• Galvanized fittings for LP?

    Can someone give a definitive answer as to whether a standard galvanized malleable iron sch40 pipe fitting is considered a "Zinc-aluminum alloy?"   NFPA 54  ( in the 2021 edition) states that...
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  • NFPA 13, 2010 vs 2013 shared support structures

    NFPA 13, 2013 version has additional provisions to support sprinkler piping from shared supports under 9.1. NFPA 13, 2010 version does NOT have these additional sections and is more general. Was it / is the intent of ...
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  • what organizations have authority to approved dispersed aerosol system by nfpa 2010? what another standards exist for this system?

    what organizations have authority to approved dispersed aerosol system by nfpa 2010? what another standards exist for this system? 
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  • Front door entry porch protection per NFPA 13R

    In a NFPA 13R (2019) System, the balconies and patios that are accessible through the dwelling units are protected with a sprinkler head per . Does the overhang at the Entry Porch by the front door need to be ...
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  • Where does it state when to use a yellow tag on a fire alarm?

    Trying to find in NFPA 72 where it states when a yellow tag must be used on a fire alarm system
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  • Retrofit sprinklers?

    Does the local fire rescue department have the authority to mandate that an existing facility that was last renovated and compliant with code in 1993 be retrofitted with a sprinkler system?
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  • Gasoline inside a building?

    As long as the gasoline cans are in approved gasoline containers and the containers are in a metal cabinet like storage container labeled flammable, should there be any other concern if say the metal cabinet was in a ...
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  • Questions related to NFPA1901 from KFI

    Dear, Sir. I have some question related to NFPA1901. I worked in KFI(Korea Fire Institute which public company is ceritification company in South Korea). I attached word file our question. So, could you p...
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  • Is it required to use Heat detectors for kitchens

    Is it required to provide heat detectors instead of smoke detectors at kitchen area?   Annex A of NfPA 72, does not recommend the use of smoke detector. But there is a distance allowed that the smoke detector is...
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  • of NFPA 38 – Marijuana Growing, Processing, or Extraction Facilities.

    The subsection is written as follows: Extraction and post oil processing operations including dispensing of flammable liquids between containers, shall be performed in one of the following location...
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  • Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres Ref.

    I am undertaking an experimental study regarding oxygen-enrichment in a room due to a potential oxygen leak to determine the need to install oxygen monitors or not. NFPA 53 defines an oxygen-enriched atmosphere as...
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  • Outdoors-Utility Gas Meter Clearance from Electrical Panel/Meter

    I am in the process of buying a house and got the inspection done yesterday. The inspector said the Utility Gas Meter needs to be at least 3 feet from the electrical panel/electric meter. He said its a potential hazar...
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  • UL 142 AST to Property Line

    Get contradicting information from NFPA 30 and 30A on minimum distance between UL 142 4,000 Gallon Double Wall Steel Aboveground Storage Tank for diesel fuel and nearest property line.   NFPA 30 Table
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  • Code Compliance of Existing Installation

    Is anyone aware of a NFPA code/standard or other citable industry authority that generally discusses that code compliance for an existing installation is determined by the code in effect at the time of construction?&#...
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  • At our maintenance facility our mechanic performs hot work (heating up stuck bolts on vehicles) in a designated hot work area.  We have fire extinguishers in this area, however the current company policy is to evacuate in the event of a fire.  Do the NFPA

    51B requirement regarding fire extinguishers available in a designated area mean that we need to have an employee trained in their use for incipient stage fire fighting?  
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    The Fire Protection Person of the Year Award was created in 1973 to recognize significant achievement in the protection of humanity and the environment from the ravages of unwanted fire and an outstanding contribution...
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  • Link

    I can see how Link can be useful, but I'm not looking for references in the field as a fire AHJ and/or engineer. This would seem to cause more problems than it solves for individuals in the field. It sounds great for ...
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  • Dear NFPA Peers, I´m designing a concrete tank for fire water storage service, the tank is 34,7 meters in diameter, i want to ask ¿Shall this tank have roof, or its not neccesary, could it be an open tank?

    NFPA 22
  • NFPA 652 Clarification: Enclosed Conveyors

    It is unclear what NFPA 652 requires in terms of an enclosed conveyor's ability to contain dust. The standard states, "All components of enclosed systems that handle combustible particulate solids sh...
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    NFPA 2001 Clarification. We are under an inert gas system design (IG-541) . Our system is class C fire and according to NFPA-2001 table A. minimun design concentration of 38.5% shall be ...
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