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All of the Township fire chiefs in our county are on board with the NFPA codes. Our county has adopted the ICC codes that are passed down from the State of Michigan. Can we as a county adopt the NFPA fire code and have the Township fire chiefs be the AHJ.   Paul Hunter Building Official Leelanau County, MIchigan 
in Code Enforcement
Can I put electric in-floor heating (Schluter Dittra) in a large master walkin closet?
in Code Enforcement
If an exit door does not have a latch when it closes does it need a panic bar? Could you please tell me where in the code it states it.   Thanks T.
in Code Enforcement
In the State of Florida, checking in on electric (120 volt wall socket) bidets for resident rooms. I can't seem to find anything directly prohibiting it, but there are many folks with much more experience and a better understanding of the code world. If plugged directly into a GFI outlet using no extension cords, are these things allowed in… (Show more)
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In NFPA 1901 Ch. states that all that is needed on a ladder to be tested, is that if it's below 110', then it must raise in 120 seconds or less. Is that meaning with the High Idle on or off? I see the view from both sides but I would like to know which it refers to.
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Hello,  What would be the service life span for a fire sprinkler system? From NFPA 25 , it is indicated that sprinklers are to be replaced if having any leakage , physical damage , paint ,..etc and that the sprinkler piping is replaced if leaking , corroded or an internal inspection report has recommended the replacement ;if the case that non of… (Show more)
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In regards to British Standards 476, is there an NFPA standard equivalent?
in Code Enforcement
Question – Can a suspended ceiling be an acoustic ceiling? It could be monolithic if it was clipped down, correct? Thanks!
in Code Enforcement
Where do I go in NFPA to find codes for Train Stations?
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