• Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves

    13.5.1 Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves A partial flow test adequate to move the valve from its seat shall be conducted annually - How to perform the partial flow A ful...
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  • Storing of Fire Extinguishers

    Where can I find the requirements for the storage of fire extinguishers and associated chemicals?
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    Hi   Could you Kindly state when and where is PRV stations used and what is the purpose? Can it be avoided by introducing a single PRV in each floor before the Zone Control Valve Assembly?   As per my know...
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  • Hose Valves or Nonthreaded Connections in Hose Header Supply?? NFPA 20 2019

    Hi everyone! In the new edition of NFPA 20 (2019), Table 4.28 has a new column "Non-threaded connections" Is it necessary to add those connections to the hose connections? or I have to choose between them Thanks ...
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  • Can I use sprinkler and Smoke detector altogether?

    In Fabric store of a RMG (Ready made garment) we have used sprinkler and smoke detector there. Floor height is 14 feet. storage height is 12 feet or less. so for this room can i use sprinkler and detector altogether. ...
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  • Routing Ductwork Above Fire Command Center

    I am looking to reroute some ductwork in an existing building. The most convenient route for the new ductwork would be right above the ceiling of the fire alarm command center. I was wondering if anyone migh...
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  • how many hose outltest class I stand pipe

    #Nfpa 14 Section indicates for class I and III stand pipes they need to flow 500 gpm from the most remote stand pipe through the most remote 2 1/2 inch outlets. Does this mean that on the most remote interm...
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    Kindly clarify Black steel pipe can be used in the  foam concentrate line?   As per NFPA 16 2019    Clause  Foam concentrate  pipe and valve shall me made of one of th...
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  • Min flowrate requirement

    As per NFPA 14 ( if a standpipe is serving 3 hose reels at a particular floor then we must accommodate 750 gpm thru it. If I have a building that is spread over a large area but a pump that is limited to 50...
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  • Pressure sensor - NFPA 20

    Good day, I wanna limit the shutoff pressure of the firewater pump to a value equal to 105% of the rated head without installing a PCV on the discharge manifold. A supplier offered a pressure sensor to control the shu...
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  • Centrifugal Pump Capacities in combinated fire systems

    Hi everyone, I am designing a system that has automatic sprinklers, deluge system, hoses and hydrants. Once I finish the hydraulic calculation of the systems working together, when I try to select the pump system, in ...
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  • Alarm Check Valve

    Dear Pro,   i am making a list of the locations the "inspector test connection" is mandatory to be placed as we are getting alot of contractors question of its presence. NFPA 13 states that it shall be ins...
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  • Alarm Check Valve

    Hi I have 4 no's warehouse in a single compound. Each warehouse having 230 no's of sprinklers with 6" Main Riser Pipes & 6" Zone Control Valve Assembly each. Each of these 6" risers are connected from 8" header p...
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  • Protección contra incendios tanque reserva amoniaco

    Buenos días,  Agradezco indicar que tipo de protección contra incendios debo colocar a un tanque de almacenamiento de amoniaco que es utilizado como refrigerante.  Es un tanque de reserva que s...
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  • How to Calc. Standpipes to find residual pressures?

    Regarding hydraulic calculations for Combination Standpipe & FHV Standpipe. I am designing a core & shell system for a high rise building, in order to find the residual pressure on each floor, what is the cor...
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  • Can I use Standard Response sprinklers for light hazard occupancies?

    Can I protect light hazard occupancy with standard response sprinklers? Please provide NFPA code clauses which allow installation of Standard Response sprinklers for light hazards.
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  • Concentric reduction losses.

    Hi, I´m starting to design a sprinkler system, the thing is.. about the minor losses (concentric and tee reductions) to be considered on the hydraulics calculations.   For example, I have a 6" main that ge...
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  • Loop powered Audible Visible Notification

    Is it allowable (acc. NFPA 72) to connect on the loop (class A) together with the Initiating Devices additionally "Loop powered" Audible Visible Notification devices, to avoid a separate wiring of conventional sounder...
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  • Bio gas or diesel generators

    For a bio-gas or diesel generators is their any standards or requirement to install a fire sprinkler system in generator room? or it depend on the fire risk assessment?   please advise.   
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    Is there any specific reason not to use abort switches on carbon dioxide system as per NFPA-12 "Abort switches shall not be used on carbon dioxide systems."
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