• Hydraulic Calculation for Private Network, Tank Size

    Hi,   I have a private fire network with fire tank, which has set of buildings not exceeding 2 floors (21 meters), we have combined fire network with manual hose cabinets and automatic sprinkler system in buildi...
  • Why is fire sprinkler water black, or dark? Watch the video to find out.

    Open video

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  • Tank Capacity - Sprinkler + Standpipe Hoses

    Good afternoon,   If I have a building with sprinkler system for the storages areas and a standpipe with hoses sistem for the rest. and the building have a external conexion for firefighters, do i need to consi...
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  • Releasing panel signal reporting (Alarm, trouble, supervisory)

    A releasing panel (pre-action, clean agent, etc) is located in a building with a required fire alarm system.    Does NFPA 72 permit this releasing panel to only be monitored by the main fire alarm control pa...
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  • Questions about Manual Station Used for Release Agents

    Dear everyone!  According to NFPA 2001, in my view, the standard request the manual station for release must have two distinct actions for realease (see below), only the two actions have satisfied simultane...
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  • Change in Occupancy (NFPA 101)

    I am trying to get to the bottom of an construction issue and was hoping to get some help.  Background This is occurring in a jurisdiction that has adopted NFPA 1 and 101. Significant construction project in whic...
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  • Fire Detection system for freezer cold room in the hotel kitchen

    Hi,   We have a project having cold stores room in the kitchen area storing various cooking needs (i.e., Vegetables, Meat, etc) sizing various from 9 sqm to 24 sqm. The freezer cold room storage temperature vari...
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  • Any research that shows that regular frequency smoke alarms with strobes are as effective to wake up people with mild hearing loss as low frequency audible? NFPA 72 A.

    RE: NFPA 72 A. I am unaware of any available low frequency smoke alarms.
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  • NFPA-13

    Please help me regarding in rack sprinkler system. which sprinkler type we use for in rack sprinkler system  sprinkler posation .according to NFPA
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  • Are fire pump houses required to have emergency power? The maintenance man at the local school said the temperature in the pump house dropped to 5 degrees the regular electric utility failed.

    Are pump houses required to be connected to emergency power? The maintenance man at the local school said the temperature in the pump house dropped to 5 degrees when regular utilities went out.
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  • Horse Riding Facility

    We wanted to know if a Category 2 Class A facility for horse riding requires heat detection. The roof line is very high and i am concerned about long term service.  NFPA150 states Fire alarms are r...
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  • Sprinklers in Scissor Stairs

    In a noncombustible construction stair shaft, NFPA 13, 2013, section states that "where noncombustible stair shafts are divided by walls or doors, sprinklers shall be provided on each side of the separation...
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  • Sprinklers for Corrosive liquids

    Hello Appologizes for my typos.English is not my mother tongue. I'm looking for information regarding the  competability of  water sprinklers for the storage of corrosive liquids such as Hydrochlor...
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  • NFPA 25 - Annual Fire water pump test- Acceptance criteria

    In NFPA 25 , regarding Fire water pump Annual Performance test, one of the acceptance criteria is specified as  pump performance shall be within 95% of the initial unadjusted field test curve. If the initial fiel...
  • Water Shields for Sprinklers at Highest Tier

    This refers to NFPA 13 (2019) para 25.3.5 on in-rack sprinkler water shields. Are sprinklers at the highest tier require to be provided with water shields? Understood the purpose of water shield is to protect the bulb...
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  • is it allowable to burry or pass sprinkler cross main pipe at below the floor in some part of a building?

    due to architectural considerations, the main pipe must pass under the floor in some part of the building, is it permitted? What are its requirements? is it possible to burry the pipe and backfilling? or it should pas...
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  • Fire Monitor Throw Requirement

    The NFPA Std 11, Sect.10.5.3 requires that “the distance from the monitor to the furthest extremity of protected area forward of the monitor shall not be more than 75% of the monitor throw in still air condition...
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  • Please suggest Fire Detection and Protection Facility required for Paint Manufacting Plant

    Resin based and Solvent based Paints are proposed to be manufactured in a new facility. Plant will be manufacturing Alkyd Resins, Polyester Resins, Epoxy Resins and others. There will be segregated storage for Incomin...
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  • Perfect Fry Machine Listed under UL 710B and by ETL

    Listed under UL197/UL710B -NFPA 96 states in 13.1.(6) "Fire Extinguishing Equipment complying with requirements of Chapter 10  with the exception of 10.1.1 & 10.5.1 which shall not apply." 1. Therefore A Typ...
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  • How many enclosures or rooms can be protected simultaneously as per NFPA2001?

    Dear everyone, as the NFPA2001 didn't give the specific discription about multi-zone system and did't use this phrase words such as "multi-zone" or "multi-room", but, according to the general comprehension about the s...
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