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Hi, my company is looking to perform an inspection on a facility to ensure it complies with NEC regulations. Are there any resources to assist with this aside from just referencing the code book directly? Perhaps a spreadsheet already made that has fields to verify NEC compliance?
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? Are their any NFPA code reference for extension cords use /  violations  such as not being used for permanent  placed commercial kitchen equipment? or through ceiling grids 
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I have been challenged to provide anchoring of a roof top lightning protection to withstand seismic-induced stresses.  I cannot find any resource that provides any help on how to properly restrain lightning protection, particularly out in the center of a low sloped roof.  .   
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I am with an airline in Canada and the fire prevention officer in 1 of our locations has advised we must change all of our ABC portable fire extinguishers mounted on mobile equipment to Purple K type. The individual is referring to NFPA-410 as the basis for this requirement. We have reviewed NFPA-410 and see nothing in this document indicating… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi.  I wonder whether a fire damper is required in a return or supply air duct to/from a roof top unit through roof-ceiling assembly or not. The specifics of the case are as follows: 1. It is single story and ordinary hazard industrial building having area of 12000 sqft.  2. The building is constructed as per type II (222) of NFPA 5000, which… (Show more)
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I am searching for the new code section of NFPA 96 that requires all kitchen staff to be trained in kitchen Fire Safety. Can anyone help me out? Thank you!
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We have a 3 story type 2 constructed dormitory built in 1966 with 2 exterior metal stairways with 39 inches wide stair treads and a central stairwell that has 36 inches wide stair treads. It has old fashioned hand rails. The contractor is replacing the old handrails The new prefab stair side sections have handrails that are attached on the… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
When a building of 3 story height + basement (below grade) , total building footprint area~1000 m2 , does it require to be sprinklered or not? Thank you for your help
in Code Enforcement
New guy here, first post. Per 2018 NFPA 99 para 1.3 Application: This Code shall apply to all health care facilities other than home care and veterinary care.   This is the only use of the word "Veterinary" in NFPA 99.  I can find no AHJ type of criteria requiring separation of these two systems.  Spoke to one of our local Third Party… (Show more)
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NFPA 58 Liquefied Petrolium. Does the 5 ft and 15 ft sphere extend below grade (gravel base). Light pole base installed in the 15 foot radius
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