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Jon Willett
We make process heaters and sometimes, those are electric immersion heaters.  NFPA 70b, 425.22(B) states a 48 amp limit per circuit.  However NFPA 87 (which we follow for all of our other heaters) says resistance heaters DON'T have to be subdivided into circuits of 48 amps or less.  How can we decide which code to follow?  We seem to be… (Show more)
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Nicholas Weiss
NFPA 58     What is the minimum require vertical distance between the pressure relief valve and a overhead wooden structure (such as a deck) on a 100lbs tank at a single family residence. (Section           Illustration 6.2 shows an 8' high deck from grade but this appears to be for reference only. Can the tanks be placed under a deck… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Jack Callahan
My main question is, if I intend to only use the appliance at 50A and select that on the product itself  as well as wire it to a 50A circuit, am I breaking any code violations by not installing the product on a 100A circuit (maximum nameplate rating of the product)?  Product is a non-continuous device.  I have heard in some locations that it is… (Show more)
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Victor Cruz
Dear Friends:   About the maintenance of a System that meets the NFPA-2001, can any one tell me: Is there a maintenance procedure for the Iron pipelines? my concern is for the rust formation inside the pipe during the years.   All my systems are protecting Data Center facilities, so for that reason in case of a discharge of the Novec 1230, the… (Show more)
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Elsa Lopez Diaz
NFPA 2001 Clarification. We are under an inert gas system design (IG-541) . Our system is class C fire and according to NFPA-2001 table A. minimun design concentration of 38.5% shall be used.   My concern is related to concetration target to calculate the discharge time. There are two paragraphs on NFPA-2001 that will divert to a… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Francisca Saez
Good day every one, i have a question on NFPA 24, chapter 10, Polyethylene , sends me to AWWA C906 , that standar talks about the use of PE2606 PE2708 PE3608 PE3710 PE4608 PE4710. Does it mean that if i use a different type of PE(neither of wich i have alredy mentioned) , i wont be respecting the standard?  I really apreciate if someone could… (Show more)
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Bobby Pellegrin
Dormitory built in 1960 with no major renovation being done.  Fire Alarm system installed in 1980.  We are getting ready to replace the fire alarm system due to the current system being discontinued.  I thought we could do a one for one replacement of the system and not have to have a system meet the current 2015 NFPA 72.  I have a response from… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Pamela Smyth
I am doing research on hazardous materials and writing of ordinances.  I find that most cities do not permit pool construction/electrical supply wholesale businesses selling pool chemicals on the side to store hundreds of gallons of chlorine bleach and muriatic acid outdoors year round and unprotected from the elements on open parking lots.  Nor… (Show more)
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W. Burlingame
Is anyone out there aware of a manufacturer who has a device that meets the 100' requirement of NFPA 72 section  AHJs are reporting that there are a number of installations in dwelling units where the manufacturers' documentation does not support this.
in Code Enforcement
Randall Schievelbein
Can an licensed apprentice (without supervision of a journeyman) install (run conduit and connect to the existing disconnect) a new piece of equipment in the facility he is employed.   thanks
in Code Enforcement
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