency Operations Plan Template

    Looking for a basic EOP Template compliant with NFPA 1600#
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  • Fire Service Section – Why Should You Belong?

       We all get asked to join various organizations, sections, etc. and many of us ask why?  What value do we get from our participation?  Well, I will be like everyone else asking you to join t...
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  • How do I determine the numerals to place on a diamond placard for emergency response (in pesticide storage)?

    This is for pesticide storage in a State government facility.
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  • I need a list of U.S. Fire Departments that serve populations of 100,000 - 249,999.

    I am a Ph.D. student and also a Lieutenant on Engine 1 with McAllen Fire Department in McAllen, TX.  This information is needed for a study that I will be conducting.  Thank you for your help in this matter....
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  • NFPA 1917 Compliance

    I'm serving on a committee that will make recommendations to our State to adopt NFPA 1917 for ground ambulance licensure. I know there is reluctance by some manufacturers to build to this specification. In our De...
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  • Ford Transit electrical cut off

    Does anyone have a procedure to cut off the electrical power on a Ford Transit in the event of an accident. The battery is under the driver's seat. If the airbags are not all exploded there is a risk for the vehicle p...
  • Working in roof of building being evacuated in university setting

    Hello Everyone;   This might be more relevant to higher education institutions. Does anyone have procedures in place to ensure employees (electricians, tradesmen) working on roofs are advised of a fire alarm, wh...
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    As per NFPA Codes and Standards 1901 - and 15-9.3-2.1, requires the rear of the apparatus at least 50% in a chevron pattern in red and yellow or yellow-green.  The issue we have is who is responsible f...
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