FAQ: What To Do After A Clean Agent Discharge

Blog Post created by barrychase Employee on Jun 30, 2015

I am frequently asked what procedures or equipment are required in order to clear the protected space for occupancy after a clean agent discharge.


NFPA 2001 (2015) does not require any specific method of verifying or restoring the tenability of the protected space after a clean agent discharge. However, the standard gives the following advice:

A. The steps and safeguards necessary to prevent injury or death to personnel in areas whose atmospheres will be made hazardous by the discharge or thermal decomposition of clean agents can include the following:

(7) Provision for the prompt discovery and rescue of persons rendered unconscious in such areas. This should be accomplished by having such areas searched immediately by trained personnel equipped with proper breathing equipment. Self-contained breathing equipment and personnel trained in its use and in rescue practices, including artificial respiration, should be readily available.

(9) Provision of means for prompt ventilation of such areas. Forced ventilation will often be necessary. Care should be taken to readily dissipate hazardous atmospheres and not merely move them to another location.