NFPA 25 (2017) Training comes to Canada and at a great discount too!

Blog Post created by smintz Employee on Jul 6, 2017


In keeping with the expressed requests to have NFPA training brought to Canada and in partnership with Seneca College in Toronto NFPA is hosting a three-day NFPA 25 (2017) - Hands-on Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems.


For more info and to register for the course see this link, and at this time NFPA is offering a special discounted rate of 50% off of catalogue price for this three day training course. 


When registering on-line and using Coupon Code: 50OFFCA25, the discount will be applied at checkout. 


Please feel free to share this offer as broadly to your staff, association or network as freely as you wish.


This training will combine classroom learning with hands-on training in a lab setting hosted by recognized NFPA® experts such as Matt Klaus or other approved instructors. Students will be able to review the new 2017 Edition of NFPA 25, chapter-by- chapter with an expert NFPA instructor then apply what they’ve learned on actual equipment.


While still in US$, the price for three days of hands on expert training, including a copy of the new version of NFPA 25 (2017) the price drops from $1022 to $511 Per person.


If registrants are NFPA members, the price drops another 10% to approx. $409!


Who Will Benefit:

Facility maintenance personnel, building owners, contractors, ITM service providers, engineers/designers, fire protection engineers, fire service professionals, and project managers

Upon completion of this course learners should be able:

  • Understand the scope of NFPA 25 inspections
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the ITM process
  • Define the frequency in which to conduct inspection, testing and maintenance activities and create an action schedule
  • Learn to perform fire pump flow tests, hydrant flow tests and fire pump churn tests at your facilities
  • Conduct an internal inspection on dry valves, pre-action valves and alarm valves
  • State the scope and purpose of each chapter of NFPA 25
  • Visually Inspect a fire pump
  • Understand the nuances of electric-driven fire pumps

Free with Training!

As part of the registration package you will receive a complimentary copy of NFPA 25 (2017): Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, 2017 Edition at a value of approx. $65.

Continuing Education Credit:

Complete this 21-hour course and qualify for 2.1CEUs. Upon successful completion of a course, participants will be prompted to download the CEU certificate directly from the course site.