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Fire Protection Systems

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As per NFPA 13-2019 chapter for design densities between 0.2 to 0.34 gpm  CMDA sprinklers with K-8.0 or greater can be used. However, in the market from my research, there are no  listed CMDA sprinklers for storage applications with K lesser than 11.2. Is it possible for storage application to use non listed as CMDA storage sprinklers… (Show more)
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I'm designing a sprinkler system in a ceiling area. I've decided to place sprinklers under and above the ceiling since the ceiling itself is combustible and there are also all electrical and HVAC installations. Are there any additional flow requirements to contemplate sprinklers above the ceiling? thanks   Estoy haciendo el diseño de un sistema… (Show more)
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Are there any occupancy restrictions where a double interlock preaction system may be used?  For example, could an entire hospital (Institutional) provide sprinkler coverage with a preaction system?  It appears that if they meet size limitations, follow sprinkler head listings, and meet water delivery times that it would be acceptable.   … (Show more)
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We have designed three dry systems for an nursing home in Tenn..  The building is divided into (3) riser systems. Each Riser covers Attic Area and Living Area in it section. Upon plan review, the State Health Building Inspector quoted NFPA 13-- - (For Dry Pipe Systems protecting dwelling unit portions of any occupancy, the sprinklers in… (Show more)
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Good Evening all, What is the difference between AWWA compliant ductile iron pipes and ISO/EN compliant ductile iron pipes? What may go wrong if I replaced them?   Regards,
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I'm looking for some information regarding UL listings and air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.  Is there a requirement for the air compressor to be UL listed for this use? I know the air maintenance devices require UL listing for this use. 
in Fire Protection Systems
Has anyone been asked/required to provide a sprinkler system for a prefabricated mobile unit approximately 499 S/F. It would  be classified in the Residential  Group R-1 and the units will be used for transient motel rooms 1 to 14 days maximum stay located in a RV Motor Home Resort. Each cottage will be on its on RV size lot. The units ( 90 total)… (Show more)
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This is a homeowner question: My adult son wants to buy 50+ acres in Oregon forest land. He wants to live there. Can he hire an advisor (e.g., a certified fire mitigation specialist) to advise him before he buys a site? Or how can he get professional advice from someone who doesn't have a conflict of interest?
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