• Ordinary Hazard

    Good Day....   I have a project in Bahrain....The consultant is insisting to provide hydraulic calculation based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard group 4) & selection of fire pump based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard...
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  • fire pump location

    Can a combined sprinkler and wet riser pump be used to pump down or does it need to pump up? Can we install a fire pump on ground floor to feed the basements?
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  • Clarification required in water supply calculation in Aircraft hangar fire protection as per NFPA 409

    Details of the Aircraft Hangar: We need to protect an Aircraft Hangar - Group 1 as per NFPA 409. Our protection scheme is Option 1. Foam water deluge system shall be installed under roof ceiling as primary prote...
  • Maximum network pressure RCI

    Is it possible to have a 323 PSI pressure fire network? This pressure goes against the norm for a residential building ?. If possible what conditions should have the accessories and pipe?
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  • Fire Pump suction line Strain Relief recommendation

    Hi All, Can I install the strain relief required on NFPA 20-19 [] directly on the suction flange of the pump?   Thanks,
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  • when we need to protect diesel tanks and generators 

    Hope all in  good health ,may anyone  help me please ?  i'm a safety engineer for a temporary power station there are a 20 of generators and 5 of big diesel tanks  with capacity 56000 liter per tan...
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  • Hydraulic Calculation Clarification for Pump Sizing NFPA 13 & NFPA 14

    I am new to Firefighting Hydraulic Calculation and I need your help to have your inputs as clarifications or confirmation to what I interpreted for the below statements:   NFPA 14 - 2010 Edition " Wh...
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  • Why is pressure relief on fire pumps not allowed, except (major exception) below discharge valve?

    From NFPA 20, why are pressure relief valves not allowed to control high churn pressure of fire pumps (Sec   And then what is the meaning of the exception A. that then allows pressure r...
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  • I am new to fire alarm systems .i am interested to do CFPS certification. Can any help me on how to do the CFPS certifications.Any suggestions or guidelines ?

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  • Go

    Good Day! Does the PSV is mandatory for Fire Water pump considering that the rating of all system (piping and equipment) is higer than pump shut-off pressure (horizontal centrifugal pump type, provided with minim...
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  • Shall fire pmup be connected directly to utility MV connection for very tall building?

    I'm working on very tall hotel building with almost 165 mt height (4 basements + ground + 33 floors + roof), the fire pump will be installed at 28th floor with its dedicated fire water tank. Fire pump will be fed from...
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  • Fire Pump Normal and Emergency Power Arrangement(s) (NFPA 20)

    I am trying to relocate a generator for a couple of small town government buildings and had a question about the arrangements of normal and emerg. power for the existing fire pump.  The pump has an existing dedic...
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  • how much is pressure requirement for 2.5"landing valve in stairs

    pressure to be considered in landing valve in the calculation of fire pump
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  • Please find attached the piping isometric view for the fire water pumps with dimensions. The dimensions indicated are approximate. Note that the straight spool length at the pump suction nozzle after the 12”x 20” eccentric reducer is 3100mm which caters t

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  • Cement factory fire protection sustem

    Is there any one who design fire protection system in a cement manufacturing factory? I would like to get help? Or any guide line will be appreciated. Callmeearly@gmail.com
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  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Hello all, i have an inquire regarding emergency preparedness & response in case of incidents and fire, one of our client which is a logistic company based in a sea port asked me to held for them a training to tra...
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  • Flamex Extinguishing System

    I have a client who is installing Flamex deluge and spark extinguishing systems at their plant. The plant is fed from 2 x 1000USGPM Diesel pumps with hundreds of feet of ductile, feeding their multiple buildings.. In ...
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  • Fire Pump Test header calculation

    I'm currently working on a project where I need to size the test header for a 1000 gpm pump. Do anyone have a calculation sheet to do so as per NFPA 20?   Thanks
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  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Hi  all, I am a beginner in the field of fire alarm systems . I had joined a company 3 months before that work on fire alarm systems .  I want to learn the basics of fire alarm systems . Can anyone tell me ...
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  • Maintenance and inspection visits

    Hello, i would like to ask about fire fighting and fire alarm inspection and maintenance visits, how many visits should be attended for a sea port facilities including a warehouses and marines as per NFPA? 
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