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I have a question about storage of lithium batteries.  Our company converts gas powered commercial vehicles into electric, we will possibly have on hand 108, 32kwh, 333v nominal, Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2) — NMC batteries.  What if any are the storage requirements with these batteries or any lithium battery
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How do I know my community has adopted the NEC? I’m learning the book in my community college, is that proof enough?
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We are in the design phase of a new dormitory.  We are trying to stay under the 75 feet height requirement of a high-rise building.  Life safety code is about a clear as mud in its definition.  I'm going to reach out to the local fire department but decided to ask here first.
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NFPA 101 2012 Edition (5)   - Does (5) mean the switch controller is to turn on the motion lights when the fire alarm system is activated or just function with the motion sensor during motion to the device during the fire alarm activation? Unless prohibited by Chapters 11 through 43 automatic motion sensor–type lighting switches shall… (Show more)
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Public Input No. 101-NFPA 30-2018 Code Requirements Analysis for a tank designed to UL 2258 NFPA 30 FLC-TAN FIRST DRAFT AGENDA   Does anyone have an update or status of the UL2258 approval to NFPA30? Involving acceptance of Roth tanks to NFPA30-
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Working on a building that was built in the early 60's and need to see what the NFPA codes were back in the day. Anyone know if these are available for viewing?
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In a hospital enviroment, there is an old, unused trash shoot to be used as a possibly toxic exhaust vent. The trash shoot/ shaft has a fire rating of 2 hours. Since the newly proposed exhaust duct MAY, on occaision, carry toxic fumes to the roof is the exhaust duct required to have welded joints or is the 2" overlap with a mastic sealer… (Show more)
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Hi, my company is looking to perform an inspection on a facility to ensure it complies with NEC regulations. Are there any resources to assist with this aside from just referencing the code book directly? Perhaps a spreadsheet already made that has fields to verify NEC compliance?
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Introducing FSS ProGuard 295UL, the fire protection industry’s first, and only, UL Listed bacterial and corrosion inhibitor! FSS ProGuard 295UL from Huguenot laboratories is a corrosion and bacterial inhibitor designed and listed to address MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion) and generalized corrosion in fire sprinkler systems. FSS… (Show more)
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How AHJ’s Can Participate in the UL Standards Making Process and Access UL Standards for Free.   UL is always looking for participants in UL's Standards Development Process. See the Call for Members information on the STP Chart for those STPs that are currently recruiting new membership. Click the link for more information.… (Show more)
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