The Fire Protection Person of the Year Award was created in 1973 to recognize significant achievement in the protection of humanity and the environment from the ravages of unwanted fire and an outstanding contribution...
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  • Link

    I can see how Link can be useful, but I'm not looking for references in the field as a fire AHJ and/or engineer. This would seem to cause more problems than it solves for individuals in the field. It sounds great for ...
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    Article NFPA 61 permet to install bin vent on the top of tanks or bins. Can we put bin vent on the top of chute at the decharge of belt conveyor ?
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  • Pneumatic transfer system

    For this typical transfer system, positive pressure, do i need explosion protection on cyclone, entrance and exit. The exit of the cyclone go to existing dust collectiing system.    The material to be trans...
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  • The relief valves again

    Just to give you some back ground. I've been an installer for 15 years and have recently changed jobs to become an inspector and plan reviewer for Memphis and Shelby county. The reason this has come up is I recently i...
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  • Code Change between Design and Construction, 10 years

    In a Design-Bid-Build project a code, in this case the NEC, changed from start of design to start of construction, Does the new iteration of the Code need to be used or the iteration of the code referenced in the spec...
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  • Alcohol based hand sanitizers

    Good Morning, The issue of alcohol based hand sanitizers in existing educational occupancies has come up. These are not allowed in the corridors per 101. The teachers have said they would like to have students s...
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  • What is the required heat detection time for a deluge system?

    What is the requirements of the heat detector detection time which serves a deluge system?
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  • Use of TC-ER/DG cable in Residential PV Systems

    Hello, I am a code official. I have a PV installer who wishes to use TC-ER (Tray Cable - Exposure Rated) to run all the way to the panel or line-side tap, on the inverter-output side of the system (in this case it's ...
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  • The use of nonmetallic conduits above false ceiling

    The air conditioning system of an apartment, in a 8 story building - each floor is consist of one apartment 400 m2, consists of a separate split unit for each room in the apartment. the dining and living room,  w...
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  • Pressure requirements at a fire hydrant

    I am designing a fire hydrant connecting to a point of water source which is about 2000 feet away, which needs a proper pipe size (8”, 10” or 12”) based on the pressure loss and residual pressure at ...
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  • pump rotating speed increase by N2/N1=1.1, does the head H and flow all increase SIMULTANEOUSLY based on N2/N1 and (N2/N1)^2 rule?

    If a pump rotating speed increase by N2/N1=1.1, does the head H and flow all increase simultaneously based on N2/N1 and (N2/N1)^2 rule? or only one of them increases but not both?
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  • 3-ft chair, is suitable for how many person based on the code?

    3-ft chair, is suitable for how many person? (is this for 2 person?. Each person occupy 1.5 feet chair?)
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  • NFPA-30B

    Please help me i am going to design a Aerosol product plant which system recommended by NFPA-30B required the following details. sprinkler type its foam or water base ? Detection throught Flame detector or gass detector.
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  • Need help sprinkler system

    Our City, (Scottsdale, AZ,) requires a certification: "Per Ordinance Section 901.2.3, Plan Certification for Fire Sprinkler Systems, all fire sprinkler plans submitted to the fire department for review and approval sh...
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  • Fire rated pet door certified by UL

    A  special purpose 20 minute fire rated pet door has just been tested approved by UL 10C & CAN/ULC S104 & NFPA 80 - NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.    This als...
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  • NFPA30/UL2258

    Public Input No. 101-NFPA 30-2018 Code Requirements Analysis for a tank designed to UL 2258 NFPA 30 FLC-TAN FIRST DRAFT AGENDA   Does anyone have an update or status of the UL2258 approval to NFPA30? Involvin...
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  • NFPA Code Compliant MIC/Corrosion Treatment - UL Listed Inhibitor

    Introducing FSS ProGuard 295UL, the fire protection industry’s first, and only, UL Listed bacterial and corrosion inhibitor! FSS ProGuard 295UL from Huguenot laboratories is a corrosion and bacterial inhibitor ...
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  • How AHJ’s Can Participate in the UL Standards Making Process and Access UL Standards for Free.

    How AHJ’s Can Participate in the UL Standards Making Process and Access UL Standards for Free.   UL is always looking for participants in UL's Standards Development Process. See the Call for Members infor...
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  • Year to Year Standard Changes

    Does anyone know of a resource that outlines a comprehensive compilation of each standard (particularly 72 and 101 for me) by the changes "year to year?" For instance, in NFPA 72 all the changes from 1996 to 199...
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