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We don't want open-able windows for our dormitory for safety/security reasons. Just don't want to break any codes.
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Provided that the enclosed stairway is a smokeproof enclosure, do we still need to provide a smoke detection?   Is it required to provide detection in every main landing?   There were no definite location of smoke detector at the stiarways, mentioned at NFPA 72.   NFPS 72 2013 Section - Total Coverage states to provide a detection… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Hello I'm Seng, I'm just start my search about FAS and i have many problem with my search because of all that i found just the definition it to hard for me to imagine what is it also my English lv low help kindly help me about that...     There are pathway class A B C D E N X on NFPA ,Survivability Levels 0, 1, 2, 3 what is that can you show me?… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
What is the current code for the frequency of Smoke detector sensitivity tests?
in Code Enforcement
I have a question regarding two separate installations located on one building lot.   Installation #1 is a 1000 gallon ASME container for a restaurant/bar.   Installation #2 is a group of 4 -120 gallon vertical ASME containers (cylinders).   Individually, the installations (1000 gallon tank and the 120 gallon cylinders) meet the minimum… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Q.: Per NFPA 101 Table lists several assembly options to determine occupant count, but does not list "museum". What is the appropriate (sq. ft. per person) interpretation?: (1) Less concentrated at 15 net (2) Library reading room at 50 net
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NFPA Forumers:   Please refer to the word files attached below.   Basically we have 3 underground containers with ends in line. Not sure about the separation between containers ( 3ft or 10 ft)   Thanks in advance for any help   Aldo Cisternas Senior Enginner Abastible S.A
in Code Enforcement
Table 300.50 Note 3 specifically states is applicable for an Industrial Establishment.  Would the code allow the same adjustments to be made in the depth of conduits by adding additional concrete coverage for a data center?   The data center is question is a gated facility with a 24/7 security and maintenance staff.  A MV duct bank was installed… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
I am looking for ideas for topics for our department's "coffee break training".  Essentially, local fire alarm and sprinkler designers and contractors are invited down to the admin building and we give an hour presentation.  Typically, we focus on code updates, or common issues we have been seeing on our plan reviews and inspections.  Usually, we… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
I am investigating a fire incident regarding a "do it yourself" construction and installation of a tandoor oven (see photo) in a food establishment in Brooklyn, NY.  NSF/ANSI Standard-4 appears to establish “sanitation” regulations for these types of ovens.  However, other than the LOCAL building codes that might apply, are there any other ANSI or… (Show more)
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