• Comments on New Fire Extinguisher "Automatic Fireball"

    FIRE GUARD   See link on a new device by Fire Guard that claims a fire suppression agent (6-inch ball)  can extinguish a fire in an area up to 905 square feet. Any information the NFPA has on this type of e...
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  • Sizing the Pressure Maintenance (Jockey) pump

    NFPA 20 (2019 edition) Section discusses on the jockey pump sizing to replenish the pressure due to the allowable leakage and normal pressure drops, with a suggestion (a guideline) to select a jockey pump tha...
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  • edificios de altura nfpa 14

    cuando tengo un edificio clasificado como de no gran altura puedo colocar sistema de tubería vertical clase 1 (manual húmedo), sin tanque ni equipos de bombeo, solo que dependa del departamento de bomberos.
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  • Pressure for hose streame inside and the hydrant outside

    hello fire experts what NFPA13 requires minimum and maximum pressure for hose streame inside and the hydrant outside #
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  • safty margin sprinkler calculation

    Hello fire protection experts: Is the safety margin that we add during hydraulic calculations of 1bar or 10% mandatory by NFPA13? if yes it is the article refrence
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  • Remote fire systems

    Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather. ...
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  • Sprinkler System in Open Floors

    At a high-rise open structure used for assembly occupancy, each floor is at 8m high and is without external walls. Each is intended to install automatic sprinkler system in each open floor in accordance with NFPA 13- ...
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  • NFPA Water Based Systems Designer

    Hi all,      I am a life scientist that is looking to make a career change. I am intrigued by fire sprinkler design because I have done quite a few installation jobs with my dad as a laborer (he o...
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  • Classification of Indoor Grow Operation

    How would you classify an indoor (cannabis) plant grow room. Drywall & concrete. Plants are well watered in pots, sitting on palates covered in congregated metal. Lights are securely mounted with wire. Plants are ...
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  • Sprinklers in Scissor Stairs

    In a noncombustible construction stair shaft, NFPA 13, 2013, section states that "where noncombustible stair shafts are divided by walls or doors, sprinklers shall be provided on each side of the separation...
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  • underground piping

    is there a clearance code for underground pipe that go under or above other pipes in the ground?
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  • NFPA 25: Replacement of a Power Monitor

    Colleagues, hope all of you are well,   According to table 8.6.1 of NFPA 25, in case of replacement of a power monitor, I shall "Perform six operations of the circuit breaker/isolation switch disconnect (cycle t...
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  • Sprinkler For Historical Building

    Good day all Apart from AHJ does any where in any NFPA mandates  a historical building shall be protected by fire sprinkler ?   thanks in advance 
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  • Protection for Straw

    I have a building that is being used for storage of straw. They will use the straw to make silt fencing. The straw does have a lower moisture content. What commodity class would you consider it?
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  • Zone control valve

    Hi, Please refer below snap shot from NFPA 13. Question 01 We are designing for wet sprinkler system Ordinary hazard. After 275 sprinkler the below table sating 200 mm diameter pipe.Section 8.2 not mentioned about pip...
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  • Studying / guidelines for cfps

    I am planning to study for CFPS Exam. Can anyone guide me on how to study for the exam .Do I need to study the entire books that's prescribed for CFPS Exam.Need suggestions?
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  • How far is too far?

    Anyone have insight on how far a residence can be from a natural water source and still be able to use it in lieu of a cistern?
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  • Hollow shaft motors

    Why NFPA 20 suggests hollow shaft motor for fire pumps? Can anybody clarify.
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  • parking smoke system

    For parking smoke system, what is the max. number of smoke zone that can be connected to one smoke fan?
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  • Fire extinguishers for generators??

    A building contractor is telling me that I need to install a fire extinguisher (properly sized/rated) within the enclosure of my exterior standby-power generator. I cannot find a requirement for this in NFPA 1, NFPA 1...
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