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Daniel Grzenia
We are remodeling n existing house to a residential group home for 16 clients.  Does the attic need to be fully sprinklered?  We have 2 gas fired on demand water heaters that have a single head at the appliances.  The building is 2 stories tall
in Code Enforcement
Andy Andersen
The formula uses Kst, Filter Volume & Pred to calculate a pressure developed. This is applied to the number of vents in a system. The idea being to find a weight in Kg/m2 that a deflagration panel may have before the size must be compensated. Without detailed knowledge of the background of the equation I cannot confirm my hunch that there is a… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Clint Newton
I have applied for a permit to connect a prefabricated, pre-wired shed to the electrical panel in an adjacent building. I classified the shed as U based on the fact that it is a shed. However the AHJ disagrees (but has not advised what the occupancy should be). We are in PA using IBC 2009 with modifications.   Now I need to also say that this is… (Show more)
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Brian Bechet
Has anyone seen NFPA 241 properly bid in accordance with MGL CH 149? Seems it gets pushed onto the GC a lot under Division 1, but if the GC does not perform Fire Alarm or Sprinkler work, then how would they know what to carry in their bid? Wouldn't that be taking work away from the filed sub bidders? Shouldn't the design team determine scope with… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
NFPA 13-2013 section "Sprinkler systems protecting information technology equipment areas shall be valved separately from other sprinkler systems (75:8.1.3) Iam trying to determine  the definition of an 'Information technology area".    Appreciate any replies and thank you to NFPA for this Xchange.
in Code Enforcement
Charles Forsythe
Recently I followed up on fire extinguisher inspection issues with an inspection contractor. During research of NFPA 10, I found the following:    NFPA 10 (2013) • Chapter 8 Hydrostatic Testing • 8.1.1 Pressure vessels used as fire extinguishers and specific components of fire extinguishers shall be hydrostatically tested in accordance with this… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Aldo Cisternas
Hello:   First off all, I want to thanks NFPA for having on-line forums in which we can ask technical questions.   I work for a Chilena GLP Company called Abastible, and we have had some problems interpreting the NFPA-58, Chapter 10 (Buildings or Structures Housing LP-Gas Distribution Facilities)   The Application says "This chapter applies to… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Melinda Cain
We had a patient being operated on and the gurney was located just outside the operating room. Is this not allowed? If the patient had an emergency, we would need the gurney to flip them over on their back to get to airway and chest. The gurney is only in the hallway against the wall while the patient is in surgery. It is not always located there.
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Kevin Knuckles
I have a group of phone lines that are connected to a centrex trunk, managed by the telecom provider. This is not our phone system and is not managed in any of our equipment.  My alarm lines are outside of the trunks but cost me more. Essentially, the more lines in the trunk the cheaper it is for me. Is it permissible by NFPA 72 to use a phone… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Ferdinand Ramos
I'm installing a LPS on a steel frame building.  I have some down conductors that go directly from the roof to the ground rod through PVC pipe, others exit the PVC pipe and terminate on a 'through wall' connection b/c the grade outside is higher than the inside floor.  
in Code Enforcement
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