• Minimum Floor Area for Commodity

    Dear NFPA Experts, Is there any standards for floor area of Commodity (Tire Storage) if required sprinkler protection or not. Thanks in advance.
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  • NFPA Conference  - BFSS Section Meeting

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  • NFPA-2001, Iron Pipelines (ASTM A-36) Maintenance

    Dear Friends:   About the maintenance of a System that meets the NFPA-2001, can any one tell me: Is there a maintenance procedure for the Iron pipelines? my concern is for the rust formation inside the pipe dur...
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  • Books In Metal Boxes

    I have a 45' tall building with 42' of books in 5 sided metal bins on rack in automated retrieval & storage...no in rack sprinklers. The metal bin boxes are not covered on top but have less than 1" opening from th...
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  • Hydraulic calculation ceiling and suspended ceiling sprinklers

    Hello, I have HC-3 sprinkler system for production (no storage) room. K-160 pendant sprinklers 12mm/min@340 m² will be used. There will be two levels of sprinklers one under the ceiling and one in solid suspende...
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  • Let's think on this a bit......

    Last week, I attended an MSCA [Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association] meeting where the speaker, a well know code expert, disclosed that the 2019 NFPA-72 will call for smoke alarms that are "resistant to kitch...
  • Small/Large Fire Definitions

    I am looking for the defining differences between a "small" fire and "large" fire. What is the definition of a small fire and what is the definition of a large fire?
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  • Minimum Pipe & Alarm Schematic for Positive Water Systems for Fire Protection Engineers

    Enclosed detail of minimum Mechanical Room,  wet, dry, and pre-action Fire Alarm System with auxiliary and on grid power systems for Fire Pumps with positive residual pressures.
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  • Sprinklers Under Deck (NFPA 13, 2007,

    We recently installed sprinklers in a very elaborate office building.   The office building has a wood deck that protrudes from the building. There is no occupant access under the crawl space of the deck and unde...
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  • 1000' Of 4" Ice

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  • It's Been A Cold Winter

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  • What's Your Thoughts On Pitting Corrosion?

    C credits: Josh Lewellen
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  • Re: PREMIX or WATER for oil

    Do you have a standard or fire code you have to follow or want the reference out of??   Yes I have seem flammable storage warehouses protected by water systems only.   Water will control or extinguish the ...
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    Dear Colleagues, I am looking for codes and/or standards for sealing materials (partitioning) for fire spread in electrical transmission/distribution substations. The sealant or paste which is used to partition subst...
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  • NFPA 22 Datasheet

    Dear Sirs   I want to know if there's datasheet model for metalic Fire Water Tank based on NFPA 22 or I have to use the API 650 datasheet.   Thanks in advance
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  • Calculate water requirements for fire protection in oil tanks,

    hi, i am a student from indonesia, i need help, i have to calculate water requirement for fire protection on oil tank, is there any application that i can use? and besides the nfpa 11 standard is there a standard I ca...
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  • Pumps Arrangement for Private Hydrants & Potable Water

    Dear Reader,   We are designing a combined system consisting of Private External Hydrants (1,250 GPM max flow) and Potable Water supply (2,000 GPM) connected through one system as allowed in NFPA 24.   1- ...
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  • Outsourced Architecture

    Architectural Concern: I have a observed a serious problem in the conventional (non union) fire sprinkler industry blueprint making process.  The union requires architecture to be outsourced for this reason: COM...
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  • Android App for battery calculations

    Hi All I have produced a windows 10 universal app For the Australian code it includes power supply calculations to recharge the required batteries to 80% within 24 hours. If interested check out the windows store sear...
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  • Protecting People & Property

    The relationship between fire safety and brand value was the topic of discussion for this group of some of the greatest minds in fire and life safety at a workshop held here at the NFPA Headquarters yesterday. When co...
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