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Robert St. Onge
We dwell in a 15 story high rise condominium building.  We have exterior living spaces which are non combustible.  There is no combustible construction within ten feet of those spaces.  There is an overhang  eight feet above which is constructed of concrete.    Code reads "for other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, grill,… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Derek Carter
My facility has in house Sprinkler, Extinguisher, Fire Door, Fire Pump, Fire Alarm, ETC.. testing that at the moment we print off our reports on MIcrosoft Word document and bring with us then come back to the office to manually enter the changes. Is there a program out there being used by a contractor or in house inspector like myself that we can… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Otto Vicente
Hi,   I was asked to validate a sprinkler system design from another designer, therefore the question I am about to make is a consequence of this situation.   When presented with different hazards distributed throughout a building we protect each room with the Proper K- Factor sprinkler and distribution.    A control valve is installed between… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Kyla Caponigro
This past May, I posted about the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code requirements for crowd managers. In today's installment of #101Wednesdays, guest author Robert Solomon discusses the broader subject of crowd management, and how the lack of a comprehensive plan can have tragic consequences as seen in the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster in the UK.  … (Show more)
Jeramie Morris
What method of training are you providing to your employees who complete the fire door inspections and annual tests?  What is the content in your training?  Does anyone have any information that can be leveraged out as a best practice?
in Code Enforcement
Felipe Gonzalez
I´ve searched for minimum water suppy for private hydrant in NFPA24, but it´s not there. Can I consider a private hydrant a Class I standpipe and use 30 minutes for water supply like NFPA14 9.2 indicates? I´m considering 500gpm in both.
in Code Enforcement
Laia Pérez
Good morning/afternoon,   It is possible to install a charcoal oven under the same extractor hood where there is a gas kitchen? I have been searching the answer on the NFPA 96 but I have not found it.   Thank you for your help. 
in Code Enforcement
Zareh Abramian
Hello Peers,   I am looking for the NFPA code that sites a specific language for the requirement of monthly inspection and testing of illuminated emergency exits.  I am requesting a monthly schedule from our maintenance department and they are asking for the specific regulation requiring this before they can request a budget for it.  please… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
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