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Fire Protection Systems

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Ramesh Ramasamy
Currently I m working for Fire water pump replacement project at Offshore platform. In existing system,there is no annual flow test measuring facility. I want to know whether NFPA-20 calls for any mandatory arrangement for annual flow test? i.e. NFPA-20 (2016) Fig: A. & A. shows that the test measuring line tapping is taken… (Show more)
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Daniel King
Hi There is a project starting in our city that will have two high rise buildings located on one lot. The designer wanted to have one water tank as the secondary supply for the two buildings and each building would have it's own fire pump for the fire sprinkler system. I,am not comfortable with just one tank,  has this been seen before or has a… (Show more)
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Jim Gohres
We recently upgrade our fire alarm system in our 7 story chemistry building. Part of the upgrade removed the fire alarm pull stations that were by exits- the elevators and stairwell doors. Now there is only one pull station located by the front door of the building. The new system was finaled by the AHJ. I'm trying to find in NFPA 72 where pull… (Show more)
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Kyla Caponigro
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Talay Petcharat
Dear Expert! I have seen many places are adopting the practice of using the high-expansion foam for their impounding pond which take the spill of LPG from the sphere tank.  As I go through NFPA 11, it states as below quoted; As per my understanding, there is a risk from vapor cloud formation under foam blanket and reignition. Hence I still… (Show more)
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Muneera Al Shriem
For NFPA 13, what hazard clasification is required for a patient room in a hospital and why?
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Cory Carpenter
 I have an  auditorium ceiling cloud that moves 39 feet up and down and requires fire protection.
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William Cary
Has anyone else run across Alarm Contractors failing sprinkler waterflow alarms (paddle switches) because they activate almost immediately and cant be adjusted with a delay? They are recommending the paddle switches be replaced even though the ESFR systems are supplied by a booster fire pump well arranged with jockey pump & proper start/stop… (Show more)
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