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Fire Protection Systems

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Can anyone offer a better explanation of this entry?   "NFPA13 A. Ceiling features in unobstructed construction that are protected by sprinklers in the lower ceiling elevation when the higher ceiling elevation is within 12 in. of the deflectors or greater for sprinklers with greater listed distances from the higher ceiling should not be… (Show more)
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I am trying to get to the bottom of an construction issue and was hoping to get some help.  Background This is occurring in a jurisdiction that has adopted NFPA 1 and 101. Significant construction project in which there is a change in occupancy of part of the area from a mercantile to an assembly area over 300 people.  The architect did not… (Show more)
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We have 19 buildings in HOA, 4 units in each building for a total of 76 units.  30 year old fire panels need to be replaced and considering using DMP  XR150FC Fire Control Panel, 630F Remote Annunciator, 263LTE-V Cellular Communicator, 715-18T Zone Expansion Module  (19 qty one for each building).  Each building has 27 heat sensors in the four… (Show more)
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Que equipos podría instalar en una cámara frigorífica para detección y extinsion de incendio?
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Good day all, What is your experience using PVC SCH40 pipe on standpipe systems? eg for hose reels? Although NFPA 14 does not reject it's use, I am concerned about its heat resistance.    Thanking you in advance.
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I'm installing a interactive solar photovoltaic sysyem 53.460 kWpdc Winston-Salem North Carolina   Fire Plan reviewer is requiring a center-line axis in both axes of the roof. 605. (2) I fully understand this design. However in California they have adopted some lead way.  605. (1) states 150x150 in distance in either axis in… (Show more)
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According to NFPA 211 Qualified Agency is any individual or company that is engaged in connection venting repair, installation, service .....and has experience in such work.  Does that person need a specific certification or 15 work experience in the field is good enough to do an inspection?  
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Isn't there a reg that allows for property managers and engineers to perform maintenance on their own systems?  Obviously we understand inspections, etc. must be done by licensed personnel...
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In the provison clause1.5.1.2 of the NFPA2001, regarding to Halocarbon systems, "Halocarbon systemsforspaces that arenormally occupied and designed to concentrations above the NOAEL[seeTable1.] shall be permitted if means are provided to limit exposure to the design concentrations shown in Table1. through Table1.… (Show more)
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