• Fire Alarm Systems

    Hi  all, I am a beginner in the field of fire alarm systems . I had joined a company 3 months before that work on fire alarm systems .  I want to learn the basics of fire alarm systems . Can anyone tell me ...
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  • Installation standards of duct smoke detectors

    What all are the standards need to follow for the installation of duct smoke detectors
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  • Smoke Detectors in Public Restrooms

    Is there any requirement in NFPA 72 that indicate smoke detectors can be exempted in public restrooms (no shower or tub) under certain floor area size in buildings requiring total (complete) coverage, for example, in ...
  • Are sprinklers required for outside dinning if non combustible projection

    We have a single story stand alone building under 5,000 sq ft with an A-2 occupancy. the building is non-combustible construction and has a roof projection of approximately 7'-0. during the design it was determined th...
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  • Sprinkler hydraulic calculation

    Hi,   NFPA 13-2019 version clause Fire pump room design density shall be 10.2 mm/min. In a G+4 building fire pump room is located at basement. At fourth floor the furthest sprinkler design density is...
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  • Question about UL 2775 and NFPA 2010 (Fixed Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing Systems)

    Regarding for Class A Wood cribs Extinguishing test in UL 2775 sec. 49.2 (or NFPA 2010) The UL 2775 test method is very different with UL 2166 or 2127 (Halocarbon Clean Agent or Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems), wood...
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  • Sprinkler Heads in Produce Warehouse: Corrosion Resistant And Wax Coated?

    If you are in a warehouse setting distributing produce, shouldn't you have sprinkler heads which are corrosion resistant and  coated with wax? I appreciate your feedback
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  • Updated Sequence of Operations & Drawings

    when our fire alarm service company, who is the proprietary vendor for the product we use, makes changes, it is my understanding that they are required to provide an updated sequence or operations for the system and u...
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  • Sprinkler heads in exhaust ducts - inspection

    Is there an NFPA standard that requires sprinkler heads inside exhaust stacks to be inspected?  NFPA 25 only requires inspection from the ground. #painted heads in ducts #sprinkler heads in exhaust stacks
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    Good morning, I have a question about a patio/beer garden, it is basically a fenced area outside the establishment with correct egress and everything is in order with the question to whether an audible fire alarm is ...
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  • Ordinary Hazard

    Good Day....   I have a project in Bahrain....The consultant is insisting to provide hydraulic calculation based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard group 4) & selection of fire pump based on OH 4 (ordinary hazard...
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  • Operable Fresh Air Intakes

    NFPA 96 - Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations I have a restaurant on the first floor of a three story building.  The exhaust fan terminates on a side wall at the first f...
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  • Water mist system vs Lithium metal

    Hi, Does anyone know if water mist fire suppression system can be used on lithium metal (not lithium ion)? If not, Is CO2 could be a better option, in this case? Which fire suppression system type would be the most...
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  • What is the difference between one control panel EN 12845 and one NFPA 20

    EN 12845 control panel vs NFPA 20 Control panel
  • Fire Pump Controller

    Dear Sirs, one question, I have received this technical characteristic from One Control Panel for Fire Pump A Isolator Switch (SI) , Fuse Protection and Contactor (F, K), please note that this panel does not have cir...
  • Paintball Uses

    We have potential new tenant going into a sprinklered building.  It's use is an Indoor Paintball Gaming Field.  How can I protect my sprinkler heads, or don't I ??
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  • Smoke Management Test procedures

    Hi Please advise the advise the procedures for performing the smoke testing in car park (basement floors)   We are in the processing performing the smoke test for the car park ventilation system installed in th...
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  • Balcony Notification

    NFPA 72: Has anyone found a reference that requires the balcony of a high rise to have notification?
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  • NFPA 22 (2018) - Manholes in the fire tank screwed steel, 1 or 2?

    Hello, the NFPA 22 standard in point indicates the necessity of installing two manholes. But in all drawings there is one hatch> eg in Fig. B.1 (n). Please, let me know if some record that allows the insta...
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  • calculating the suction tank net capacity in NFPA 22 (2018 edition)

    calculating the suction tank net capacity in NFPA 22 (2018 edition) There is a contradiction between the following two items in calculating the suction tank net capacity: - item 4.1.4: it is the number of ...
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