• Listed

    Dear All A question to members of this forum. NFPA describes "Listed" as Equipment included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable to the AHJ. OHSA (under United States department o...
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  • Number of chamber in vertical storage tanks

    Hello. A customer of mine is asking me to increase the number of foam chamber in a vertical storage tank, using 4 foam chambers instead of 2 required per NFPA 11 and the manufacturer recommendation, using the same tot...
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  • FM200 System - Nozzle Consideration For Multi heights

    Dear All  ,    Subject : Clean agent system ( FM200 Gas ) Nozzle Location In multi height area of Enclosure    Good Day ,    Enclosure having multi heights in the FM200 System pro...
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  • NFPA 13R Expert Required

    NFPA 13R Expert Required I have a project that requires an expert in the implementation details NFPA 13R compliant water-based fire sprinkler systems installed in the attics of condominiums and apartments. Complying ...
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  • NFPA 770

    Hello NFPA experts, I have a question regarding NFPA 770, when it will be available 
  • Sprinkler in Metro Station

    Dear Sirs in NFPA 130 chapter 5 (fire protection System in Stations), is mandatory to install a sprinkler system, in the following rooms, Garbage or trash, Storage areas, concessions areas, or other areas with si...
  • fire alarm and signaling code

    hi everyone,  I am new to the field and i need your advice. i couldn't find a rule of addressable fire system in NFPA 72, where does require to install "addressable fire system" and "conventional fire system...
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  • In-rack sprinklers for high storages

    Hello NFPA Xchange, I have a question about the sprinkler system in high storage. Does any of you have experience with rack storage of 130,000 sq feet in the base and 100 ft height? I can not find in NFPA 13 stan...
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  • Kitchen suppression electrical actuation

    I am reviewing plans for a kitchen fire suppression system where the means for actuation is battery powered and the backup power source is also battery powered. Engineers are telling me that the battery life is 6 to 9...
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  • Ceiling Void - Part of Light Hazard

    Dear NFPA Staff,   I understood that NFPA 13 has required quick-response type sprinkler systems in light-hazard occupancy.    In a light hazard occupancy, ceiling void (false ceiling) seems more than ...
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  • What is the concept of "Addition to existing light hazard system from NFPA 13 Chapter 9"?

    We built a new hotel and connected it to the existing hotel. The new hotel has its own fire pump and distribution line. The existing hotel has standard response sprinklers.   Can we adopt 9.4.3 (5) and install...
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  • Standpipe PRV

    Dear NFPA Xchange,   NFPA 14-7.2.4 states " Where more than two hose connections are used down stream of a pressure-regulating device the following conditions shall apply: (4) An equally sized bypass around the...
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  • Electrical Equipment Bldgs + Sprinklers required???

    I need some clarity on the subject of sprinkler requirements for Electrical Equipment Rooms.   NFPA 13 Section 9.2.6:  Sprinklers shall not be required in electrical equipment rooms where all the follo...
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  • Clean Agent System, minimum distance of support to the nozzles.

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask your opinion pertaining to the requirements of the minimum required distance of pipe supports from the discharge nozzle of a Clean agent system particular to FM200. I check with the...
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  • Common Water Supply network

    Hello Sir/Madam,   We have a project where common water network is feeding to hydrant and portable water. This network is connected to the single fire water tank and suction manifold for portable water and fire ...
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  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers

    If anyone has a suggested operating guideline, flow chart or checklist on BDAs that they could share with me, please forward it to sdube@hudsonnh.gov, and thank you in advance. Steve
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  • Miscellaneous storage NFPA 13:2019

    Dear all. I am confused about miscellaneous storage in NFPA 13:2019. For example: For OH2, article 4.3.4 states that I can have "stockpiles of moderate to high combustibility that do not exeed 12ft". It does not give...
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    BUENAS NOCHES, en que articulo de NFPA 70 u otro se indica el tipo de material (metalico / no metalico / otro) para los tubos portacables de alarma y deteccion de un sistema contra incendios ?
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  • Foam sprinkler system Design

    Dear all ,    Sub : Foam sprinkler system Design:    one of my ongoing project , Foam water sprinkler system is required to protect the generator area of 675 square meter . as per NFPA 16 ,Design...
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  • All The new buildings in USA requires 10 years non-replaceable smoke alarm?

    All The new buildings in USA requires 10 years non-replaceable smoke alarm?   
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