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Fire Protection Systems

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Just few days ago had a training about NFPA 72 (2019) Classroom Training in Bangladesh, i participate there and gave the exam. There was a result and i dropped it but i was so confident that i… (Show more)
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Does this building require a suppression system?    Conditions:       Existing motel built in the late 1960s    Abandoned (4-6 years)      Under remodel (new drywall, plumbing, electrical, mechanical)     60 units    12,000 sq foot building      Fire resistive (cement block) construction     Two stories     Rooms exit to the parking lot… (Show more)
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According to NFPA 13 (2013) 7-10.3.3 sprinklers or spay nozzles have to be no more than 5'-0 from the duct entrance. per the table A.7.10.2 it shows (D) being measured from the inside of the duct. Would this still be correct if the bend was still horizontal and not vertical, going to (G)? 
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Is it ok to use pendant sprinkles in an open ceiling configuration if the distance from the sprinkler deflector and the ceiling are within 12 in.  I have been told that only upright sprinklers are allowed in that situation.
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WE ARE HAVING HELPAD AREA IS 40 x 40m and landing area is 20x 20m. Helipad is more than 40m away from buildings. As per NFPA 418 do we need to have foam system with deluge.   What are the conditions to avoid foam system with deluge. Can we use portable foam system.
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We have a free-standing raised Helipad being built adjacent to an existing Hospital. There is to be an enclosed Bridge/Link that connects the Helipad to the second floor of the hospital to transport patients from the Air Ambulance into the Hospital - (see attached isometric view drawing).   A secondary access to the Helipad is provided by an… (Show more)
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Hello there, i have a fire alarm project we have installed 20 addressable FACP, but the consultant asked us to connect all panels together so far if there is an alarm in panel number 1 it will also appear in the other panels from 2 till 20, we had an argument about that, is it correct as a design or not? and if its permitted by NFPA or not
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new code states that fusible links shall be within 12" of the ceiling. Would existing installations be grandfathered in, or do I actually need to move them all?
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I have a commercial restaurant with an NFPA 96 hood installed.  They have left the ceiling tiles cut 3" back from the hood for clearance to limited combustibles.  This creates a 3" gap all around the hood.  Is there a minimum distance that a sprinkler head needs to be kept from this opening in order to activate properly?  Does NFPA 13 permit this… (Show more)
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What is NFPA requirements on the installation of the following alarm devices for water systems such as sprinkler and deluge systems: 1. motor alarm gong  2. fire alarm bell/horn-strobe 3. flow switch downstream of alarm check valve/deluge valve   NFPA 15 Section states that: All automatic water spray systems shall be provided with… (Show more)
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