• Ventilation requirement at fire pump room

    According to ventilation of a typical engine room it is suggested that temperature of the room should not exceed 49°C. Could anyone help me regarding NFPA suggestion about firepump room ventilation. Typically in ...
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  • Fire Pump

    Dear NFPA   Does NPFA 20 strictly specify that a Fire Pump should be ULFM Listed? Our country’s fire code looks at NFPA Standards as a basis for designing fire protection systems.  I want to know al...
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  • Indoor Fire Pump Units Physical Separation.

    Section Indoor fire pumps in high-rise buildings shall be physically separated or protected by 2-hour fire rated construction.  The design for a high-rise building has two (2) fire pumps to provide re...
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    Hi   What is the technical difference between UL listed Fire Pumps & Non UL listed Fire Pumps? Is there any performance difference or any other working principal difference?
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  • Evaluation of Fire Pump Test Results

    #I would like to request your clarification for below standard as we have doubt to compare the pump test result which we recently done. (2) Fire pump test results are no less than 95 percent of the fl...
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  • Noise Level  in Diesel Engine driven Fire Pumpset

    We have a query regarding permitted NOISE LEVEL of a Fire Pump installed in a Gas Station. NFPA 20 does not indicate any such requirement. Environmental Agencies would like to enforce a noise level 75 db as applicab...
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  • NFPA 25 (3) 30 minutes flow at peak load question

    Anyone have comments on how they deal with Sentence 3? :   NFPA 25 - For installations having an automatic transfer switch, the following test shall be per-formed to ensure that the overcurrent protecti...
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    Hi   Could you Kindly state when and where is PRV stations used and what is the purpose? Can it be avoided by introducing a single PRV in each floor before the Zone Control Valve Assembly?   As per my know...
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  • Hose Valves or Nonthreaded Connections in Hose Header Supply?? NFPA 20 2019

    Hi everyone! In the new edition of NFPA 20 (2019), Table 4.28 has a new column "Non-threaded connections" Is it necessary to add those connections to the hose connections? or I have to choose between them Thanks ...
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  • Min flowrate requirement

    As per NFPA 14 ( if a standpipe is serving 3 hose reels at a particular floor then we must accommodate 750 gpm thru it. If I have a building that is spread over a large area but a pump that is limited to 50...
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  • Pressure sensor - NFPA 20

    Good day, I wanna limit the shutoff pressure of the firewater pump to a value equal to 105% of the rated head without installing a PCV on the discharge manifold. A supplier offered a pressure sensor to control the shu...
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  • Centrifugal Pump Capacities in combinated fire systems

    Hi everyone, I am designing a system that has automatic sprinklers, deluge system, hoses and hydrants. Once I finish the hydraulic calculation of the systems working together, when I try to select the pump system, in ...
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  • Alarm Check Valve

    Hi I have 4 no's warehouse in a single compound. Each warehouse having 230 no's of sprinklers with 6" Main Riser Pipes & 6" Zone Control Valve Assembly each. Each of these 6" risers are connected from 8" header p...
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  • NFPA Help!

    I am looking for the paragraph in the NFPA that helps protect the fuel zone liquids in plastic containers by means of FOAM. Without using water.
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  • What NFPA Code Number details fire suppression wet pipe flow direction and function labeling requirements?

    I am currently trying to repaint scaling and corroded pipe a large scale facility fire pump room with multiple pumps for redundancy purposes.  What code will I need to look at in order to find the system flow dir...
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  • Can we install UPVC pipe loop for firefighting1000GPM 9 bar pressure?

    Consultant in it's BoQ mentioned that the pipe loop will be UPVC for the firefighting system having capacity of the pumps will be 1000GPM 9 bars. The head will be 30 meter for six storey building and the covered area ...
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  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Hi  all, I am a beginner in the field of fire alarm systems . I had joined a company 3 months before that work on fire alarm systems .  I want to learn the basics of fire alarm systems . Can anyone tell me ...
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  • fire pump electrical upgrades

    I am renovating an existing building where the existing fire pump is to remain, however, the electrical service is to be upgraded. Will upgrading the electrical service affect the fire pump controller if the fire pump...
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  • Ordinary Hazard

    Good Day....   I have a project in Bahrain....The consultant is insisting to provide hydraulic calculation based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard group 4) & selection of fire pump based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard...
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  • fire pump location

    Can a combined sprinkler and wet riser pump be used to pump down or does it need to pump up? Can we install a fire pump on ground floor to feed the basements?
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