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Fire Protection Systems

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The question: NFPA 1221 4.5.2, The communications center and spaces adjoining the communications center shall be provided with an automatic fire detection, alarm, and notification system in accordance with NFPA 72.   1) Does this citation indicate a requirement for an automatic fire detection, alarm, and notification system, IAW NFPA 72 for… (Show more)
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Hi experts,   I heard FM 200 system is going to be obsolete from 2026 by IPCC, if this is correct can any one provide me with supporting documents or the report from IPCC.
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In NFPA 13 Section Figure A.23.1.5 a closed loop system with sprinkler piping entering into Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment is shown. In what specific instances is a closed-loop system required and what additional design requirements are necessary to support this kind of system? The only applications I have seen where sprinklers… (Show more)
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Hi Team,   My organisation requested a Fire Protection Design Basis Study report for the Fire Protection System. Where as the report identified with: Water Demand Calculations w.r.t to area considered Foam/Water sprinkler discharge calculations  Considering 2 major scenarios at any time   Apart from this, is any other information need to be… (Show more)
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Hi All, I was trying to find UL listed Valves for an underground Fire Water networks. However, all the UL listed sizes I found are 24" and below. I need 30" and 32".  Is there any manufacturer that supplies such valves UL listed?   Thanks,
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Click to view contentare there requirements which it should install the bypass pipeline for bypassing the deluge valve in the Sprinkler Systems In the NFPA13 and NFPA15?
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HI, Any one help me regarding FM-200 flooding factor according to NFPA which flooding factor we use for FM-200 system  i am use 0.55 but i dont found any NFPA lne about this any  one tell me. Thanks:
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Hello! We are helping a portable church set up their space in an elementary school. The consultant is suggesting "scuba wall" a curtain that hangs from the ceiling, attached by magnets to the drop down ceiling grid. Our facilities team is concerned about the sprinkler system being obstructed by these curtains for two hours a week. The cost of… (Show more)
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I am working on a unshelled peanut storage warehouse and I can't find in the code  where it is exempt from sprinkler system in this warehouse.   In my 40 years of experience you never want to install sprinklers in a bulk grain storage warehouse.  It is not effective in fighting a fire in bulk grain storage.   Can anyone point me in the right… (Show more)
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Dear Expert, we would like to design sprinkler system for Bio gas storage, if following NFPA13, what is the density should I use? Please refer to products photo attached Thanks
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