• When studying about the Topics that are in NFPA 70 like Conduit fill or Grounding Requirements.Do i need to know all the contents that NFPA 70 covers for the grounding or conduit Fill. OR I just need to know where they are present in NFPA Book

    Understanding NFPA 70 
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  • Pnueumatic Test For FM200 Piping.

    Hi Guys,   For pneumatic test can we use air pressure instead of nitrogen?     Thanks,   Naqash
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  • Evaluation of Fire Pump Test Results

    #I would like to request your clarification for below standard as we have doubt to compare the pump test result which we recently done. (2) Fire pump test results are no less than 95 percent of the fl...
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  • can a fire damper be considered as weakest element for a room protected by clean agent system to evaluate peak pressure??

    Please clarify if a fire damper used for a smoke management system or air handling be considered as weakest element for a room protected by clean agent system while evaluating peak pressure during an integrity test. P...
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  • Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves

    13.5.1 Inspection and Testing of Sprinkler Pressure-Reducing Valves A partial flow test adequate to move the valve from its seat shall be conducted annually - How to perform the partial flow A ful...
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  • NFPA 25 (3) 30 minutes flow at peak load question

    Anyone have comments on how they deal with Sentence 3? :   NFPA 25 - For installations having an automatic transfer switch, the following test shall be per-formed to ensure that the overcurrent protecti...
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    Hi   Could you Kindly state when and where is PRV stations used and what is the purpose? Can it be avoided by introducing a single PRV in each floor before the Zone Control Valve Assembly?   As per my know...
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  • Hose Valves or Nonthreaded Connections in Hose Header Supply?? NFPA 20 2019

    Hi everyone! In the new edition of NFPA 20 (2019), Table 4.28 has a new column "Non-threaded connections" Is it necessary to add those connections to the hose connections? or I have to choose between them Thanks ...
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  • Pressure sensor - NFPA 20

    Good day, I wanna limit the shutoff pressure of the firewater pump to a value equal to 105% of the rated head without installing a PCV on the discharge manifold. A supplier offered a pressure sensor to control the shu...
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  • Alarm Check Valve

    Dear Pro,   i am making a list of the locations the "inspector test connection" is mandatory to be placed as we are getting alot of contractors question of its presence. NFPA 13 states that it shall be ins...
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    Either maintenance or inspection check list of ( fire extinguishers, water based, or others) Regards CEDRIC TIOGANG  00 237 670217108 | 696072701
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  • Required Testing for Quick vs Normal Sprinklers

    NFPA 25 5.3.1 specifies that normal sprinklers have to be tested or replaced at 50 years and sprinklers with fast-response elements at 20 years. 1) Are these "fast-response" sprinklers referenced in those...
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  • Venting on Diesel Storage Tanks

    Are there requirements for venting of outdoor Storage Tanks for Diesel? I was able to find the following for Indoor Tanks: "For Class I, II and IIIA liquids the IFC requires termination of the normal vent outside the...
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  • Deluge Valve Release System

    Does anyone know the pressure testing requirements for hydraulic release lines (wet pilot) and Pneumatic release lines (dry pilot) attached to a deluge valve? I can only find that piping exposed to system working pres...
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  • NFPA 18a Standard on water additives for fire control and vapour mitigation.

    NFPA 18a Standard on water additives for fire control and vapour mitigation.   We are planning to run some of the A6.4 "Deep seated" Class A fire tests using a metal drum and anthracite coal.   Does a...
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  • fire hydrant testing

    hi. i am little bit confused about fire hydrant testing.  what is the criteria to select the number of hydrants to flow during testing.  as per AHJ, the minimum acceptable residual pressure is 50 psi. ...
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  • Can condensation occur in a dry system?

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  • NFPA Help!

    I am looking for the paragraph in the NFPA that helps protect the fuel zone liquids in plastic containers by means of FOAM. Without using water.
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  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Hi  all, I am a beginner in the field of fire alarm systems . I had joined a company 3 months before that work on fire alarm systems .  I want to learn the basics of fire alarm systems . Can anyone tell me ...
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  • Smoke Management Test procedures

    Hi Please advise the advise the procedures for performing the smoke testing in car park (basement floors)   We are in the processing performing the smoke test for the car park ventilation system installed in th...
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