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Fire Protection Systems

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Charles White
Is there a outside hose allowance required for NFPA 13R hydraulic calc (for adding to at the source)?
in Fire Protection Systems
Thomas Mason
My present Boss insists on a hard-wired contact from the duct detector to shutdown the fan.  I understand that but don't understand how the Smoke Control Panel at the Fire Command Center can operate with the fan locked-out.
in Fire Protection Systems
Ashik Pandikasala
As per NFPA 13, Table Temperature range for ordinary hazard is between 57°C to 77°C. What is the criteria to select between 57°C and 68°C sprinkler temperature rating for ordinary hazard?
in Fire Protection Systems
Normand Racine
Is it possible to install a remote-controlled electric main valve for emergency closing in the event of a pipe breakage. This valve will be activated from a security control room located in the same building by a preventive agent trained for this action.
in Fire Protection Systems
ed keeser
Are there any definitive studies or testing results available or completed on Fire, smoke and CO alarms for residential structures?
in Fire Protection Systems
Maria Iniguez
Good afternoon, Can you please clarify if the Hose Stream Allowances per table are not required to be added to a fire sprinkler system hydraulic calculations, where the sistem is part of a combined standpipe and sprinkler riser per A. Thank you.
in Fire Protection Systems
Himanshu Baruah
I found out in a book that sprinklers should be installed in upright position in range pipes.what is the reason?
in Fire Protection Systems
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