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Fire Protection Systems

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Hi Guys,   For pneumatic test can we use air pressure instead of nitrogen?     Thanks,   Naqash
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Dear NFPA   Does NPFA 20 strictly specify that a Fire Pump should be ULFM Listed? Our country’s fire code looks at NFPA Standards as a basis for designing fire protection systems.  I want to know also if NFPA 20 accepts or consider a non UL listed fire pump.   thanks in advance.   Mel
in Fire Protection Systems
Hello Sir/ Madam,   This is Mr. Wai Yan from Rhino Shield Co., Ltd. May I request to know the requirement of SCH40 pipe pressure test in Clean Agent such as FM-200 and Novec 1230 system? What is the pressure rating to test the pipe as per NFPA 2001 standard? How many hours need to wait for certify and approval as per NFPA 2001 standard?  … (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
According to ventilation of a typical engine room it is suggested that temperature of the room should not exceed 49°C. Could anyone help me regarding NFPA suggestion about firepump room ventilation. Typically in bangladesh we suggest both electrical and diesel pump along with jockey pump. It would be helpfull if anyone can suggest also the… (Show more)
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I was wondering if you are able to store items on top of the safety cabinet containing flammable chemicals. Is there any restrictions on what you can and cannot store according to OSHA and NFPA? Or are we able to store certain items while others cannot be stored?
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Click to view contentDear guys, I have a question about Foam protection for Warehouse Class IB. As requirement of Table Max Storage heigh 25ft, Max ceiling 30ft but in my project have Storage heigh 28ft & ceiling heigh 50ft. I think higher height will impact to sprinkler density. I would like to ask for help share about your opinion or any standard… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Dear All, I want to design sprinkler system for a building by use of software. Can anyone provide information, where can I get software? I really would appreciate for your assistance. Regards, Maqsood
in Fire Protection Systems
#I would like to request your clarification for below standard as we have doubt to compare the pump test result which we recently done. (2) Fire pump test results are no less than 95 percent of the flow rates and pressures at each point for either a or b – at each point means? Does it require to compare all 0% flow and pressure , 100%… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
WE ARE HAVING HELPAD AREA IS 40 x 40m and landing area is 20x 20m. Helipad is more than 40m away from buildings. As per NFPA 418 do we need to have foam system with deluge.   What are the conditions to avoid foam system with deluge. Can we use portable foam system.
in Fire Protection Systems
Can someone upload the 2nd draft document for the 2016 NFPA 13?  I need to quickly identify the changes from the 2013 to the 2016. Why were the black bars removed from the margin? 
in Fire Protection Systems
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