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Fire Protection Systems

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If you are in a warehouse setting distributing produce, shouldn't you have sprinkler heads which are corrosion resistant and  coated with wax? I appreciate your feedback
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when our fire alarm service company, who is the proprietary vendor for the product we use, makes changes, it is my understanding that they are required to provide an updated sequence or operations for the system and updated drawings. I have had work done recently and did not receive this. Is there a code reference that requires it and how would I… (Show more)
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Is there an NFPA standard that requires sprinkler heads inside exhaust stacks to be inspected?  NFPA 25 only requires inspection from the ground. #painted heads in ducts #sprinkler heads in exhaust stacks
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We have a single story stand alone building under 5,000 sq ft with an A-2 occupancy. the building is non-combustible construction and has a roof projection of approximately 7'-0. during the design it was determined that due to the fact that the roof projections where non-combustible then no sprinkler protection was required underneath. a new… (Show more)
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Hi,   NFPA 13-2019 version clause Fire pump room design density shall be 10.2 mm/min. In a G+4 building fire pump room is located at basement. At fourth floor the furthest sprinkler design density is 6.1 l/min.   Question: In this case the hydraulic calculation of sprinkler shall be considered based on highest hazard i.e 10.2 mm/min… (Show more)
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Good morning, I have a question about a patio/beer garden, it is basically a fenced area outside the establishment with correct egress and everything is in order with the question to whether an audible fire alarm is needed in that area. Does anyone know if this is a requirement in Canada?   Joe Newfoundland Canada
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Good Day....   I have a project in Bahrain....The consultant is insisting to provide hydraulic calculation based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard group 4) & selection of fire pump based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard group 4).....The project is of a Church & Auditorium.......We are following NFPA standards in Bahrain......A document was provide to us detailing… (Show more)
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Click to view contentNFPA 96 - Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations I have a restaurant on the first floor of a three story building.  The exhaust fan terminates on a side wall at the first floor level.  There are several glass windows above the exhaust fan.  The windows are locked from the inside but there is nothing preventing… (Show more)
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Hi, Does anyone know if water mist fire suppression system can be used on lithium metal (not lithium ion)? If not, Is CO2 could be a better option, in this case? Which fire suppression system type would be the most effective on lithium metal? Thank you
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