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Mike Sanders
2015 IFC   Local contractor has a large open warehouse he wants to convert to storage units.  Code requires sprinklers or fire wall separation to reduce areas to max of 2500 sq. ft. In this circumstance, the request is to allow use of steel conex boxes, of various sizes, inside the warehouse to negate the requirement for fire wall or… (Show more)
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Leonardo Kibanoff
We got cited for our ER suite doors for not being positive latching  we're at a stand still with our consultants because they believe we can argue that the doors have the min 5# force to open it.. I did find this is in 101 but a bit vague since it only mentions corridor doors- nothing specifically about suite doors I've been back and forth with… (Show more)
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Robert St. Onge
We dwell in a 15 story high rise condominium building.  We have exterior living spaces which are non combustible.  There is no combustible construction within ten feet of those spaces.  There is an overhang  eight feet above which is constructed of concrete.    Code reads "for other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, grill,… (Show more)
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James Conti
does the doors on the cabinet have to be self latching or can the doors manually be closed if there is no self latching mechicaism
in Code Enforcement
What is recognized as an investigative report form? What are the standards of information that these reports should include?
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Adam Krouse
NFPA 101, Section 12.2.4 Number of exits???  Why the change in wording between the 2009 edition of NFPA 101 and the 2012 edition of NFPA 101.  the 2012 wording of "the number of means of egress shall be in accordance with Section 7.4..." opposed to "the number of exits..." from 2009 makes it more difficult for me to argue a stair must be protected… (Show more)
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Beth Kafka
Is there any ability or approved products that can be added to fire-rated glass exit doors to screen intense sun aside from tinting the glass? We were looking for some type of solution that could be applied to the doors. I thought perhaps an exterior rated plantation shutter panel could be adhered to the exterior of the door to block out some of… (Show more)
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Les Cullen
My company manufactures insulated wall cladding panels using EPS. We recently tested and became NFPA 285 compliant at a total cost of over $50,000. I recently read NFPA 285 was being revised to require vertical seams in the center of the window opening. We considered this when testing and placed vertical seams in the center 1/3 of the window width… (Show more)
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Kyla Caponigro
  You may have noticed that we recently added some "Category" folders to the Code Enforcement Forum. Having Categories will help keep all of the great information you share here on Xchange organized, and easier to find. (You can see the categories listed on the left here.)   Categories count on YOU - tag your content with a Category When you… (Show more)
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