• Necesito una Bomba hidraulica para Prueba Hidrostatica de Red Contra Incendio (red de Hidrante), alguna marca o modelo Listada????

    Que bombas listadas hay???Fire Protection Systems
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  • NFPA 10 Form for Mobile / Tablet

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    I wanted to share this great tool for mobilizing the NFPA eforms: https://docspace.io  You can fill out the NFPA10 forms on your mobile or tablet device. Plus it adds additional functiona...
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  • NFPA 25 - Annual Fire water pump test- Acceptance criteria

    In NFPA 25 , regarding Fire water pump Annual Performance test, one of the acceptance criteria is specified as  pump performance shall be within 95% of the initial unadjusted field test curve. If the initial fiel...
  • Fire Pump Acceptance Test

    In NYC the Code Reference is NFPA 20-2007 for Fire Pump Acceptance. As per sec requires 150% of rated capacity of the pump. This is normally done at a test connection at the ground level. I witness a test t...
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  • All The new buildings in USA requires 10 years non-replaceable smoke alarm?

    All The new buildings in USA requires 10 years non-replaceable smoke alarm?   
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  • Fire Hydrant Piping Leak

    we have recently commissioned our fire network consisting of fire hydrants and sprinklers. During the commissioning of fire pumps, it was found that pressure is dropping in the fire hydrant underground piping network ...
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  • Recommended Testing Point for Firepump

    At which point is it recommended to perform a fire pump performance test: 1) At the furthest point of the system 2) At the fire pump Can anyone answer this? Thanks
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  • Testing and Maintenance of Fire Dampers (not easily accessible)

    Knowing that most fire dampers are installed in areas of the building that are not easily accessible; installed in penetrations of fire rated walls and floors as required by the building code and access to the da...
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  • Non-Restorable Fixed Temp Expired Heats

    Does anyone know of a company in the New England area that tests (lab tests) fixed temp non restorable heat detectors that are expired? Never had a customer come back and want this option but here we are .  No r...
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  • NFPA 20:2019 - Sizing Circuit Breaker from Fire Pump Panel

    I think to use a circuit breaker with only magnetic protection for a single fire pump (without a jockey pump).Should the FRAME of the circuit breaker meet the rated current OR just the current sensor of the circu...
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  • Clean AGent System Pneumatic Testing

    Good Day    We have installed FM-200 Multi-zone system in a project. Now our concern when we are doing the pneumatic test, do we need to include the cylinder manifold, selector valve manifold in the pneuma...
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  • fire protection  petroleum coke in warehouse

    Hello I have a shed "warehouse" of petroleum coke (coke pet ) feeds cement kilns, my question is : who what requires NFPA in this sense in terms of protection by deluge system and launch monitor, and what is the ...
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  • What section of the NFPA 72 would require initiating devices to activate indicating devices upon a "fire" alarm activation?

    My inquiry is on deluge system activation, pressure switches. Does NFPA 72 specify that horns and beacons shall activate upon activation of any initiating device? (I consider a pressure switch on deluge system is an i...
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  • 2 fire pump at one time

    Hello friendsdoes NFPA13 or 20 require the installation of two pumps 2500gpm, one electric  and the other diesel plus the jockey, so 3 pumps in the same room.  If yes which Ref and Numbre of NFPA . Tanks##
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  • Backflow Forward Flow Test through Hydrant

    On a underground fire sprinkler main supplied by a backflow preventer, is it allowable to utilize a fire hydrant located on the main (located after the valve)  to fulfill section of NFPA...
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  • Sprinkler system for sloped roof

    Please I want to consult you about a topic in designing firefighting systems in warehouses. I have a customer who has an existing sprinkler system and the warehouse roof is sloped ,the installed sprinkler system is cu...
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  • Fire Water Requirements

    Does anyone know the requirements about fire water quality, what kind of water can be use for fire extinguishing, could someone recommend the minimum requirements in the NFPA standard for this issue?
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  • Pressure for hose streame inside and the hydrant outside

    hello fire experts what NFPA13 requires minimum and maximum pressure for hose streame inside and the hydrant outside #
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  • safty margin sprinkler calculation

    Hello fire protection experts: Is the safety margin that we add during hydraulic calculations of 1bar or 10% mandatory by NFPA13? if yes it is the article refrence
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  • Remote fire systems

    Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather. ...
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