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Fire Protection Systems

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Kevin Rowe
NFPA 13: states that a sprinkler shall be installed in the trash compactor. For years we have been installing Open sprinklers in the compactor with a solenoid valve, operated by a heat detector or rate of rise detector inside the compactor. There is a trash chute as well, with closed sprinklers on alternating floors.   My question is,… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
joe kamal
On a Wet Chemical Cooking Hood Protection System (Ansel etal) When the system triggers and activates it is supposed to have the hood vent fan stay on and make up air shut off. If the vent is shut down like they are when the restaurant closes, is the hood fan required to come on from an off position and make up air shut down if the system… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Abbas Akhavan
I do appreciate if you could provide me with some background/history of NFPA 20 (Centrifugal fire pumps shall be rated at net pressure of 40 psi or more)? is there any research available from where 40 psi comes from? Thanks.
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Jake Roth
When looking at supplying a foam suppression system for an outdoor emergency diesel generator fuel tank (generator is located in a building with Wet Pipe), which of the NFPA 11 and NFPA 16 is the applicable code, and which contains the appropriate design values? So far, I've found the following inforamtion.  NFPA 16 will indicate a minimum… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Thanomsak Chaosraemsuk
Dear All.                    I have question about the Standard of NFPA 13, 2016 edition. I'm not sure the numbers of density. Is it correct ? Please see the attached information. Please recheck and let me know.  Thank you.
in Fire Protection Systems
Terry Moor
Hello,   I am an architect working on an remodeling a building in Vermont into an adult day-care finality and need some help.  The building is a free standing, one story of Type V construction.  All egress is directly outside to grade with an occupancy of 45.  The entire building is no more than 2,600 s.f.   I need to know if this project needs… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Melvin Read
We are opening our New hospital soon and I have a question regarding Fire Extinguisher signs.   I believe we fall under NFPA 10 2010.   Is it required to place signage on doors of rooms that have Fire Extinguishers inside the room.  For example:  A small machinery room has a fire extinguisher inside.  Is it required to have a sign on the door?
in Fire Protection Systems
Shamil Bawa
Dear All, How to drain automatically diesel from diesel generator when the fire coming? Any need of this method in fire condition? Is any method / equipment regarding this in NFPA? In this case diesel tank coming with generator bottom side. 
in Fire Protection Systems
Maxime Charette
NFPA 13-16 art. Sprinklers shall not be required under obstructions that are not fixed in place, such as conference tables.   Can we apply this article to a mobile mezzanine or Jig, and what could be the maximum acceptable  surface? 
in Fire Protection Systems
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