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Fire Protection Systems

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Smoke venting in an automated clad rack warehouse. I use the european legislation so I am supposed to fill the cover with smoke venting but if the warehouse is automatic, with no occupation I want to justify that I don't need to vent the smoke because the fire is self-extinguished. I would like to make sure that this is right and how to justify… (Show more)
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I am looking for the paragraph in the NFPA that helps protect the fuel zone liquids in plastic containers by means of FOAM. Without using water.
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Hi   I wanted to know what is the preferable detection device for Indoor transformer (Inside Room) is it Heat or Smoke Detector, and if it is heat what is the temperature rating of the detection device should be?   Thanks in Advance.
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Hi,    I am designing wet sprinkler system for a warehouse as per NFPA 13, commodity is exposed unexpanded group A plastic, ceiling height : 14 mt, storage height : 6 mt, storage arrangement: palletized.  I can not use ESFR design since the ceiling height limitation is 12 mt in ESFR table. As I see from the NFPA 13, there's no option for the… (Show more)
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In regards to  NFPA 96 specifically Section within the 2017 standard, the term "means" is being challenged as not to require an interface between the exhaust fan and heat producing appliances. Has there been any consideration to change that term to simply state that "an interface shall be provided so that the fan is activated when any… (Show more)
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20.10.3 of NFPA 13 2019 Ed. specifies that :  CMSA and ESFR sprinklers shall be permitted to protect storage of Class I through Class IV commodities, Group A plastic commodities, miscellaneous storage, and other storage as specified in Chapters 20 through 25 or by other NFPA standards.   But I could not find any table that is specific to misc.… (Show more)
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I am looking for NFPA regulations regarding fire sprinkler system for airport Baggage handling system.   Thanks LKW
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  Ok, l am working on a project that requires exit devices for the following:     Reference NFPA 497 (2012 Edition)   All three and all three floors and stairs:       Class I, Div. 2, Group D (NEMA 7), Class II, Div. 2, Group G (NEMA 9)   Area Classification (Intrinsically safe: An apparatus/equipment in which all the circuits in which any spark… (Show more)
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Concealed space sprinklers. In Australia, Clause 5.8.1 of the current sprinkler standard requires concealed space sprinklers in roof/ceiling cavities as shallow as 200mm, and allows sprinkler spacing up to 6m x7m. I presume other like-minded jurisdictions have similar requirements in their codes and standards (but maybe in feet an inches). Which… (Show more)
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