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Fire Protection Systems

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Click to view contentGreetings to everyone, I have a question:   In my company we have LPG storage spheres, these have their own water spray protection system in case of nearby fire. Now the AHJ says that it is necessary to install fire protection to the above-ground piping located inside of the spheres dikes (this piping carries the fire water to the mentioned… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Are newly installed underground storage tanks  intended for fire water suppression storage required to go through a leak testing procedure prior to being put into service?
in Fire Protection Systems
Is there a code section that defines what the maximum distance a fire alarm cellular communicator can be from the fire alarm panel? I am aware of the smoke detector requirement.
in Fire Protection Systems
Can anyone please guide me regarding any standard, guidelines or any document that is solely for fire safety regarding tobacco processing industries.?
in Fire Protection Systems
Hot work needs to be done in a school, a four inch steel pipe needs to be cut to be specific. Is it against code to cover the nearby detector with a dust bag temporarily while the Hot Work is being performed?  My state uses NFPA 101 2015 Edition. Thanks!
in Fire Protection Systems
I have two questions: 1.  In the event that a general industry Code includes within its scope a specialty application that is addressed by another applicable Code written specifically for that application, and there are differences in the requirements, which Code shall govern?   2.  In the event that a general industry Code includes  certain… (Show more)
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Que equipos podría instalar en una cámara frigorífica para detección y extinsion de incendio?
in Fire Protection Systems
Can a fire alarm be silenced by healthcare facility staff if an alarm station was pulled by mistake? or Does the healthcare facility have to wait for the fire department official to arrive and silence?
in Fire Protection Systems
Does anyone know the requirements about fire water quality, what kind of water can be use for fire extinguishing, could someone recommend the minimum requirements in the NFPA standard for this issue?
in Fire Protection Systems
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