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  • What "Categories" would help you find information in the Code Enforcement Forum?

      You may have noticed that we recently added some "Category" folders to the Code Enforcement Forum. Having Categories will help keep all of the great information you share here on Xchange organized, and ea...
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  • #101Wednesdays: Crowd management and the Hillsborough Stadium disaster of 1989

    This past May, I posted about the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code requirements for crowd managers. In today's installment of #101Wednesdays, guest author Robert Solomon discusses the broader subject of crowd management, an...
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  • Why CFPE Classroom Training? Q&A with NFPA's "Maine" Man

    Pete Cutrer, one of our instructors who lives in Maine, drove down to NFPA a few weeks back to talk about our new 3-day classroom training program for the Certified Fire Plans Examiner (CFPE) certification.   Pet...
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  • Code Adoption Status in the South

    Code adoption activity in the southern region continues to progress through the remainder of this year and is expected to remain vibrant through 2017. Following is brief review of the code adoption activity in several...
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  • Webinar to address CMS adoption of the 2012 edition of NFPA 101 and NFPA 99

    Are you a facility manager or hospital administrator? Then you won't want to miss our FREE webinar, "CMS Adoption of the 2012 Edition of NFPA 101 and NFPA 99:  NFPA 101 and NFPA 99 - Changes from 2000 to 2012" on...
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  • Codes & Standards – What is the Correct Perspective, Part 2: Prescriptive Rules verses Performance Rules?

    The ultimate goal of a code or standard is to provide a clear set of instructions for the construction, installation, and use of an electrical or alarm product.  These instructions come in two different forms; pr...
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  • ASHRAE’s 2016 Winter Conference - Jan. 23-27, 2016

         NFPA will be represented next week at ASHRAE’s 2016 Winter Conference at the Orlando Hilton, Orlando and the Orange County Convention Center, FL by Allan Fraser, CBI, CPCA, NFPA's Senior Buil...
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  • Hear the latest (and greatest) in Confined Space Entry Safety this morning!

    NFPA's new Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work, NFPA 350, is out for second draft balloting as you read this blog post!   If all goes according to plans, the document will be published this coming N...
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  • The importance of definitions in understanding code requirements

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  • Non-compliant in-building radio systems?

    A recent issue we've heard from our stakeholders in the inspection community is an increasing number of non-compliant installations of in-building radio systems under NFPA 72, and a seeming lack of awareness...
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