• Galvanized pipe in wet system

    Hello, sprinkler installers want to use galvanized pipes in wet sprinkler system. From your point of view are galvanized piping suitable for wet sprinkler systems? Because it is a huge discussion to stop using ...
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  • What type of phone lines can a fire panel have?

    I work for a school district and we are building a new High School.  The design of our new fire alarm system/panel is going to use only 2 cellular phone line for emergency communication.   I am use...
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  • Wireless Fire & Gas Detection Systems (WiHART)

    Hello every body, we have a client project proposal study for Wireless (WiHART) Fire & Gas Detection systems, I look at NFPA 72 and its only defined wired system fire and gas. Does anybody knows where we can find...
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  • Expansion joint/ Strain relief / Expansion bellows / Flexible joints

    Can somebody provide guidelines regarding requirement of  expansion joint/ Strain relief / Expansion bellows / Flexible joints in fire pump installations. As per some Indian standards (NBC-National building ...
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  • Variable speed pressure limiting (VFD) controllers

    Can somebody let me know that where exactly we would go with VFD driven fire pumps?
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  • Relief valve piping - Fire pump installation

    Can relief valve discharge line be connected to drain instead of source of supply / suction  reservoir ?
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  • Requirement of relief valve

    1. Why does NFPA 20 mandates relief valve for centrifugal pumps if it is driven by electrical driver with VFD. 2. Why the relief valves are not necessary in case of normal electrically driven pumps.
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  • Does fm200 cylinders require hydrostatic test. .

    Does fm200 cylinder required hydrostatic test If so kindly share the clause . 
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  • Recommendations or Mandatory requirements by legislation?

    In the NFPA2001 standard, the definition for shall says it is a mandatory requirement. As far as I know, something is only mandatory if stated in Legislation, Regulations or Official Acts? Does this mean the part...
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  • interconnecting multiple addressable FACP together

    Hello there, i have a fire alarm project we have installed 20 addressable FACP, but the consultant asked us to connect all panels together so far if there is an alarm in panel number 1 it will also appear in the other...
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  • Smoke Exhaust & Inlet Air Fan Logic

    Dear   Need your support to understand the smoke fan start and stop logic in case of fire alarm.   In one of our building's cable room we have Supply smoke inlet fan and exhaust smoke fan.   As per HVA...
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  • Underground Fire Protection mainline

    Hi, I would like to ask about using the UPVC pipe, class 5 as an underground fire protection mainline, I knew that UPVC pipe is not listed in NFPA13 & 24, so what are the potential risks in case I used it? o...
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  • Emergency lighting fixtures with conversion kit

    Dear sir/Madam, Subject: Emergency lighting fixtures I have a Question for NFPA to clarify :  1. Are all lighting fixtures (luminaries) used for emergency lighting required to be listed? 2. Does that incl...
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  • protection against sea blast corrosion of fire wire

    Good day Forum   Do you have any recommendations for fire rated wires to be used in an area experiencing heavy sea blast? the bare copper connections are turning black and corroding.   thank you.
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  • if the fabric passed test number 2 (NFPA 101 & 701) , will it be fire rated for 1hr or 2hr or ……?

    While designing out door parking Car shade-  steel Canopy which contain a fabric as a shade - its required for the fabric to pass test 1 or test 2 according to NFPA 101, NFPA 701.  But its not mentioned how...
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  • Commercial Systems Inspector

    Cennox is a nationwide corporation looking for a  Commercial Systems Inspector.   Part- Time in the Cleveland,OH; North Dayton, OH;  Full- Time in Richmond, VA;  Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO 
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  • should i leave the supply or close it

    I have an MRI Room that have 2 HVAC system the first one is closed which take and supply air inside the room it self. The second one is an AHU fresh air supply and exhaust connected to main Hospital system. ...
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    Hi Team,          One of our maintenance site, We have a requirement to test and maintain the fire pumps. Last week we have conducted the flow test of fire pumps during the tim...
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  • Rolling Fire Door Code

    Hello,  We recently have had our rolling fire doors inspected and during the inspection the worker mentioned he thought Fire Doors weren't needed if sprinkler systems were installed on both sides of the fire doo...
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  • Combining quick and standard response sprinkler system

    Hello again. Can a quick response sprinkler and a standard response sprinkler be combined in same system?   Thanks George             
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