• does fire detection require if there are sprinklers?

    Dear Community,   I'm interested in if it's Allowed do not instal fire detection in area if there are instaled sprinklers?    
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  • Storage of Liquids in Underground Tanks

    Dear Community,   I wonder, which code or table is require to determine a distans from  Storage of Liquids (Fuel) in Underground Tanks to school or any public buildings?
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  • POTS line will not “kiss off” at the monitoring point

    I’m told that our Buildings Fire Alarm system has trouble communicating with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The problem description I was given is, “the POTS line will not “kiss-off” at ...
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  • Nitrogen in a Wet System

    A vent is required in a sprinkler system at a high point to allow trapped air to be exhausted from the system, thus having less oxygen for the metal piping to react with. Thinking "out of the box" here, would it be he...
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  • Service Truck Checklist

    Service Truck Equipment/Supply Checklist:   What should my service guys/ Foremen have stocked on there truck?
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  • FCI FC-72 Panel & Cards Available

    We're a small HOA in Northern CA & replacing our 32-yr old FCI FC-72 Panel. Works fine as per our Sept test & inspection  ... but we're finally upgrading. Interested to buy? Contact me privately & qui...
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  • DPSA

    Dear Engineers, What is the best fire suppression solution between IG55 (ARGONITE) or DPSA for electrical room .     cdt,
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  • Question regarding inspection of portable fire extinguisher

    Hi All, Hope you are doing well. My name is Kamil Lagiewka and I am working as 2nd Officer, in possession of Chief Officer’s license,  with experience on LNG and LPG vessels. I was involved in many fire dri...
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    Dear NFPA Community   My client has 9 fire pumps because the higher water requirement is 4900 gpm. The capacity for each pump is:   a) Two Jockey Pumps (Q: 100 gpm) b) Five Electric Motor Pump...
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  • Fixed Nitrogen Fire Control

    Why not consider a dry means of fire control?  I have one using pure, cohesive Nitrogen gas cloud technology. The Fixed Nitrogen fire control systems store liquid Nitrogen above the system which need refilling m...
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  • Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency

    #Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency   NFPA 25H 2017 Internal inspection of valves that can be reset without removal of a faceplate shall be permitted to be conducted every ...
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    Dear engineers, i need your helps, how can i design the drainage system to drain water after sprinkler operating (i mean floor drean not sprinkler pipes drain) , i have channel in front of elevator and stairs , i nee...
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  • Fire Pump Pressure Settings

    Dears, Kindly Help me to get Proper settings Based on my Below values I want to Know the Jockey Pump start and Stop Setting, Electric Pump start, diesel Pump start.   1500GPM Electric and Desiel Pump 50 GPM Jo...
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  • Can Class 2 standpipes and fire hose be utilized for clean-up and other industrial functions or must they be maintained exclusively for firefighting?

    I am working in a setting where industry wants to utilize clean-up hose for firefighting.  If it meets the size and flow requirements of a Class 2 standpipe and hose system, I advise that fire hose must be inspec...
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  • Fire pump inlet strainer for Lagoons

    . Hi, At present we have two 500,000 gallon open lagoons for fire sprinkler water. At present we have drained down these for cleaning and inspection. One of the reservoirs has 2 bulbous 12" strainers at the suction ...
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    Hi, my name is Diego Sandoval and I am designing and FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM.   I have a question related to NFPA 20. I want to know if I can return the relieves towards suction lines in FIRE PUMPS WITH DIESEL ENGIN...
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  • Fire Sprinkler System at ICE CREAM Factory

    Hi, I have been working for design of fire sprinkler system for ICE cream factory. It consist of (1) Installation at packing hall where the temperature of packing hall is 15degC. (2) Installation at Cold Stora...
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  • fire alarm and signaling code

    hi everyone,  I am new to the field and i need your advice. i couldn't find a rule of addressable fire system in NFPA 72, where does require to install "addressable fire system" and "conventional fire system...
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  • NFPA 13R Expert Required

    NFPA 13R Expert Required I have a project that requires an expert in the implementation details NFPA 13R compliant water-based fire sprinkler systems installed in the attics of condominiums and apartments. Complying ...
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  • NFPA 10 Form for Mobile / Tablet

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    I wanted to share this great tool for mobilizing the NFPA eforms: https://docspace.io  You can fill out the NFPA10 forms on your mobile or tablet device. Plus it adds additional functiona...
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