• Fire Protection Foreman Needed In The Cayman Islands

    Hirago is working with a top MEP company in the Cayman Islands. Our client has hired us to need to find an experienced Fire Protection Foreman to work in Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands is only a 2-3 hour...
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  • fire hydrant testing

    hi. i am little bit confused about fire hydrant testing.  what is the criteria to select the number of hydrants to flow during testing.  as per AHJ, the minimum acceptable residual pressure is 50 psi. ...
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  • The Industry's First UL Listed Bacterial and Corrosion Inhibitor

    Introducing FSS ProGuard 295UL, the fire protection industry’s first, and only, UL Listed bacterial and corrosion inhibitor!   FSS ProGuard 295UL from Huguenot laboratories is a corrosion and bacterial inh...
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  • Fire Fighting system Requirements for Raw Material Store as a part of factory

    Greetings   Please advise about the firefighting system requirements for raw material store as a part of factory, can i follow the requirements related to factory's hazard classification, for example (Plastics f...
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  • pump

    prakash kumar
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  • Balcony Notification

    NFPA 72: Has anyone found a reference that requires the balcony of a high rise to have notification?
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  • Function of private hydrant

    Hi, Till now I have confusion regarding the function of the private fire hydrant which is with two hoses (2 1/2") and 4" pumper outlet, as: 01- it is mentioned in NFPA 24 that is used for delivering water to the...
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  • Pre-Action Control Valve location

    Your insight is highly appreciated pertaining the installation of pre- action control valve above the suspended falls ceiling, with adequate access. Dose it violate NFPA 13 ? 
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  • Attic Sprinklers Wood Frame 13R 13D

    Please find enclosed possible solutions to the Natural Disasters of the County of Los Angeles and the City of Fort McMurray.   Sprinklers in Attic could possibly be an anti-freeze loop if the head count does not...
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  • Painting Sprinkler Piping

    Is there a requirement in any of the NFPA codes that require any fire sprinkler piping that is painted to be painted red?
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  • NFPA code for open area Foam sprinkler

    Hello Everyone, We have an open area about 40x40 in which we store Gas/diesel/petrol. The area is open from 4 ends and just covered from the top(shed installed). We are suggested to install foam based sprinkler syste...
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  • Oxygen Reduction Systems

    Hi All NFPA RF recently prepared and presented (via a webinar) a literature review on ORS. I have read the review, and attended the webinar, and was seriously unimpressed by the lack of experience with ORS installati...
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  • Integrated System Testing - Questions from Fire Protection Engineers

    Below are answers to questions that both Jacqueline Wilmot and I received during our Webinar "Integrated System Testing – What a Fire Protection Engineer Needs to Know"   Here are some additional reso...
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  • NFPA 25 - Annual Fire water pump test- Acceptance criteria

    In NFPA 25 , regarding Fire water pump Annual Performance test, one of the acceptance criteria is specified as  pump performance shall be within 95% of the initial unadjusted field test curve. If the initial fiel...
  • Hazardous Area for Ethanol in Drum Storage Room

    Hi all, need your help on HAC. For ethanol in drums (about 500kg each) in storage room (about 10 drums) with no activity to open the drum, should be classified as hazardous area or non-hazardous area? Those dru...
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  • New to Designing Sprinkler Systems with HydraCAD

    I was hired as a fire sprinkler designer 3 months ago with no experience using HydraCAD and I'm wondering if anyone would want to give me some advice. Are there any videos out there or blogs where they ...
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  • Looking for some input on newer appliances like air-fryers...

    Looking for some input on newer appliances like air-fryers and convection cooking ovens in a commercial setting without a Type 1 hood. Proprietor creating beer & wine establishment and NYSLA requires a minimum men...
  • Do Thin Combustible Ceilings Compromise Sprinklers?

      The Las Vegas Strip contains many of the largest and most unique buildings in the world.  To create the desired look and feel within a space, the owners and designers occasionally propose suspended ceilin...
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  • emergency light

     Is it sufficient to install the normal lights connected to generator or we have to install emergency lights operated by batteries inside the hospital and which area required to installed emergency lights and whi...
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  • Fire fighting for Boiler

     What is the fir fighting systems for diesel boiler
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