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This question is coming from a concern that I have over sprinkler riser systems device installation/replacing such as pressure, tamper, water flow, switches and related low voltage devices on any working riser system and the requirement for any technician to be able to perform, and a State licensed Limited Energy technician performing this work.… (Show more)
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Hi.. As per NFPA 13 , 100gpm flow is considered for hose stream (inline with AHJ) in addition to the sprinkler demand. Accordingly, hydraulic calculations are prepared. Is it necessary to achieve minimum residual pressure of 65 psi where the FHR nodes are provided ? Or any residual pressure with  50 or 100 gpm is acceptable ?
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Will the emergency disconnect be required for replace and/or upgrade to an existing dwelling service?
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I have a company replacing head in a museum that are leaking because of age and are concerned this will cause upgrade to whole system nfpa13-2019 but should only be maintenance of system I would think
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I understand that a 250.000 square feet, fully sprinklered, ordinary hazard warehouse can be classified as an unlimited area building per NFPA 5000 and the IBC, without any construction type requirement. Are there any other codes in the US requiring some kind of fire rating for the structural members of such buildings, or can you simply go for a… (Show more)
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Does anyone see any issues with putting an elevator in a dwelling unit?     I'm involved in some developments in which the architect wants to put 2 story elevators in double story apartments and double story houses.  The problem I have with this is that NFPA 101 says that all areas of a building which are accessible to people with sever mobility… (Show more)
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Kindly advise if any, what NFPA regulation requires passenger lift pressurization inside a building that is fully sprinkler protected and the passenger lift shafts walls are 2 hour fire rated?
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NFPA-10 mentions Nonrechargeable (nonrefillable) fire extinguishers by definition and states they are excluded from the 6 year test with a lifespan of 12 years.  Are they allowed by NFPA code in a commercial office?  If so, what is the annual inspection requirement?
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Click to view contentHi NFPA 96 requests a non combustible wall for grease duct termination in  7.8.3 (1): "7.8.3 Wall Terminations. Wall terminations shall be arranged with or provided with the following properties: (1) The termination shall be through a noncombustible wall with a minimum of 3 m (10 ft) of clearance from the outlet to adjacent buildings, property… (Show more)
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UL is promoting our free quarterly TCA (The Code Authority) Newsletter. You may subscribe by completing a simple registration.  This quarterly technical newsletter includes timely updates regarding model code and safety standard developments that can enhance your ability to approve safe, sustainable, and code compliant installations. The TCA is… (Show more)
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