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Fire Protection Systems

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ahmed elgazar
moke system activation, signal to  activte  smoke system  cab sent from  smoke detector  of  water flow  switch  in  sprinkler system  i ask  about  case that recommended used onley water flow switch  instead of  detectors.
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Akhil Anand
i would like to know the minimum diameter of pipping allowed for sprinkler system if it is made up of galvanized steel or iron ?
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tine dolinsek
Our design is dealing with sprinkler protection for rack storage of cartoned group A plastics. Due to a height of over 25 ft (7,6m) the arrangement drawn in Figure (b) has been chosen for single and double row racks. What is the maximum  vertical distance between in-rack sprinklers for this arrangement? My question is: Is it 10ft (3,0m)… (Show more)
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Isa Kum
Hi can anyone enlighten me where I can find the section stated on NFPA 750 A.16.1.10. It states " The preferred arrangement for pump flow measurement is given in Figure A. of NFPA 13." However, looking at NFPA 13, the last Annex Explanatory Material for Section 17 is A. Could the Figure reference be Section 26? Appreciate if… (Show more)
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Mahesh Ch
Dear all,   what kind of fire suppression system we should install in container based standby emergency diesel generator set. Is there any specific standard/section which requires fire suppression system to be installed for this equipment? DG rating is about 2MW.
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Bruno Garcia
I have some doubts about storage sprinklers system that I couldn't find in NFPA 13. In what moment should I consider a foam sprinkler system to protect a ignitble liquid storage?   For example: A paint, vernish, and other ignitable decor materials storage must or must not be protected for a foam sprinkler system. Could it be protected for a water… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Dan Prudnick
What are the rules for useing plastic in public storage facilities. Or where can I find them thx
in Fire Protection Systems
Charis Savvides
I have to design a small one story building with openings to all elevations.  The occupancy is assembly for less than 300 people.  It's a celebration pavilion next to the seashore.  The question is if we can avoid to install sprinkler and fire hoses. We have a site with no water supply and all fire protection will need to come from an above ground… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
NFPA15 - version 2017 A.7.6.1 Examples of combined systems include the following: (1) Open-nozzle water spray protection for a vessel combined with area protection provided by a deluge system   if water spray fixed system include deluge system why in above paragraph NFPA15 separate between them?
in Fire Protection Systems
Robert Disano
As per section of NFPA 13, 2013 edition, sprinkler protection is to be provided in waste chutes on alternate floors with one sprinkler head at the top and one at the bottom. If a building has a consecutive amount of floors with no access to the chute (for arguments sake, we'll say 5 floors), can sprinkler protection be omitted along… (Show more)
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