• Determining of Design Area in Hotel Building

    Hi,       i need expert opinion on subject mentioned, I m working in MEP contracting company as a mechanical engineer, I need to perform fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation for one of our pr...
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  • Fire water tank filling

    Fire water tank filling in 8 hour . Can we avoid this somehow?
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  • Indoor shooting range design considerations

    What specific NFPA code addresses these places... Thanks.
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  • Less Efficiency Fire Pump in when it run with 150%

    I have tested my ul listed diesel fire pump which is rated at 100% flow :pressure 152 psi  and at 150% flow: pressure 135 psi.  But during my testing i got 152 psi when it run with 100% flow. But at 150%, th...
    Md Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury
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  • Sprinkler Protection in Juice & Milk Factory

    I am designing fire protection system for Juice and Milk factory. I want to know that for the following location do we have to provide sprinkler protection.   1) Syrup Mixing Area. 2) Filling area for Milk and ...
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  • Coal Storage

    Hi. What reference material can be used for fire sprinkler system in coal storage.
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  • Is cross zoning of Detectors Recommended for Gas Suppression systems in NFPA 72 or any other code?

    Cross Zone Detection for Gas Suppression system. 
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  • driver sizing for fire pumps

    Hello, how do drivers for fire pumps in NFPA 20 sprinkler installations have to be sized correctly? Do the drivers have to be sized only up to the 150% of the rated flow or do the drivers have to be sized to the non-o...
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    Hello, I have many foam hose cabinets with 136 L 3% AFFF type each cabinet is supplied by 2.5" water pipe, I need to know the required water supply flow for each cabinet, can you help to find as i searched in NFPA...
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  • Interfacing of fire pump

    Hi guys, A factory has two buildings. Building A and Building B. Both buildings are separated from each other having a separate Fire Alarm System. For, the building B pump and standpipe system is recommended. But the...
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    As per Figure from NFPA 13-2019 the sprinkler deflector shall be parallel and aligned to the ceiling, how can this be applied at the site ?? and is it mandatory can`t I install it to be perpendicular t...
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  • NFPA 10 Question

    How does NFPA 10 relate to commercial/public campgrounds? Are fire extinguishers required to be placed among campsites the same way they would be in a school building or hospital?
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  • Modelling Concealed Sprinklers Using FDS

    While reading through the eleventh edition of the Automatic Sprinkler System Handbook, I stumbled upon Section A.3.6.1 which talks about general sprinkler characteristics.    In this section, the following ...
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  • Mixing Facility Protection

    I am designing a fire sprinkler system for a whiskey mixing facility, and was hoping you may be able to provide me with some guidance.   The facility is bringing in 95% pure bulk ethanol in totes to mix down to t...
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  • Why Juki Pump no need listed for Fire Protection System in Pump Room?

    Electrical pump shall be listed and Diesel pump shall be listed. But why Juki pump no need to be listed. And NFPA need Juki pump is 1 % of leakage or 1 % of fire pump or minimum sprinkler Gpm 
    Md Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury
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  • Fire pump motor listing requirements

    Is it the requirement of the NFPA standards to have UL listed fire pump motors or are the requirements for single phase motors identified solely in NFPA 20 9.5.2 through for compliance?     We are c...
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  • Large building sprinkler design

    We have a 400,000 sq ft single story bakery in the plan review process, my question is with a fully sprinklered building such as this would there be any requirement for them to add hose stations or firefighting connec...
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  • Corrective action for extinguisher with gauge slightly off center.

    What is the appropriate corrective action for a fire extinguisher with a gauge that is off center from the label? Is there an allowance for how far off center it can be?  I can not find anything in NFPA 10 that p...
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  • Water tank & pump for 13D system

    We are in the process of getting the civil drawings done for DC Water, my local utility. We are in the process of renovating my house.      We also decided to build a detached accessory d...
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  • Sizing Portable Fire Extuingsher

    Hi, I would like to get some help : which code used to sizing portable fire extuingsher VS to area of room to be protected.   thank you
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