• Factor K for Sprinkler foam-water System

    Hello I would like your opinion about this case please.     According NFPA 13 2019 9.4.4 Sprinklers shall be with minimun nominal K factors of K=5.6.   According NFPA 16 2019 7.6.1 Sprinkler...
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  • Rules for different brand sprinkler heads in same space?

      Thoughts on a tenant space change, contractor wants to use a comparable head but a different manufacturer.  I've heard many opinions but never found anything in writing? 
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    Hi, my name is Diego Sandoval and I am designing and FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM.   I have a question related to NFPA 20. I want to know if I can return the relieves towards suction lines in FIRE PUMPS WITH DIESEL ENGIN...

    Hi, my name is Diego Sandoval and I am designing and FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM.   I have a question related to NFPA 20. I want to know if I can return the relieves towards suction lines in FIRE PUMPS WITH DIESEL ENGI...
  • nfpa 17 11.5.1

    Working on a  airplane deicing vehicle. Would this reference  give my nitrogen bottles a 12year hydro interval? They are Dot 3AA bottles, would this supersede the normal 5 or ten year Dot requirement? Vehicl...
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  • NFPA 291 Calculating Rated Capacity at 20 psi

    Hi, I am new to the NFPA 291 code. Please I need some clarification on the fomula for discharge at specified residual pressure /calculating rated capacity at 20 psi (i.e.   For instance: static = 100ps...
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  • Fire Sprinkler System at ICE CREAM Factory

    Hi, I have been working for design of fire sprinkler system for ICE cream factory. It consist of (1) Installation at packing hall where the temperature of packing hall is 15degC. (2) Installation at Cold Stora...
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  • To calculate the storage tank volume ...

    Hello To calculate the storage tank volume , Should water for the number of active sprinklers be collected with water for active fireboxes?  for 5-storey apartment If yes :  According to which part of NFP...
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  • Foam chamber in geodesic dome tank roof

    Is it possible to install foam chamber in geodesic dome tank roof  (witn internal floating roof) instead of foam chamber in shell tank?? I have not found something about in NFPA 11. What criteria I should take i...
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  • fire alarm and signaling code

    hi everyone,  I am new to the field and i need your advice. i couldn't find a rule of addressable fire system in NFPA 72, where does require to install "addressable fire system" and "conventional fire system...
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  • Listed

    Dear All A question to members of this forum. NFPA describes "Listed" as Equipment included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable to the AHJ. OHSA (under United States department o...
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  • NFPA 2001 ¿What would be my correction factor if my equivalent altitude is over 14,000 ft?

    In Chapter 5 in NFPA 2001, edition 2018  There is a table, Table Atmospheric Correction Factors.   ¿What would be my correction factor if my equivalent altitude is over 14,000 ft? ...
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    Hi  What is the standard size and length of Fire Hose Reel or Class II Hose Reel System? Where exactly is this mentioned in NFPA standard?   As per my knowledge Fire Hose Reel standard is 25mm dia and 30mtr ...
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  • PRV and Fire Pumps

    We have a gravity fed water supply located on a mountain that supplies the city's water system. This supply is being recommended as the water supply for a project at a lower elevation. The water supply is being booste...
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  • fire suppression detection

    If the room protected by a fire suppression system has a beam pocket, it is required/mandatory to provide Z1 & Z2 detector in any case?
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  • driver sizing for fire pumps

    Hello, how do drivers for fire pumps in NFPA 20 sprinkler installations have to be sized correctly? Do the drivers have to be sized only up to the 150% of the rated flow or do the drivers have to be sized to the non-o...
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  • seismic for life safety suppression system with 1.5 component importance factor in category. B

    Do I need seismic support for a fire life safety sprinkler suppression system in a category B building, when the component importance factor is 1.5 as referenced in ASCE 7 section 13.1.3 Refer to the attachments belo...
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  • FM200 System - Nozzle Consideration For Multi heights

    Dear All  ,    Subject : Clean agent system ( FM200 Gas ) Nozzle Location In multi height area of Enclosure    Good Day ,    Enclosure having multi heights in the FM200 System pro...
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  • Can a building owner remove a fire pump?

    I have a building owner that has a 38 year old fire pump that only supplied two standpipes in a 4 story apartment building. It did not supply sprinklers. About 10 years ago we removed the hoses and appliances in the b...
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  • Bonding of an NFPA 13 System

    The building inspector is requiring an NFPA 13 sprinkler system to be bonded based on the 2017 NEC Section 250.104  Has anyone else run across this?  Here is what both sections state. Thank you, 8.18 El...
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