• To ESFR OR Not!!!

    Sprinkler types for warehouse storage with a ceiling exceeding 32'-0". Storage height of 7'-0" .Standard Classes of Commodities Standard Plastic. Can I use standard type sprinkler heads with an increase in in the K F...
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  • Small Openings Clarification

    There is a 17 story high rise hotel that is being remodeled. On the first floor, a new wood ceiling was installed approximately 24” below the existing concrete deck.  The wood ceiling planks are 6” ap...
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  • Sprinkler system for sloped roof

    Please I want to consult you about a topic in designing firefighting systems in warehouses. I have a customer who has an existing sprinkler system and the warehouse roof is sloped ,the installed sprinkler system is cu...
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  • NFPA-22 Guidelines for Buried Welded Steel Tanks

    I was trying to determine if anchoring would be required for these but I see no guidelines in NFPA-22 regarding buried welded steel tanks?
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  • NFPA 37 vs NFPA 850 ?

    The definition of NFPA 37 vs NFPA 850 be explained please ? At what level does a the "Power Station" become under NFPA 850? 
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  • NYC (R-2)

    My project is a high-rise mixed use with retail spaces on the cellar and first floor levels, the building is designated (R-2). The retail spaces were purchased by one owner for a charter school. The school and re...
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  • Vertical Standpipe Question

    There is a warehouse in construction inside my city limits. They are putting standpipes throughout the structure. The size of the piping 2 1/2-3 inch piping. From floor to ceiling is approximately 30 to 40 feet. This ...
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  • Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Options That Are Independent of the Ceiling Sprinkler Design.

    Good afternoon, We are doing a project based on point 25.8.3 of NFPA 13, for a warehouse of 22 meters high of building with 17 meters high of storage in open racks. According to this point, the in-rack sprinkler syste...
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  • High Pressure Standpipe Main

    My scenario is below: 50 story condo-all concrete and steel 2 fire pumps in parallel on ground level 2 stairwells-both have floor control assemblies, 1 stairwell is for redundancy with all the valves and such. the...
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  • Residential Sprinkler Remote Areas per NFPA 13

    We have a project that is a hotel. Typical floors have small residential hotel dwelling units that require between two and three residential sprinklers for adequate coverage per the sprinkler Listing Criteria and NFPA...
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  • Extra Hazard (Group 2)

    Section 5.4.2 of NFPA 13 (2016 edition) states that occupancies with "moderate to substantial amounts of flammable or combustible liquids" are classified as Extra Hazard (Group 2).  What is the working definition...
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  • Sprinklers in Noncombustable elevator shafts

    I was wondering if I could get your interpretation on the need to sprinkle non-combustible elevators and elevator shafts.    IFC 2018 903.3.1.1 States that: “ Where the provisions of this code require...
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  • Sizing Water Mist Nozzles For Small Applications

    I am designing a small test chamber (8 Cubic ft) for testing lithium ion batteries (48 at a time). We could like to add a water mister in case of a fire. I am trying to determine how much mist I need to suppress a fir...
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  • safty margin sprinkler calculation

    Hello fire protection experts: Is the safety margin that we add during hydraulic calculations of 1bar or 10% mandatory by NFPA13? if yes it is the article refrence
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  • Why is pressure relief on fire pumps not allowed, except (major exception) below discharge valve?

    From NFPA 20, why are pressure relief valves not allowed to control high churn pressure of fire pumps (Sec   And then what is the meaning of the exception A. that then allows pressure r...
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  • Remote fire systems

    Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather. ...
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  • NFPA Water Based Systems Designer

    Hi all,      I am a life scientist that is looking to make a career change. I am intrigued by fire sprinkler design because I have done quite a few installation jobs with my dad as a laborer (he o...
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  • Welding / Fabrication Work According As As Per NFPA Standard

    Hi Kindly guide me Is any separate code or standard to briefly describe welding, fabrication procedure that show to AHJ or CFPS that welding is proper and as per NFPA. I try to find code from Codefinder but not foun...
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  • Residential Fire Sprinklers

    Can a fire sprinkler pipe (after common riser) be run underground, from one structure to another separate structure, on a residential lot? Or, is it required to have a separate fire sprinkler riser in each separated ...
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  • NFPA Approved Hydraulic Calculation Software

    I am Fire & Safety Contractor in Pakistan. Question No 1 : Is any hydraulic Software that APPROVED by NFPA. Actually my new client's buyer requirement that type of software accepted that will approved by NFPA an...
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