• Use of TC-ER/DG cable in Residential PV Systems

    Hello, I am a code official. I have a PV installer who wishes to use TC-ER (Tray Cable - Exposure Rated) to run all the way to the panel or line-side tap, on the inverter-output side of the system (in this case it's ...
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  • Compliant EMT alternatives when connecting residential rooftop solar arrays?

    Hello Xchange Members,   I work in residential solar.  When DC conductors are run on the roof between solar arrays, the conductors are usually routed in EMT.  Does the NEC allow for other types of cond...
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  • Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres Ref.

    I am undertaking an experimental study regarding oxygen-enrichment in a room due to a potential oxygen leak to determine the need to install oxygen monitors or not. NFPA 53 defines an oxygen-enriched atmosphere as...
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  • Outdoor Storage of Pool Chemicals 

    I am doing research on hazardous materials and writing of ordinances.  I find that most cities do not permit pool construction/electrical supply wholesale businesses selling pool chemicals on the side to store hu...
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  • Compressed gas limits in labs

    I believe NFPA 45 is the correct reference for determining the allowed quantity for determining the number (amount) of 1-lb propane cylinders stored in a dental lab in a medical facility for operating a bunsen burner,...
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  • NFPA1 united fire code

    Hi, if I am correct, my commercial smoker ( which is kept outside) needs to be 10 feet from any wood structure. Could a barrier be installed in front of the wood structure which would allow the smoker to be closer to ...
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  • residential outlets

    Can someone tell me,  why are home depot and lowes allowed to sell outlets that aren't TR? i just added them to my addition and inspector says i have to change them all. My wife has RA(rheumatoid arthritis) and...
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  • Avgas and Jet-A fuel labeling

    NFPA rating guide   Greetings all, I have been having a tough time trying to locate the Diamond numbering for Avgas and Jet A fuels. Can someone please point me in the right direction or show me what the diamon...
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  • Threaded pipe and fittings

    Is schedule 10 piping allowed to be threaded? The code 'shall' and the annex 'should' seem to be in conflict as you can see below In the 2016 NFPA 13 it states : Threaded Pipe and Fittings.* Steel pipe with...
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  • Abandonment of Fill and Vent for Inside Fuel Storage Tanks

    NFPA 31 - 7.12  Abandonment and Removal from Service of Tanks and Related Equipment states "...if a tank and it's related piping are abandoned for whatever reason...". My issue is with the word "and".  ...
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  • my question is in reference to section 312 vehicle impact.

    do these standards apply to diesel storage tanks as well?
  • Question on interpretation of NFPA 45 - lab waste limits

    Hello, I have an interpretation question about NFPA 45, particularly about NFPA 45 (2015) section 8.3.4 that discusses waste stored/generated in the lab. [8.3.4 Liquid waste containers stored in laboratory work areas ...
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  • NFPA 72-2013 (SIG-???)

    In NFPA 72-2013 there are mentions of (SIG-ECS, - IDS, -FUN, -SSS, -PRS) where do I find their descriptions?
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  • New construction fire extinguishers?

    Looking for the appropriate code. I have a multi level building that is under construction currently. On walk through there are no fire extinguishers anywhere in this building. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  • The use of nonmetallic conduits above false ceiling

    The air conditioning system of an apartment, in a 8 story building - each floor is consist of one apartment 400 m2, consists of a separate split unit for each room in the apartment. the dining and living room,  w...
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  • 2015 NFPA 99 Hose Concealment

    I have a few OR's being renovated and they are installing ceiling mounted medical gas booms.  The manufacturer has supplied a steel box for the pipe line to terminate in with DISS outlets.  This box is above...
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  • Install of 1600 gallon AST diesel fuel storage

    Greg Baker Fire Inspector Orleans Fire Department Massachusetts   I have recently received an application for an AST 1600 gallons of diesel fuel for a generator. My question is what is the maximum allowed AST sto...
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  • Requirements for electronic record keeping of Fire Extinguisher Inspections

    What is the requirements for electronic record keeping of Fire Extinguisher Inspections? A little more detail into what i'm asking. Currently we are doing our regular monthly fire extinguisher inspections as normal. ...
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  • What is the required heat detection time for a deluge system?

    What is the requirements of the heat detector detection time which serves a deluge system?
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  • NFPA 1192 certification

    How does a company get their product certified in regards to the NFPA 1192 standard?
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