• Requirement for foam deluge system

    We create a design of a deluge foam system for the oil extraction plant. NFPA 16 show density  6,5 mm/min. We used instead nozzle open sprinkler k 115. According to NFPA 13 “ Minimum operating...
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  • What NFPA standard other than NFPA30 should we refer for designing of fire protection of aboveground solvent storage tank?

    There are 5-7 solvent tanks in one project which are designed as per NFPA 30. Now which NFPA standard should we refer for the designing of fire protection of these tanks? 
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  • Gas Control Valve Location

    NFPA 17A states that a gas control valve for a wet chemical suppression system must be in an accessible location. I understand that this means the device must be accessible without removing or altering building elemen...
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  • Storage of Liquids in Underground Tanks

    Dear Community,   I wonder, which code or table is require to determine a distans from  Storage of Liquids (Fuel) in Underground Tanks to school or any public buildings?
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  • FIRE WATER NETWORK - maximum velocity?

    Dear Expert Colleagues   About Fire Water network design conditions: Do you know if there is any international standard stating or recommendating a maximum velocity ? There are some good engineering practices (...
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  • Listed foam directional spray nozzles

    With referance to NFPA 16 edition 2019 section A.3.3.2 Discharge Device, The spray nozzles are described as following: "Spray nozzles are open, directional spray nozzles. Where supplies with an approved foam...
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  • Sprinkler protection in a cold warehouse

    How to sprinkler protect a cold warehouse :max. ceiling height of 17.8 m, max. storage height of 8 m.  Any advise to give?  Have anyone tried in-rack sprinklers in the cold warehouse? 
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  • Passenger Lift Pressurization

    Kindly advise if any, what NFPA regulation requires passenger lift pressurization inside a building that is fully sprinkler protected and the passenger lift shafts walls are 2 hour fire rated?
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  • Is Sprinkler required in Pump Room or Not?

    There is one 4 storied building using as garments factory. The building is protected with Fire Hydrant System.  My question is:  1. The pump room is outside of the main factory building and the pump room i...
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  • 9.3.3 2016 NFPA 20

    I have an electric fire pump whereby the contractor wants to use a diesel fire pump for the backup.  I don't know why and I've never seen a setup like this before.  Usually I always get electric fire pump wi...
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  • NFPA 13: 2013 Edition Location of Flex Couplings

    Clarification required regarding Code NFPA 13: 2013 Edition. In a multistorey building where 4" standpipe penetrates the landings on each floor which is constructed using 12" Floor Joists, a plywood subf...
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  • For a pressurized stairway, how to determine the design number of open doors.

    NFPA 92 version 2018 mentions that it is necessary that a staircase pressurization system should work with the "design number of open doors" open, but I can't find anywhere what this number should be.  There is a...
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  • Express mains to remote valves

    Hello,             The project I am currently working on requires that some of my dry valves and pre-action cabinets are not in the designated sprinkler room.  I am running express ...
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  • POTS line will not “kiss off” at the monitoring point

    I’m told that our Buildings Fire Alarm system has trouble communicating with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The problem description I was given is, “the POTS line will not “kiss-off” at ...
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  • Question on 211 code

    Hi Everyone,   I am purchasing a home and am having trouble finding specific codes under 211. My question is related to how stainless steel chimney liners should/should not be installed in an older masonry chimn...
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  • Nitrogen in a Wet System

    A vent is required in a sprinkler system at a high point to allow trapped air to be exhausted from the system, thus having less oxygen for the metal piping to react with. Thinking "out of the box" here, would it be he...
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  • Sprinklers system requirement for business occupants.???

    Group B located inside (not separated from) factory building ( Group F-2). Is it required to be covered by sprinklers system??, Note that factory should be covered by sprinklers system as per nfpa101 ?  See...
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  • Pump room sprinklers

    In a fully sprinklered building, is it the intent of the code not to have to sprinkler a pump room housing an electrical driven fire pump when the total encloser is 2hour rated?
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  • Funcionamiento de las conexiones de manguera

    Según la norma NFPA 14-2019: y 7.8.1, en un sistema clase I los límites de la presión residual deben estar entre 100 y 175 psi. ¿Para dar cumplimiento a lo anterior, la válvula...
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  • Fire Pump for high-rise buildings

    I have a questions. 1. My consultant have design fire pump supply sprinkler and fire hose Class III for high-rise buildings. And, They have the selection of fire pumps size 750 GPM - quantity 2 set for...
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