• NFPA 13 (2013) Section

    A sprinkler contractor has installed extended coverage sprinklers with the deflectors 16 inches below the concrete ceiling of a parking garage.  Construction is unobstructed.  They referenced NFPA 13 (2013) ...
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  • Sidewall Sprinklers

    Any issues with installing sidewall sprinklers under exposed corrugated steel decking if direction of spray is parallel with the flutes or is the decking considered a smooth flat ceiling regardless? 
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  • Hydraulic Calculation for Private Network, Tank Size

    Hi,   I have a private fire network with fire tank, which has set of buildings not exceeding 2 floors (21 meters), we have combined fire network with manual hose cabinets and automatic sprinkler system in buildi...
  • Special Stages (360 stages)

    Context: Fire protection to a 360° Stage According to NFPA 101, the stage and the auditorium seating area shall be completely separated by a proscenium fire curtain/wall.   This should be applied the same ...
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  • NFPA 13

    What is the correct way to handle the following situation:  Fully sprinklered building with multiple occupancies all off of the same sprinkler riser.  Should each occupancy have a flow switch with no flow sw...
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  • Can Window Sprinklers be used for Proscenium Water-Curtains?

    Can Window Sprinklers be used for Water Curtains for Proscenium Openings?   According to NFPA 101-2018, the proscenium opening shall be protected by a listed fire curtain or an approved water curtain ...
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  • Sprinklers Under fixed Obstructions Over 4'

    With respect to NFPA 13 clause When installing sprinklers under fixed obstructions over 4' in width the sprinkler shall be located not more than 3" from the outside edge of the obstruction. Does this mean...
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    Looking for CODE Reference for FIRE-STOP for SMU wall and cement Floor Penetrations , Annular spacing, rated and non-rated walls.
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  • Obstruction Beam

    Dear I would like to consult you about an office with visible sky, which has a beam of 0.42 meters high generating an area of 0.8 meters wide and a length of approximately 30 meters (photos are sent), okay, leave sp...
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  • Depth of obstructions

    Is anyone aware about depth requirements of obstructions as it relates to figure (a) in NFPA 13?  I have an exit sign that is about 14"x14" approximately 16" away from a pendant head.  Based on the...
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  • NFPA 13 - Concealed spaces

    NFPA 2013 Section - uses the term limited access. Is there a definition for "limited access" or is left up to interpretation by the AHJ?   Thanks
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  • NFPA 13/2019  2:12 roof and cieling

    Good Morning, please in the NFPA 13 2019, have a Question, in the 14.2.3 (ESFR) it talks about a maximum slope of 2:12 for the roof and ceiling, but if I have larger slopes, I can place only the sprinkler pipe in...
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  • Silicone RFID Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve

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    I have a newly patented product to help first responders and municipalities find and upkeep fire hydrants. I was recently awarded a patent by the USPTO for a stretchy Silicone Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve with RFID comm...
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  • How many enclosures or rooms can be protected simultaneously as per NFPA2001?

    Dear everyone, as the NFPA2001 didn't give the specific discription about multi-zone system and did't use this phrase words such as "multi-zone" or "multi-room", but, according to the general comprehension about the s...
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  • Fire Sprinkler Systems "Tiny House"

    Has anyone ever been required to sprinkler a rental Tiny House.A local developer is planning to develop a 405 space RV Park that will include some 499 s/f manufactured Tiny Homes as overnight rentals. All are on fixed...
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  • Hops

    What commodity would you consider hops?
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  • Residential Sprinkler Remote Areas per NFPA 13

    We have a project that is a hotel. Typical floors have small residential hotel dwelling units that require between two and three residential sprinklers for adequate coverage per the sprinkler Listing Criteria and NFPA...
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  • Traverse flue spaces

    Hi,   I have a question about traverse flue spaces. In NFPA 13 is " Nominal 6in traverse flue spaces between loads an at rack uprights shall be maintained in single-row, double-row and multiply-row ...
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  • conversion from gpm/ft² to mm/min

    Good morning, I am an engineer who deals with fire-fighting systems in Italy. Reading the NFPA 13 standard, I realized an error (I hope so) in the conversion between gpm / ft² and mm / min in Tables 18.4 (a), 18....
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  • What is a dust top?

    NFPA 13 A. refers to cloth or paper dust tops. What is a dust top
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