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Fire Protection Systems

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Kim Loehr
NFPA codes and standards are designed to ensure the safety of products, activities or processes. When it comes to lightning protection systems (LPS), the difference between “safe and effective” and “unsafe and ineffective” lightning protection is ultimately related to which guidelines are implemented.   Over the years, the Lightning Protection… (Show more)
Stephen Welsh
I have a contractor that installed a 13R system in an !-4 Daycare and he used the small room rule in several room.  I can not find any reference to the small room rule in 13R, just 13.
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Chuck Dooley
Over 5 years ago I became responsible for my church's buildings.  That included insuring that our building's fire suppression equipment was in compliance with code.  The fire inspector in Pickens, SC, briefed me on the inspection requirements.  Our church building used to be a restaurant.  It's kitchen was equipped with a halon type hooded… (Show more)
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Diana Jones
NFPA is looking into developing a "digital tool" to help Engineers, Designers, and Installers answer water-related fire suppression system questions. We welcome your input! Take this brief survey that will help us create the right tool for you. Thank you!  
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Xiaomin Feng
Our company building a power plant in Saudi Arabia region, there is a HFO tanks storage area, there are two 5000 m3 HFO tanks, a single tank diameter is24m, height of tanks is 12.5 m, fire dike length 80m, width 40m, center distance between two tanks is 40m. We want to calculate the foam need for fire extinguishing system. I am puzzled with foam… (Show more)
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Periyasamy T
Dear Sir/Madam,. Thanks for the reply of NFPA dt.20.07.2017 , if  u desire Could you please clarify my doubt.  The distance between the tanks ,  the distance between tank & dyke for the attached layout as per NFPA 30 . Can we consider Molten sulphur  (Flash point above 93 Deg C) as Class IIIB mentioned in the NFPA 30 . Thanks, … (Show more)
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Debbie Johnston
How do I see what Webinars I have attended and or have scheduled for future viewing and also to add to my Outlook Calendar?
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John Lysy
Is there a code or standard that addresses prevention of oil frying in a pot on a stovetop, in a restaurant with fire suppression? i.e. Frying in a pot of oil, no deep fat fryer with controls. Any limit by volume of oil?
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Piers Johnson
Draft Curtains. In a building with a corrugated metal roof deck what is the permissible gap at the top of the draft curtain? Would small alternating gaps of the corrugated decking need to be filled no mater the size? NFPA 13 reference a gap above 3" high effects the sprinkler deflector distance to the ceiling but does a typical gap created by the… (Show more)
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Sebastian Nowak
Good morning,    I would like to ask if for factory built from non-combustible materials, warehouse area commodity Group A looking conservatively, production area commodity class III, fully sprinklered. Is there sense to install fire detection system based on heat detectors and image detectors?   Of course, I understood that Fire Detection… (Show more)
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