• NFPA 25: Replacement of a Power Monitor

    Colleagues, hope all of you are well,   According to table 8.6.1 of NFPA 25, in case of replacement of a power monitor, I shall "Perform six operations of the circuit breaker/isolation switch disconnect (cycle t...
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  • Sprinkler For Historical Building

    Good day all Apart from AHJ does any where in any NFPA mandates  a historical building shall be protected by fire sprinkler ?   thanks in advance 
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  • Protection for Straw

    I have a building that is being used for storage of straw. They will use the straw to make silt fencing. The straw does have a lower moisture content. What commodity class would you consider it?
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  • Zone control valve

    Hi, Please refer below snap shot from NFPA 13. Question 01 We are designing for wet sprinkler system Ordinary hazard. After 275 sprinkler the below table sating 200 mm diameter pipe.Section 8.2 not mentioned about pip...
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  • Studying / guidelines for cfps

    I am planning to study for CFPS Exam. Can anyone guide me on how to study for the exam .Do I need to study the entire books that's prescribed for CFPS Exam.Need suggestions?
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  • How far is too far?

    Anyone have insight on how far a residence can be from a natural water source and still be able to use it in lieu of a cistern?
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  • Hollow shaft motors

    Why NFPA 20 suggests hollow shaft motor for fire pumps? Can anybody clarify.
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  • parking smoke system

    For parking smoke system, what is the max. number of smoke zone that can be connected to one smoke fan?
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  • Fire extinguishers for generators??

    A building contractor is telling me that I need to install a fire extinguisher (properly sized/rated) within the enclosure of my exterior standby-power generator. I cannot find a requirement for this in NFPA 1, NFPA 1...
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  • Water Pumping Stations

    Hi, In Which occupancy and hazard will cover the Water Pumping Stations as per the NFPA?. Please share your experiences. 
  • Hangers

    Looking in the NFPA13 2016 handbook and trying to find some verbiage about hanger spacing and location of hanger when we have pipe direction changes for a 1 1/2" , 2" , 3" , 4" and 6' pipe
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  • Galvinized Pipe and Fittings

    I have a concerned issue with using galvanized steel pipe (ASTM A53) and malleable iron fittings in a combination water supply to domestic water systems and fire sprinkler systems.   Galvanized pipe and fittings ...
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  • Sprinkler types

     I have in my hospital intermediate sprinkler head yellow bulb is this accepted by NFPA 13, OR we have to change the sprinkler head to Ordinary type red bulb 
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  • Over side of the recommendations of NFPA 30

    Dear guys, I have a question about Foam protection for Warehouse Class IB. As requirement of Table Max Storage heigh 25ft, Max ceiling 30ft but in my project have Storage heigh 28ft & ceiling ...
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  • how many hose outltest class I stand pipe

    #Nfpa 14 Section indicates for class I and III stand pipes they need to flow 500 gpm from the most remote stand pipe through the most remote 2 1/2 inch outlets. Does this mean that on the most remote interm...
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    Kindly clarify Black steel pipe can be used in the  foam concentrate line?   As per NFPA 16 2019    Clause  Foam concentrate  pipe and valve shall me made of one of th...
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  • Pressure sensor - NFPA 20

    Good day, I wanna limit the shutoff pressure of the firewater pump to a value equal to 105% of the rated head without installing a PCV on the discharge manifold. A supplier offered a pressure sensor to control the shu...
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  • Centrifugal Pump Capacities in combinated fire systems

    Hi everyone, I am designing a system that has automatic sprinklers, deluge system, hoses and hydrants. Once I finish the hydraulic calculation of the systems working together, when I try to select the pump system, in ...
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  • Gate valve

    Why should not use a supervisory switch not installed in the external network OS & Y gate valve ?   Regards  Hazman
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  • Determining of Design Area in Hotel Building

    Hi,       i need expert opinion on subject mentioned, I m working in MEP contracting company as a mechanical engineer, I need to perform fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation for one of our pr...
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