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Does anyone know of a checklist or an inventory or requirements per code that may apply to a specific industry or business. What I am really looking for is a summary list with requirements per each code. Something similar to the attachment. Maybe even an audit form to help narrow what standards apply. #Easy Code Finding Requirements
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Hello, is someone can tell me since when the NFPA 211 was published (first years of publication)? Thank you Regards
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? Are their any NFPA code reference for extension cords use /  violations  such as not being used for permanent  placed commercial kitchen equipment? or through ceiling grids 
in Code Enforcement
What is the minimum Distance between access control panel and circuit breaker panel In a commercial building?
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Hello,  When does a building require the installation of a fire pump? What are the tests carried out to confirm this requirement? Thank you for your help. Regards
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For outlets above counters, what are the NEC allowable locations?  How close to the counter can the outlets be located?  Can the outlets be located on (instead of above) the backsplash?  Can the outlets be located facing down on the underside of the upper cabinet?  Thank you.
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In NFPA 99 An annual reveiw of bulk systems capacity shall be conducted, what process do you use for documenting this was done for hospitals?
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My facility has in house Sprinkler, Extinguisher, Fire Door, Fire Pump, Fire Alarm, ETC.. testing that at the moment we print off our reports on MIcrosoft Word document and bring with us then come back to the office to manually enter the changes. Is there a program out there being used by a contractor or in house inspector like myself that we can… (Show more)
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Was does code NFPA1.10.1.7 reference?
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