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NFPA 72 7.5.5. Record Drawings state Record drawings shall consist of current updated and shop drawings reflecting the actual installation of all system equipment, components, and wiring. The question is can someone help clarify what is meant by "actual". I understand wiring and terminations, actual locations of devices, etc. What about… (Show more)
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I recently viewed a home with a garage that had a living space above it. The garage finished ceiling was comprised of 1/4 inch thick, 4 feet by 8 feet long sheets of bead board (pre-primed) Masonite material. The ceiling joists are 2 inch by 8 inch wood joist with a 3/4 inch plywood sub floor applied to the top of them for the living space above.… (Show more)
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Our town has 28 ft. wide residential streets with no parking restrictions, allowing parking on both sides of the street.  Our Fire Chief says as long as he can drive a fire truck down the street, we are within code.  I interpret the 503 code differently, only parking on one designated side of the street.  Comments?
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Is the elide fire ball approved in the USA. IF so where does it fall in nfpa 10. Thanks  
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Question pertaining to NFPA 101: Classification of interior finish materials shall be in accordance with tests made under conditions simulating actual installations. An installation of stained tongue and groove douglas fir (3/4' nominal) installed on 5/8" gypsum wall board. In a fully sprinkled business occupancy.   AHJ has cited… (Show more)
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I am a Single Family 2 story homeowner in the Town of Lewiston, New York.  My home was built in December 2015 by Forbes Capretto Homes.  During the building process, I was told by the builder that due to the incline of the street in which my street is adjacent to, I need a fire sprinkler system.  The builder told me they needed to have a sprinkler… (Show more)
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We have a fire shutter that has an integrated smoke detector that triggers the shutter to close upon detection of smoke.  Does this smoke detector /need/ to be on the building's FACP per NFPA?  Who should install it? Who provides the detector? Currently it is provided by the shutter manufacturer. 
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Good day, I conducting an inspection of a skill nursing facility with no Alzheimer or psych residents, just regular seniors with various mental challenges associated with aging.  The fire exit door had "exit" posted over the door.  However, the staff put a strip of material, at eye level, across the door and added a large triangular sign that read… (Show more)
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According to NFPA 99(2016) section "A zone valve box shall be located  inmmediately outside each vital life area Question? A labor/delivery room is a vital life room. I have 12 room do I need a valve box for each room? I will appreciate your commnents
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I am wondering if an "Animal Hospital" is a "business" occupancy or another type? The one being built here is 12,200 sq/ft and would be mainly for large animals. I am curious what would be the occupancy and would it need a sprinkler system?
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