Fire Safety Analysis for LPG Facilities

Blog Post created by ericnette Employee on Jul 14, 2015

Good Morning! In NFPA 58, specifically 5.27.3, there are numerous requirements for a Fire Safety Analysis (FSA). However, a well written FSA includes multiple sections of engineering analysis that are not included in 5.27.3 (as NFPA 58 will only have the minimum safety requirements). It was with the user in mind that NFPA and NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) developed the Fire Safety Analysis Manual for LP Gas Storage Facilities. This detailed report (for the 2011 edition) is a great step-by-step guide on how to develop an FSA for your facility, and can even assist in inspecting one. It can be found on the NFPA Website:


Fire Safety Analysis Manual for LP Gas Storage Facilities


Eric Nette, P.E.