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Fire Protection Systems

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I realize NFPA says basically 5' from floor to top of fire extinguisher.  OSHA, ADA, and every professional organization I have come across in my search say the handle must be no more than 5', and they provide pictures.    Here's OSHA: Emergency Standards | Portable Fire Extinguishers - Extinguisher Placement and Spacing | Occupational Safety… (Show more)
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NFPA recommends sprinklers in all the areas including Operation Theaters.   Our experience is that sprinklers should not be provided in OTs as few accidents have happened where sprinklers were energized / leaked due to some problem, during the operation. The result was detrimental for the patient.   We have started specifying the Energen… (Show more)
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The gaskets for standpipe or sprinkler fire protection water system have to be certificated as UL/FM. The NFPA indicates something about the minimum requirements for this elements?
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New rooftop helipad located on a clinic type B that is new.  The clinic has an elevator shaft that is used for hospital ER type I occupancy.  The vendor performing the test for fixed foam system wants to use just water to show coverage is at least 95% and than plug the outlets and turn foam system on and collect foam discharge rate out of drain to… (Show more)
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I am having a very difficult time trying to locate the information needed for NFPA requirements for testing divisional valves or gate valves. Does anyone have a reference? Something that I could look up or find the information I'm looking for? Thanks
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Dear Friends,   Someone has information on how to cross a seismic expansion joint in a seismically isolated building. The problem is that the dilatation measure is 20 inches, and we need to cross it with 6" piping. Best regards, Juan Leiva From Chile
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I'm not sure I'm posting in the correct forum.  Anyway:   NEC and fire code require that E-stop for gasoline dispensers be more than 20-feet, but less than 100-feet away.   I have a gas station going up now and the building is more than 100-feet away.  So they need to basically put an emergency stop in the parking lot somewhere (protected,… (Show more)
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I am working with a facility that utilizes low-expansion foam systems, with foam in bladder tanks. They have a hydrant on the property that flows water and foam when opened.  What would be the cause of this? Thank you.
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2010 NFPA 24 form has a place for the "property owner" to sign under the "test witness" section.  At the top of the first page it the form indicates that there is a "owner's representative".  Specific to my project we are building a School.  Are there qualification required by NFPA 24 for the person that is designated the owner's representative?  
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Can someone please explain, why do we need a pressure vessel along with a jockey pump?
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