• Flow Testing Without Pitot

    I read NFPA 291 Section 4.9 about flow testing without a pitot gauge, but I do not understand where to get the variables. Can anyone help explain the process a little better to me?
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  • Differences between NFPA 1852 and 1981

    I have been tasked with finding the NFPA standard that was in effect when we purchased our departments air packs  that we are currently using. They were purchased in ??? I need to know what the NFPA standard was ...
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  • use of hearing aids in fire service

    does anyone know of any special restrictions regarding the use of hearing aids within the fire service, whether they are trying to get on or presently on the job?  Was told to look at 1582 and chapter 6 but unabl...
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  • Emergency Evacuation Walkway

    Does NFPA allow to use fiber reinforced Plastic (FRP) material grating for tunnel and Viaduct evacuation walkways?
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  • Emergency exit door calculation for messhall

    Could you please help with the emergency exits design for a mess hall? The design calculations, how many doors to number of persons, the width of door, and documents reference for the support?   Ajith Neelathkalam
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  • NFPA 1002 (2017) Prerequisites

    Does 1002 require 1001?  We are an industrial site and have been running our firefighters through the 1081 program and then the 1002 driver and had planned to run them through the 1002 pump as well.  I notic...
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  • Consultant Sought to Assist Rural Fire Department Comply with NFPA Operational Guidelines

    The Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District is planning to upgrade its fire and emergency medical services and is seeking a qualified consultant to provide input into this plan.  Qualifications include experience...
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  • Confined space rescue question

    Question about Confined Space Rescue.  What is the best practice or recommendation on wearing SCBA vs SAR during a Confined Space Rescue Incident.  When should you wear one vs the other?  What's the bre...
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  • SCBA Cylinder Size

    We are ordering new SCBAs and I am getting conflicting information of what size cylinders will be compliant with the next NFPA edition. Can someone please define the size/volume/pressure standards that will be complia...
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  • SCBA Fire Service Lens Inspection

    NFPA 1852 section reads: Facepiece inspection shall include the following:  (3) Lens checked for holes, cracks, scratches, heat-damaged areas, and a proper seal with the facepiece material.  ...
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  • Wind Sock for Industrial Emergency Response

    Are there guidelines in NFPA on wind sock for use in an industrial emergency response setting? Example: to indicate the wind direction for safe approach or escape during release of toxic gas   How do you select...
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  • Alternator replaced-PUMP TEST?

    I am asking to get better clarification on the low voltage charging system. I know if you have replaced a radiator in a fire fighting piece of equipment, that a pump test is required to ensure the system will perform ...
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  • Sprinkler system for residential buildings?

    I have a 6 floors new residential building ( about 22 m height and 800 m2 area ), with four aparments per floor. it will be very difficult from the owner side to install sprinkler system. Is there any chance/code ref...
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  • NFPA 704 dimensions

    A few months ago, NFPA told me the following regarding the size of the special hazard ratings in comparison to the number ratings for NFPA 704, “The minimum dimensions of the hazard ratings (which include the sp...
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  • Rope Rescue System "safety factor"

    Pertaining to rope rescue systems I am looking for this "System safety factor" ratio that I hear about in fire service but can't seem to find any numbers anywhere.  In NFPA 1670 A.3.3.142 states what a safety fac...
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  • SCBA on a ambulance

    Wondering if putting SCBA'S on an ambulance and responding it to a fire scene where the crew then does fire operations. Changes an ambulance to a special fire apparatus? So for it then require you to have equal packs ...
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    Hello, I have a project of 8 floors of land area of 208 m2 which only allows me to have only one evacuation ladder located at 18 ml of the exit that leads to the exterior to the first floor. My question is: Can I appl...
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  • Fire Fighter Physicals

    Hello, can anyone please tell me if there is any special certification required to perform the pulmonary function or audiometer part of fire fighter physicals such as NIOSH certification?    Thanks!
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  • Vehicle Extrication PPE's

    Does NFPA 1670 offer any recommendations on PPE to be worn during a vehicle extrication? Does any NFPA guideline offer recommendations on PPE for vehicle extrication?
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  • it is require to design fire hose cabins in schools or not ? depends in what?

    specific gauge
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