• Sprinkler requirments

    When is a sprinkler system required in a two story building? 1425 square feet on both floors and occupancy of 49 on each floor. Events may happen at the same time. It is a historical building. 
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  • Class I manual dry standpipe

    NFPA14§ states “Class I standpipe system shall be permitted to be automatic dry, automatic wet, semi-automatic dry, manual dry, or manual wet in buildings not classified as high-rise buildings”...
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  • Fire water tank filling duration

    Hello, I have a question regarding the filling duration of the fire water tank. In paragraph of the NFPA 22, it is mentioned that "the The water supply shall be capable of filling the minimum required fi...
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  • Sealing Inside Electrical Conduits Inside a FM-200 Rooms

    Hello, My name is Richard.   I am currently working in a FM-200 server room that isn't passing the fan pressurization test. The general contractor is stating that our conduits supplying a 120/208 100amp pan...
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  • What is the maxiumm slope a pendent head can be used on

    Have a slope that looks like it should have sidewall heads because it is almost vertical but has pendents installed
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  • Fire Protection Design Basis Study Reprot

    Hi Team,   My organisation requested a Fire Protection Design Basis Study report for the Fire Protection System. Where as the report identified with: Water Demand Calculations w.r.t to area considered Foam/Wat...
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  • Suggest Protection for warehouse

    There is warehouse of carbon black having height of storage 16 to  18 meters.the carbon black is stored in special type of bags and store on wooden pallets.I found in NFPA 13 support protection upto height of 12 ...
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  • NFPA 15 & 16

    Hello, my name is Martin. I'm currently working on fire fighting system designed to protect transformers on an offshore substation. I noticed that NFPA 15 is the only standard which decribes how a transforme...
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  • How can I get Residual point in the water supply graph?

    If I have a preexistent pump and it's necessary to verify it, it is correct to consider residual flow and residual pressure as 150% of nominal flow and his respective pressure? Or this point is the end of pump graph? ...
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  • Fire hydrant private network

    Good day, can an underground fire hydrant private network be used as the test manifold for a fire pumps that has a flow meter instead of installing a testing manifold. There are 3 hydrants on the network whi...
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  • FM 200 Pipe Line

    Hi Guys,   Just let me know, Can we pass the FM200 pipe line beside the cylinder for floor void.   Attached isometric for your reference.   Thanks,   Naqash
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  • NFPA 13 2019: Pipe Stand Components

    A question on pipe stands-installed per NFPA 13-2019 edition. To support valve headers, components, valves, backflow preventers, I understand you need to support the load with a stand of 2" sch. 40 pipe, of a maximum...
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  • FM 200 SYSTEM AFTER 2026

    Hi experts,   I heard FM 200 system is going to be obsolete from 2026 by IPCC, if this is correct can any one provide me with supporting documents or the report from IPCC.
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  • Is it necessary to install the bypass pipeline for bypassing the deluge valve in the Sprinkler Systems?

    are there requirements which it should install the bypass pipeline for bypassing the deluge valve in the Sprinkler Systems In the NFPA13 and NFPA15?
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  • MEC (Minimum extinguishing concentration) of FM200 in automatic painting room

    In the automatic painting room, what is the MEC shall be adopted for FM200 clean agent system? And what shall be the safety factor?
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  • Dry System couplings

    Is it Nfpa 13 code for dry systems that the couplings have a flush type gasket? In the 2010 edition it states the coupling and gasket shall be listed but I can not find anything stating the type of gasket to be used....
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  • How far is too far?

    Anyone have insight on how far a residence can be from a natural water source and still be able to use it in lieu of a cistern?
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  • Are sprinklers required beneath trampolines in indoor facilities?

    Looking for information or code related to trampoline parks, is there currently anything requiring sprinklers below the trampolines in the concealed space?
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  • Fire Hose Reel Line location in Sprinkler System

    Hi All,   Need confirmation re location of Hose Reel joint,  A- After Alarm Valve? B- Before Alarm valve.?   Regards,
    created by yousafimran_353
  • Storage occupancy

    Dear Guys milt.werner,   As per the attached drawings this is one of the Textile shop fit out inside the mall and inside shop the they are having a storage occupancy in Back of house area  Storage details ...
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