• Standpipe requirements

    I currently have a type 5B podium building under construction in my area. It is 3 stories with retail on the 1st floor and residential on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The building will be fully sprinklered with a 13 system...
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  • What is the equation for transport time of smoke as related to ceiling height?

    I have been looking through the appendix B of NFPA 72 and I cannot find an equation where I can get the transport time of smoke as a correlated to the ceiling height. For example, I am trying to find the time it would...
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  • How often do paint booth fire suppression and kitchen hood suppression systems need to be tested  ?

    How often do fire suppression systems in paint booths and kitchen hoods need to be tested.
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  • New piping for 4 new heads on an existing system, hydrostatic test or system pressure?

    Question on NFPA 13 25.2.1 Hydrostatic Tests section.   Section states that "Modifications to existing piping systems shall require testing at system working pressure.  Section
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  • Fire Protection For Storage Room in Light Hazard

    I have a light hazard building (office and clinic) with a 1080sq.ft. area for storing small medical kits in individual cases.  They are placed on shelves about 6ft high and NOT on pallets (this is not a warehouse...
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  • NFPA2001_Clean Agent_Piping Thread

    Dear All  NFPA2001_2018 edition says for piping threads; All threads used in joints and fittings shall conform to ASME B1.20.1, Standard on Pipe Threads, General Purpose, or ISO 7-1, Pipe Threa...
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  • Electronic damage following the discharge of a gas suppression system.

    Does anyone know if there has been studies done on damage to electronic equipment such as switches following the activation of a Pyroshield gas suppression system in a Data Center? We are aware that hard drives can be...
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  • Diesel vs. Electric Fire Pumps

    We are planning to use two vertical turbine fire pumps (one working, one standby spare) to provide seawater for firefighting at the new wharf at a marine oil terminal. Standard practice would be to provide one electri...
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  • spacing between hydrants

    What is the maximum spacing between fire hydrants in local public streets in Industrial cities?the below table relates it to the flow requirements which is not clear for me .which flow is intended My case is the pu...
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  • Ordinary Sprinkler Height Requirement for Storage Area

    Hello Every body, In one of my project of Railway depot there is a storage area of 14 meter ceiling height. But the storage height is less than 3.7 meter. My question are: Can I use ordinary sprinklers to protect th...
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    Hello Experts,   Can anyone help me out with Types of Fire Protection and detection system used in Road Tunnels / Metro Tunnels with NFPA codes and standards to be followed.   Hope for prompt responses. &#...
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  • Electric Siren with Fire Alarm system

    Can we connect electric Siren with fire alarm system????
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  • temporary water supply

    In regards to fire watches in a hospital setting, what exactly are they looking for in establishment of a temporary water supply.#lifesafety 
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  • what is the type of fire alarm system for aluminium extrusion plant ?

    This Plant is used for producing Cans  It consists of an oven and extrusion machine and painting machines (spray) The Production Area = 3500 M2 The height of the Production Area is 11 m The number of lin...
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  • Manual Dry Standpipe Supervisory Air

    NFPA 14, 2019 edition and NFPA 14, 2016 6.1.1 Location of Dry Standpipes. Requires that Dry standpipes be monitored with supervisory air in accordance with NFPA 72. In the 2013 edition supervisory air was required whe...
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  • Hi Is there anyone who had completed CFPS Exam from NFPA.How did you find online  training from the NFPA website. Need suggestions

    Fire alarm systems.  CFP.S
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    As per NFPA 14 clause "For Class II systems, the minimum flow rate for the hydraulically most remote hose connection shall be 100 gpm (379 L/min)."   My question is whether we have to provide 100...
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  • Studying / guidelines for cfps

    I am planning to study for CFPS Exam. Can anyone guide me on how to study for the exam .Do I need to study the entire books that's prescribed for CFPS Exam.Need suggestions?
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  • Studying / Guidelines for CFPS

    I am planning to study for CFPS Exam. Can anyone guide me on how to study for the exam .Do I need to study the entire books that's prescribed for CFPS Exam.Need suggestions?
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  • Result of Exam can be reviewed

    Just few days ago had a training about https://catalog.nfpa.org/NFPA-72-National-Fire-Alarm-and-Signaling-Code-2019-3-day-Classroom-Training-with-Certificate-of-Educational-Achievement-P458.aspx NFPA 72 (2019) Classro...
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