Hear the latest (and greatest) in Confined Space Entry Safety this morning!

Blog Post created by nancypearce Employee on Jun 24, 2015

NFPA's new Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work, NFPA 350, is out for second draft balloting as you read this blog post!   If all goes according to plans, the document will be published this coming November, 2015!  Strangely enough, confined space entry is one of my favorite topics and working on this document has been one of the most rewarding opportunities in my career as a health and safety professional.   Confined spaces still kill approximately 100 workers a year.  The new NFPA 350  ( provides additional guidance for confined space entry practices and addresses gaps that are not covered in existing regulations and standards.    Come hear about this soon to be released document this morning at 9:30 AM in room S404bc.   See you there!