• What NFPA Code Number details fire suppression wet pipe flow direction and function labeling requirements?

    I am currently trying to repaint scaling and corroded pipe a large scale facility fire pump room with multiple pumps for redundancy purposes.  What code will I need to look at in order to find the system flow dir...
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  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Hi  all, I am a beginner in the field of fire alarm systems . I had joined a company 3 months before that work on fire alarm systems .  I want to learn the basics of fire alarm systems . Can anyone tell me ...
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  • 5 year gauge replacement - marking the install date on a gauge vs. the manufactured date?

    I got knocked by a fire inspector for writing the year I installed a gauge on a customer's system (replaced a 5 year expired one) on the face plate in sharpie marker. The gauge was new but was leftover stock on m...
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  • Red Tags on Sprinkler Systems

    Is a sprinkler system in need of a five year internal inspection be considered an emergency impairment and be red tagged?
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  • Monitoring Requirements

    Are sprinkler systems required to be monitored in Tulsa, OK? 
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  • Elevator Lobby Smoke Curtains

    Hello,   I have a building with emergency smoke curtains installed in front of the elevator doors on each floor of the building. The manufacturer recommends that we test/inspect these units every 6 months by act...
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  • I am new to fire alarm systems .i am interested to do CFPS certification. Can any help me on how to do the CFPS certifications.Any suggestions or guidelines ?

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  • Cleaning Fire Sprinklers

    Is it ok to use a multipurpose household kitchen cleaner like 409, fantastic or windex on the glass bulb to remove a light coating of grease from the bulb and the frame? I've found that in commercial kitchen stove are...
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  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Hello all, i have an inquire regarding emergency preparedness & response in case of incidents and fire, one of our client which is a logistic company based in a sea port asked me to held for them a training to tra...
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  • Replacement of Dry sprinkler piping

    Hello , Appreciate your feedback on the requirement to provide hydraulic calculations when replacing  fire dry sprinkler piping for an exact pipe material and diameter but, with offsetting the location...
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  • FDC Check Valve 5-Year?

    We have a company in town quoting to do the five-year inspection on the check valves on the FDC. I have never seen this before and don't read that through my interpretation in NFPA#25. Can I get some clarification ple...
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  • Maintenance and inspection visits

    Hello, i would like to ask about fire fighting and fire alarm inspection and maintenance visits, how many visits should be attended for a sea port facilities including a warehouses and marines as per NFPA? 
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  • Remote Controlled Fire Water Monitor

    Hi Everyone, Can you please guide me about requirement for power back up for remote operated/controlled fire water monitor ? Please tell me any reference from NFPA. As per my understanding, atleast 120 mint (2 hr) ne...
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  • Galvanized pipe in wet system

    Hello, sprinkler installers want to use galvanized pipes in wet sprinkler system. From your point of view are galvanized piping suitable for wet sprinkler systems? Because it is a huge discussion to stop using ...
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  • What type of phone lines can a fire panel have?

    I work for a school district and we are building a new High School.  The design of our new fire alarm system/panel is going to use only 2 cellular phone line for emergency communication.   I am use...
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  • Wireless Fire & Gas Detection Systems (WiHART)

    Hello every body, we have a client project proposal study for Wireless (WiHART) Fire & Gas Detection systems, I look at NFPA 72 and its only defined wired system fire and gas. Does anybody knows where we can find...
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  • Expansion joint/ Strain relief / Expansion bellows / Flexible joints

    Can somebody provide guidelines regarding requirement of  expansion joint/ Strain relief / Expansion bellows / Flexible joints in fire pump installations. As per some Indian standards (NBC-National building ...
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  • Variable speed pressure limiting (VFD) controllers

    Can somebody let me know that where exactly we would go with VFD driven fire pumps?
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  • Relief valve piping - Fire pump installation

    Can relief valve discharge line be connected to drain instead of source of supply / suction  reservoir ?
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  • Requirement of relief valve

    1. Why does NFPA 20 mandates relief valve for centrifugal pumps if it is driven by electrical driver with VFD. 2. Why the relief valves are not necessary in case of normal electrically driven pumps.
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