• Air Compressors

    I'm looking for some information regarding UL listings and air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.  Is there a requirement for the air compressor to be UL listed for this use? I know the air maintenance devic...
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  • 13 D System

    Has anyone been asked/required to provide a sprinkler system for a prefabricated mobile unit approximately 499 S/F. It would  be classified in the Residential  Group R-1 and the units will be used for transi...
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  • Method of Battery Calculation for Fire Alarm System as per NFPA 72

    Hello all, I am looking for a clear method to complete battery calculation for a Fire Alarm System. As per NFPA 72 [2013], "The secondary power supply shall have sufficient capacity to operate the system under qu...
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  • Fire risk advisor for Oregon forest land

    This is a homeowner question: My adult son wants to buy 50+ acres in Oregon forest land. He wants to live there. Can he hire an advisor (e.g., a certified fire mitigation specialist) to advise him before he buys a sit...
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  • High Pressure Standpipe Main

    My scenario is below: 50 story condo-all concrete and steel 2 fire pumps in parallel on ground level 2 stairwells-both have floor control assemblies, 1 stairwell is for redundancy with all the valves and such. the...
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  • Elevator Heat Detector placement

    We recently upgraded an elevator in our detention center.  The elevator inspector has cited us for having the heat detectors too far away from the fire sprinklers in the shaft and the mechanical room.  ...
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  • LPG- Fire

    LPG Fire can be emulsified with water? how you can justify using a firewater system for LPG handling industries.
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  • Flushing Flow Rate

    What are the NFPA flushing rates for external (unburied or underground) pipes? I believe that they should be the same flushing flows proposed for underground pipes as contemplated in NFPA 24   Than you,#Flushin...
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    In hydraulic calculations (using software) we normally find the fire pump pressure requirement using farthest sprinkler as the reference point and than add hose stream allowance as per hazard requirement. I need some ...
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  • C1D1 Taping Threads

    In a C1D1 environment do you have to tape threads?  Or no?  A company I called, Appleton, said no.  They said to use Kwiko A or Chico A, sealing compound, but the threads can still cause a leak right?
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  • Classification of Indoor Grow Operation

    How would you classify an indoor (cannabis) plant grow room. Drywall & concrete. Plants are well watered in pots, sitting on palates covered in congregated metal. Lights are securely mounted with wire. Plants are ...
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  • Does zone control assembly is mandatory?

    In a project detection system is installed along with sprinkler system. So at that can is zone control is mandatory? Can anyone suggest as per codes?  Advance thanks.
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  • Installation Requirements for CMDA Sprinklers

    where can i found Installation Requirements for CMDA Sprinklers ?
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  • Can smoke detectors be installed as supervisory in a hotel room?

    Hello,   We have a hotel and we continue to receive several nuisance alarms in some of the rooms. The rooms have smoke detectors and are currently installed to alarm. I know duct detectors can be set to supervis...
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  • 13 or 13R

    Constantly get multi family / Hotels etc and architects calling for NFPA 13 instead of 13R often finding out that it only needed 13R and it seems the architects are applying 13 as a ways to cover their selves. I reali...
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  • Hydraulic Calculation for Private Network, Tank Size

    Hi,   I have a private fire network with fire tank, which has set of buildings not exceeding 2 floors (21 meters), we have combined fire network with manual hose cabinets and automatic sprinkler system in buildi...
  • Why is fire sprinkler water black, or dark? Watch the video to find out.

    Open video

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  • Tank Capacity - Sprinkler + Standpipe Hoses

    Good afternoon,   If I have a building with sprinkler system for the storages areas and a standpipe with hoses sistem for the rest. and the building have a external conexion for firefighters, do i need to consi...
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  • Releasing panel signal reporting (Alarm, trouble, supervisory)

    A releasing panel (pre-action, clean agent, etc) is located in a building with a required fire alarm system.    Does NFPA 72 permit this releasing panel to only be monitored by the main fire alarm control pa...
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  • Questions about Manual Station Used for Release Agents

    Dear everyone!  According to NFPA 2001, in my view, the standard request the manual station for release must have two distinct actions for realease (see below), only the two actions have satisfied simultane...
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