• Alcohol based hand sanitizers

    Good Morning, The issue of alcohol based hand sanitizers in existing educational occupancies has come up. These are not allowed in the corridors per 101. The teachers have said they would like to have students s...
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  • Prison Power Shut Down

    Who is qualified to shut down critical operations power systems at a prison in Calfornia?
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  • NFPA Code of Construction

    I am looking for guidance on whether sites are held to current year NFPA codes or the "code of construction" like one would be with B31.1.    How would one find the NFPA code during the year of construction...
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  • When are Brass/Bronze pipes allowed in NFPA 99?

    Greetings,   I have been reading the NFPA 99 2018 edition. It is my understanding that, after 1993, only a specific type of seamless copper tubing and copper fittings are allowed for Medical Air Systems. However...
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  • storage of ashphalt shingles

    What is the height and width for the storage of shingles? They have a huge pile of shingles over 100 ft. They take an shred the material.
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  • NFPA chapter 15? What does it mean?

    I have a question about one of the most mysterious codes of all apparently. NFPA 1 chapter 15. Now it seems pretty straight forward but, why does anyone I ask give me a blank stare and say huh. And one answer I was gi...
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  • Occupancy Changes and Emergency Declarations

    During the current national emergency, and the push to create spaces for patients, how does NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 relate to occupancy changes? Specifically, if a hospital wants to use a hotel for patients, would the ho...
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  • Required Inspections Essential Work

    Are code required tests, repairs to restore impairments and inspections, still required to be completed on time during government imposed shelter in place orders?    For example where a hospital or restaura...
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  • What is the required heat detection time for a deluge system?

    What is the requirements of the heat detector detection time which serves a deluge system?
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  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials equivalent to non-combustible material?

    While Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials have an excellent fire resistance rating under ASTM and UL tests, it is not classified as non-combustible under ASTM E136.   NFPA 130, 101 definition of Non-c...
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  • 34 Dead in "Sleep Over" Diving Boat Fire

    What NFPA  standard (if any) covers sleep over scuba boats or like boats? If not NFPA what US government standard(s) would apply to these types of boats (Coast Guard)?
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  • LN2 Storage Room - Mech Exhaust Shutdown

    Section 6.17 of NFPA 55 (2020 edition) requires mechanical exhaust ventilation for indoor storage and use areas and storage buildings for compressed gases and cryogenic fluids. Subsection requires shutoff con...
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  • C1D1 Ventilation

    Where can I find the ventilation/air exchange requirements for C1D1 rooms?  Is there a standard?  Under what code is it?
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  • Does my industrial enclosure require a door interlock to prevent the non-diconnect door from closing?

    We have a machine with a 2-door enclosure (Saginaw Control Engineering SCE-306012WFLP) with a through-door rotary disconnect (Allen Bradley 194R- 194R-J30-1753, 194R-N2,  194R-PYT). The right side door has ...
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  • Interior Gas Main Installation

    Due to limited finished height of 7'- 4" in a 16' x 20' Electrical room, it is impossible to maintain the required height if two 4" and two 6" gas mains are installed under the concrete transfer pad, reducing the room...
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  • Visual notification devices in individual units (NFPA 101 Ch31 Apt)

    In NFPA 101 (2018) Chapter 31 Existing apartment buildings it has the word designed in regards to units for hearing impaired persons. Notification.  Occupant notification shall be...
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  • Multi-Unit Detection System Recommendation Needed

    I am a Board member of a 28 unit condo association in Traverse City Michigan.  4 of the 5 buildings are three story with a common middle entry way, two units (one right, one left) on a floor - the remaining four ...
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  • Medium Expansion Foam Generator

    This query is related use of Medium Expansion Foam Generators as specified in NFPA 11 for protection from spill fires inside dyke area of large Floating Roof Tank. NFPA 11 specifies  Medium Expansion Foam to have...
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    Does NFPA 20 have a Checklist to verify if all the requirements of this normative are acomplish? Where can I find this checklist?
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  • LPG Near Flammable Liquids Cabinet

    Is there a specific guideline regarding separation of an LPG tank and a flammable liquids cabinet? Industrial occupancy not frequented by the public.
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