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Fire Protection Systems

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John Stauder
This edition now adds 2-level car stackers to Extra Hazard Group 2.  Is it the intent to provide EH2 at the ceiling level above the 2-level car stacker and no other sprinkler protection is required, i.e. intermediate level sprinklers?
in Fire Protection Systems
Jack Gresch
Can a registered plumber change the FDC  2.5" to 5" without using the sprinkler co?
in Fire Protection Systems
Ghada Hajjar
 I need to ask about area of application for each category  SFD vs EWFD vs VEWFD which related to ASD and as per code.    
in Fire Protection Systems
In a 16 bed facility where the occupants are not capable of self preservation, where they will be required to relocate patients from one side of a fire wall to another; the sprinkler system is zoned to correspond with each fire area in the building. Our question is - whether or not the dry system in the attic needs to be split into zones as well? 
in Fire Protection Systems
Will the FDC's inspection,testing and maintenance includes standpipe system be based on the NFPA?
in Fire Protection Systems
vicky gaikwad
Can anyone have an idea about , how to calculate pressure & design density requirement as per NFPA 13 ?
in Fire Protection Systems
Charles White
Is there a outside hose allowance required for NFPA 13R hydraulic calc (for adding to at the source)?
in Fire Protection Systems
Christopher Webber
What is the distance the hood needs to extend beyond the appliances for a fire suppression system?  And where is this noted in NFPA 96?
in Fire Protection Systems
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