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Fire Protection Systems

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Dear All, Is there a requirement of NFPA13 to use galvanized pipes for dry pipe systems of CMDA sprinklers? I have a design of preaction single interlock system with standard spray sprinklers k115 with 12,2mm density inside the building with temperature above 4 Celsius degrees. I haven't found in NFPA13 the requirement to use galvanized pipes… (Show more)
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I didn't see any changes to NFPA13-2019 in regards to the testing done by Palenske and Fletcher on steel joist bridging obstructions.  Palenske and Fletcher concluded "K17 ESFR sprinklers obstructed by a 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch bridging member located 12 inches directly below the sprinkler produced acceptable results. In conjunction with the results… (Show more)
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I would like to ask the following as regarding the fire protection systems for a Hotel not classified as high rise building:\ - As per NFPA 101 - New hotels not classified as high rise building require the protection with automatic sprinkler system only without mentioning anything related to fire hose cabinets and the classes.  Is it required to… (Show more)
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we have a 2 rise building. Can anyone suggest how many fire hydrants, fire hose cabinets to be provided.? Hazard is ordinary.
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I work for a school district and we are building a new High School.  The design of our new fire alarm system/panel is going to use only 2 cellular phone line for emergency communication.   I am used to having standard pots or copper lines run directly to the fire panel from centurylink.   Can we use solely cellular lines for emergency… (Show more)
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So where I work twe have an FM-200 system that was recently triggered for the first time in years and we now have to refill the cylinders. I was told by a coworker that I should consider replacing the gas with a non-HFC because the production of these gasses are being capped because of their global warming potential. I was wondering if the… (Show more)
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I know monitoring those two items hasn't always been required.  I can only go back as far as 1996 online.  It was required in that Edition of NFPA 20.
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Application is for an underground Utility Tunnel, 7Km long. Tunnel has (or it is suggested to have) 2 compartments, one for wet services (potable & irrigation water, district cooling) & one for dry services (power cables etc.). Tunnel is to be accessible from O&M personnel. Minimum Cross Section is 60m2. Normal & Emergency Ventilation is to be… (Show more)
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      Two questions.      How may I separate ESFR sprinklers from Standard-Response Sprinklers that are fed by the same system riser? We are considering installing standard-response sprinklers around the pereimeter of the area due to space constraints.  Baffles or Draft Curtain Reading NFPA 13, 2013 edition (Where ESFR sprinkler… (Show more)
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Hello, We are designing a helicopter deck integrated fire fighting system (in-deck nozzles) according to NFPA-418 2016 for a offshore installation. The deck integrated nozzles are UL listed and approved by civil aviation authority-UK according to CAP-437 standard. We will have this system as self-contained type fitted with a fresh water pressure… (Show more)
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