• Pressure Sense Lines

    Dear Sirs, please permit to formulate two questions regarding to Pressure Sensor Line for jockey Pump and Main Fire Pump. Is it mandatory in the standard to install the two check valve DN 15 mm (1/2")  with the ...
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  • Installing a FireRay 5000 Beam Detector

    Hi, this is my first time installing a beam detector, I have one FireRay 5000 Simplex (5000-103) to play around with. https://simplex-fire.com/en/us/DocumentsandMedia/4098-0042.PDF  I have some questions h...
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  • 2016 NFPA 76 Telecom Room Compartmentalization

    Would like to get 2 - hr rated Telecom (Lan) Rms' enclosure by way of Section 8.3: Compartmentalization, and Section 8.3 states: "The telecommunications facility shall be separated from other occupancies wit...
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    Looking for CODE Reference for FIRE-STOP for SMU wall and cement Floor Penetrations , Annular spacing, rated and non-rated walls.
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  • Regarding NFPA 303 in Fire Extinguisher walk distance

    I have a new customer that wants to get his marina into compliance as to his fire extinguisher program.  This dock has sections that come off a main dock and encompasses around 4000 ft.  Generally its p...
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  • Private Hydrant

    This is probably a dumb question,  I have an existing Country Club that is fully sprinklered with a remote FDC, my water supply is approximately  2000 feet away,  they are building a new 2 story pool h...
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  • NFPA 850, 2020 edition

    Hello, my name is Martin. With reference to the latest edition of NFPA 850 Chapter 6 & 9.  it seems that one of the various fire suppression systems mention under item and 9.7.9 is Foam-wate...
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  • how to protect an oil deposit?

    I must protect a structure where there are almost 20,000 liters of oil. This product is inside metal tanks (200 liters each) and plastic containers (5.000 litres each). I am using NFPA 11 2016 edition, but I cannot i...
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  • Hydraulic Calculation for Private Network, Tank Size

    Hi,   I have a private fire network with fire tank, which has set of buildings not exceeding 2 floors (21 meters), we have combined fire network with manual hose cabinets and automatic sprinkler system in buildi...
  • Obstruction Beam

    Dear I would like to consult you about an office with visible sky, which has a beam of 0.42 meters high generating an area of 0.8 meters wide and a length of approximately 30 meters (photos are sent), okay, leave sp...
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  • Two different occupancy building

    I have a question in regards to an existing building with two occupancy one is main occupancy group B division 2 and requires no sprinklers. The building has a assembly room which is classified as minor occupancy grou...
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  • NFPA 13 (2013) Section

    A sprinkler contractor has installed extended coverage sprinklers with the deflectors 16 inches below the concrete ceiling of a parking garage.  Construction is unobstructed.  They referenced NFPA 13 (2013) ...
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  • The storage period of the mixture of water and 3%AFFF?

    There is no fire water pump to supply water in an unmanned platform, so the platform used the foam fire-fighting system which the water and 3%AFFF is premixed. In the NFPA11, NFPA16 or other specifications, Whet...
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  • Water sprinkler system in Li-ion Battery ESS project

    In Li-ion battery energy storage system, it is recommended to install water sprinkler system as a fire protection measurement (NFPA 855).    But is there any risk of water eletrolyzed?If H2 generated, it ma...
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  • Depth of obstructions

    Is anyone aware about depth requirements of obstructions as it relates to figure (a) in NFPA 13?  I have an exit sign that is about 14"x14" approximately 16" away from a pendant head.  Based on the...
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  • NFPA 13D PEX

    Does  2019 13D mean that PEX is not allowed to be used if a house has an FDC? The local AHJ requires FDC's on single family homes, and I'm wondering if I am allowed to use PEX if the manufacturer gives me...
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  • NFPA 2001

    We have several older clean agent systems that our new inspector are failed because there is no disconnect switch per  As stated they are older systems, two were installed in 2009 and the other in 2006. ...
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  • Manual release requirements as per NFPA2001

    Dear, everyone! According to NFPA2001 clause (please see as follows), i understand that once we operate the manual control, the whole system will working forward completely. But i have the two que...
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  • NFPA 13 - Concealed spaces

    NFPA 2013 Section - uses the term limited access. Is there a definition for "limited access" or is left up to interpretation by the AHJ?   Thanks
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  • NFPA 13/2019  2:12 roof and cieling

    Good Morning, please in the NFPA 13 2019, have a Question, in the 14.2.3 (ESFR) it talks about a maximum slope of 2:12 for the roof and ceiling, but if I have larger slopes, I can place only the sprinkler pipe in...
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