• Silicone RFID Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve

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    I have a newly patented product to help first responders and municipalities find and upkeep fire hydrants. I was recently awarded a patent by the USPTO for a stretchy Silicone Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve with RFID comm...
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  • Underground piping requirements as per NFPA

    Hi All Its Istiaque from Bangladesh. In one project where from fire pump room to building fire main pipe have to run beneath the ground, I have read in some articles that microbiologically influences corrosion happens...
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  • NFPA 25: Replacement of a Power Monitor

    Colleagues, hope all of you are well,   According to table 8.6.1 of NFPA 25, in case of replacement of a power monitor, I shall "Perform six operations of the circuit breaker/isolation switch disconnect (cycle t...
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  • Fire Watch Inspection Frequency

    I am looking for information regarding fire watch frequency.  The policy we currently have in place states that a "fire watch inspection tour will be made...no less than every thirty (30) minutes throughout the a...
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  • Is "Hypermarket" considered as Storage for fire protection system ?

    Hypermarket Look Like This     
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  • Is anyone doing the 5 year hydro-static testing for FDC's according to NFPA 25?

    I'm with an AHJ and we were thinking of enforcing all of the NFPA 5 year inspections. Just looking for thoughts and advice on who out there is testing the FDC's according to 25. Thanks. 
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  • Vortex fixed Sprinkler system Nitrogen bottle Hydro requirements

    Need some clarification on what the hydrostatic retest requirements are for 3 rows of 2500 psi Nitrogen tanks installed in bank for water mist suppression system in an underground fuel vault (not buried, in conditione...
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  • Parapet on the roof

    Hi Seniors !  Greetings      My question to you all is that we are under process of installation of fire protection system on our facility and as a part of those requirements we need to know...
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  • Fire hydrant private network

    Good day, can an underground fire hydrant private network be used as the test manifold for a fire pumps that has a flow meter instead of installing a testing manifold. There are 3 hydrants on the network whi...
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  • Hollow shaft motor for vertical turbine jockey pump

    Do jockey pump also requires hollow shaft motor as per NFPA 20, clause no. or those requirements are only applicable to main/Fire pumps?
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  • Elevator Recall and flow switch

    Does Fire Sprinkler riser's water flow switch initiate elevator emergency recall? In NFPA 72 "Table A." Typical Input/Output Matrix" shows water flow switch on first or second floor initiate elevator emer...
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  • Galvinized Pipe and Fittings

    I have a concerned issue with using galvanized steel pipe (ASTM A53) and malleable iron fittings in a combination water supply to domestic water systems and fire sprinkler systems.   Galvanized pipe and fittings ...
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    Are there hydraulic calculations on the CFPS Exam?
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  • when we need to protect diesel tanks and generators 

    Hope all in  good health ,may anyone  help me please ?  i'm a safety engineer for a temporary power station there are a 20 of generators and 5 of big diesel tanks  with capacity 56000 liter per tan...
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  • Evaluation of Fire Pump Test Results

    #I would like to request your clarification for below standard as we have doubt to compare the pump test result which we recently done. (2) Fire pump test results are no less than 95 percent of the fl...
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  • Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves

    13.5.1 Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves A partial flow test adequate to move the valve from its seat shall be conducted annually - How to perform the partial flow A ful...
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  • NFPA 25 (3) 30 minutes flow at peak load question

    Anyone have comments on how they deal with Sentence 3? :   NFPA 25 - For installations having an automatic transfer switch, the following test shall be per-formed to ensure that the overcurrent protecti...
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  • Alarm Check Valve

    Hi I have 4 no's warehouse in a single compound. Each warehouse having 230 no's of sprinklers with 6" Main Riser Pipes & 6" Zone Control Valve Assembly each. Each of these 6" risers are connected from 8" header p...
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  • Required Testing for Quick vs Normal Sprinklers

    NFPA 25 5.3.1 specifies that normal sprinklers have to be tested or replaced at 50 years and sprinklers with fast-response elements at 20 years. 1) Are these "fast-response" sprinklers referenced in those...
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  • Venting on Diesel Storage Tanks

    Are there requirements for venting of outdoor Storage Tanks for Diesel? I was able to find the following for Indoor Tanks: "For Class I, II and IIIA liquids the IFC requires termination of the normal vent outside the...
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