• Minimum residual Pressure and flow at the remotest hydrant/monitor

    Greetings, I am designing the new fire water ringmain for a crude storage tanks facility and providing the new fire hydrants/monitors. Please guide me the following;   1) Which NFPA standard and section specify...
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    Hello Community   Aroom enclosing fire pumps is a room with roof, walls and hvac system or I can consider that description for a shelter (just roof without walls).   Sincerely DS
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    Dear Community   I want to know the following answers for the questions:   1. Is it necessary that pump room (room with roof, no walls) has sprinklers with foam?  2. Can these sprinklers with foam pr...
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  • FDC Pipe Size

    Hello,    I am looking for an official interpretation regarding NFPA 13's FDC Pipe Sizing Guidelines. gives contradictory and unclear guidance for this matter and I am in need of NFPA's interpretat...
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    As per NFPA 14 clause "For Class II systems, the minimum flow rate for the hydraulically most remote hose connection shall be 100 gpm (379 L/min)."   My question is whether we have to provide 100...
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  • Automatic detector Requirment

    Hi guys, Consider a shed having only roof is using for dining. All sides are open to enter and exit. Is it mandatory to have both automatic detector and Manual Call point or only manual call point is enough???
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  • EC sprinklers and concrete tee

    I would really appreciate someone answering this query.   Example Sprinkler - Tyco DS-2 11.2K dry barrel pendent   Could you please confirm or reject the following for compliance with the NFPA.   Baffle...
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  • The design sprinkler for warehouse.

    This is information for warehouse and goods storage as follow. -  The warehouse have sizing as 20 m x 160 m.   -  Ceiling storage high as 18 m. -  Storage high as not most than 6.5 m. (...
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  • Extending Unrequired Sprinkler System into Addition

    We are adding some work bays onto a repair garage that is classified as Special Purposes Industrial.  The existing garage has a sprinkler system installed during a rehab about 5 years ago, but I cannot find ...
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  • Regarding Battery Calculation as NFPA 72

    Hi guys, I am confused regarding the battery calculation of fire alarm & detection system. Few UL listed panel manufacturers provide a sample calculation in which in alarm condition they recommend to consider onl...
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  • NFPA 11

    According to NFPA 11 testing of Balanced Pressure Proportional System (BPPS) is possible with water instead of actual foam concentrate.   What are the requirements and criteria for the testing of BPPS System wit...
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  • Fire Pump Pressure Settings

    Dears, Kindly Help me to get Proper settings Based on my Below values I want to Know the Jockey Pump start and Stop Setting, Electric Pump start, diesel Pump start.   1500GPM Electric and Desiel Pump 50 GPM Jo...
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  • Can Class 2 standpipes and fire hose be utilized for clean-up and other industrial functions or must they be maintained exclusively for firefighting?

    I am working in a setting where industry wants to utilize clean-up hose for firefighting.  If it meets the size and flow requirements of a Class 2 standpipe and hose system, I advise that fire hose must be inspec...
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    I am designing sprinkler system. In the ceiling there are lots of beams creating obstruction for normal upright sprinkler. Beam depths are large enough that we cannot install the sprinklers below the beams.  Bea...
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  • Fire Pump Sequence Of Operations for Multiple Pumps

    In one of my project we have a requirement of 2500 gpm fire water flow. Instead of providing one 2500 gpm electrical pump and one 2500 gpm diesel pump we have provided 2 x 1250 gpm electrical pump and 2 x 1250 gpm die...
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  • Are large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, really provided?

    Hi. I wonder large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, are commonly provided in real world projects. I am not sure there are demands for such high capacity pumps in the industry. In my experi...
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  • figure clarification

    the section states sprinkler shall be positioned minimum 3x max column dimension and at the same time max of 24". if the column dimension is 2-ft, A dimension is over 24". can anyone please clarify this statement
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  • Encapsulated commodities

    Standard 13 2019 edition paragraph 3.3.64 gives the definition for encapsulation for combustible commodities. The question is does this definition apply to all commodity classes or is there another definition? Section...
  • When will someone read the question I asked 2 weeks ago?

    Is there a timeline when someone responds to these questions? 
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  • Reduced Pressure in Bucket Elevator

    I have been asked for the Pred (reduced pressure) value for a bucket elevator, whether it is single leg or twin leg. How would i go about acquiring this value?
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