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Jack Penn
In a two story apartment complex, what size portable fore extinguishers are needed in each unit. The complex has a fire sprinkler system
in Code Enforcement
Joseph Pacia
Does the code specify a lifetime of a CO detector? When they are to replaced, or did the UL end of life signal do away with that.
in Code Enforcement
Jay Christy
Where do we find the minimum quantities of particular chemicals required to produce vapors " the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures"?   [NFPA 70 2014, Article 500.5(B)]   We have a code official asking us to classify four hand-held containers of flammable cleaning & preservation chemicals (sizes 5 ounces… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Jeremy Crouse
I recently was tasked with the question of how the fire alarm notification speakers could be utilized as a paging option when I ran across the section in the annex stating the speaker circuits have to be monitored for integrity while being used for non emergency pages. Not this exact wording but exact meaning. My question is referring to… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Kyla Caponigro
  Position Title:                              ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL I                                                         ASSISTANT FIRE MARSHAL II (Non-Rotational) Full Time Non-Exempt                                                  Job #:                                             CSS 10 – 18 Full time – Open to Public   Department: … (Show more)
Jeremy Mitchell
Just wondering how closely other code folks are following the litigation and other issues playing out from the Ghost Ship fire—in your departments has there been any discussion on quality, quantity and frequency of inspections? Do you feel that your department could benefit from such a review, or needs improvement in those areas?
in Code Enforcement
John Northcutt
What is the best reference to cite for how Indiana interprets dual path communication for commercial fire alarm monitoring, and where can it be found?
in Code Enforcement
alan mccaughrean
Trying to nail down if a vessel on a 350 needs a six year inspection. the only thing I can find is nfpa 10 table f.7.3.2 which say dry chemical internal maintenance interval 6 year.But cfr 1910.157 e 4 say only required on stored pressure dry chemical extinguishers.Thanks to anyone that can clear this up. 
in Code Enforcement
Gary Lide
I am working on a US Government project in Europe in which we must meet NFPA 13 standards for our calculations but the Government stated in the proposal that they would allow us to use European contractors and would work with us on European standards.  My problem is that the European standard of our subcontractor (a major German fire suppression… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
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