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  • Request for Proposals for Project Contractor: "Fire Fighter Equipment Operational Environment (FFEOE): Evaluation of Thermal Conditions"

    The Fire Protection Research Foundation has issued a new RFP on the thermal exposure to fire fighter equipment, which includes a literature review and development of thermal scenarios. For those with expertise on this...
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    In Fall 2015, NFPA, in collaboration with other national stakeholders, conducted the 4th Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service (examples of the historical reports).  To this end, Christina Holcroft and I will...
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  • NFPA 13, 13D, and 13R First Draft Meetings, July 2016

    NFPA 13, 13D, and 13R First Draft Meetings, July 2016
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  • info about UAS

    See attached article
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  • Fire Sprinkler Demonstration - Live Burn.mp4

    Live Burn , I hop you will enjoy with this
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  • safety main help for

    You can not find a heart love you like your mother , whatever !!
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  • Dry Chemical 10B Fire Extinguisher Demo @ UL Tour

    The video is of a dry chemical fire extinguisher demonstration on a 10B size fire fueled by heptane.  This occurred on the Monday UL Tour.  Great tour and opportunity to see different areas and activities of...
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  • Fire Hose Research

    The fire hose technical committee held a conference call on April 2 to discuss upcoming document revisions and ongoing fire hose research. Slides from the Fire Protection Research Foundation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tob...
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  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare-Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) 8-14.pdf

    Here is an in depth report on NFPA's activity in EMS and Mobile Integrated Healthcare.
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  • FAA Report 2 minute Final Version.doc

    Here is a great report done on the response times in NFPA 403 and how the committee established the response times.
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  • West Texas Explosion Prompts Committee to Review and Revise NFPA 400

    The tragic incident in West Texas two years ago prompted the Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials to make changes to the ammonium nitrate requirements in NFPA 400, Hazardous Materials Code.  To read more ab...
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  • A history of wildland firefighting in the United States

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  • Wildland Fire-Related Codes and Standards.pdf

    In March 2015, the NFPA team traveled to the IAFC Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Conference in Reno, NV to present on a variety of WUI subjects.  Check out this presentation for an update on NFPA’s Wildland...
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  • 2nd Report - Community Risk Paper 2013_High Resolution.pdf

    This document is the result of many years of work by several fire service leadership groups as well as NIST. I think you will find it useful.
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  • Pro Qual Reorganization Chart

    The Professional Qualifications Documents and Revision Cycles Chart.
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  • Pro Qual Reorg Chart

    Here is the reorganization chart of all professional qualifications documents with revision cycles.
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  • Chemical Suicide Incident Response

    See the attached PPT on Chemical Suicide Incidents: Keeping First Responders Safe through NFPA Codes and Standards.
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  • Analysis of Recruit Initial Fire Fighter Training Curricula

    Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Analysis of Recruit/Initial Fire Fighter Trainings Curricula" (PDF, 1 MB) Author: Patrick Mulherin and Beth Weckman, University of Waterloo Date of issue: April 2015 ...
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