• Fire Pump Pressure Settings

    Dears, Kindly Help me to get Proper settings Based on my Below values I want to Know the Jockey Pump start and Stop Setting, Electric Pump start, diesel Pump start.   1500GPM Electric and Desiel Pump 50 GPM Jo...
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  • Can Class 2 standpipes and fire hose be utilized for clean-up and other industrial functions or must they be maintained exclusively for firefighting?

    I am working in a setting where industry wants to utilize clean-up hose for firefighting.  If it meets the size and flow requirements of a Class 2 standpipe and hose system, I advise that fire hose must be inspec...
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    I am designing sprinkler system. In the ceiling there are lots of beams creating obstruction for normal upright sprinkler. Beam depths are large enough that we cannot install the sprinklers below the beams.  Bea...
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  • The design sprinkler for warehouse.

    This is information for warehouse and goods storage as follow. -  The warehouse have sizing as 20 m x 160 m.   -  Ceiling storage high as 18 m. -  Storage high as not most than 6.5 m. (...
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  • Fire Pump Sequence Of Operations for Multiple Pumps

    In one of my project we have a requirement of 2500 gpm fire water flow. Instead of providing one 2500 gpm electrical pump and one 2500 gpm diesel pump we have provided 2 x 1250 gpm electrical pump and 2 x 1250 gpm die...
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  • Are large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, really provided?

    Hi. I wonder large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, are commonly provided in real world projects. I am not sure there are demands for such high capacity pumps in the industry. In my experi...
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  • figure clarification

    the section states sprinkler shall be positioned minimum 3x max column dimension and at the same time max of 24". if the column dimension is 2-ft, A dimension is over 24". can anyone please clarify this statement
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  • Encapsulated commodities

    Standard 13 2019 edition paragraph 3.3.64 gives the definition for encapsulation for combustible commodities. The question is does this definition apply to all commodity classes or is there another definition? Section...
  • Extending Unrequired Sprinkler System into Addition

    We are adding some work bays onto a repair garage that is classified as Special Purposes Industrial.  The existing garage has a sprinkler system installed during a rehab about 5 years ago, but I cannot find ...
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  • When will someone read the question I asked 2 weeks ago?

    Is there a timeline when someone responds to these questions? 
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  • Reduced Pressure in Bucket Elevator

    I have been asked for the Pred (reduced pressure) value for a bucket elevator, whether it is single leg or twin leg. How would i go about acquiring this value?
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  • Fire Protection Engineer, US Army Corps, Poland

    Hello Folks,   We’re working on a US Army Corps project over in Poland and have been installing fire protection systems through another subcontractor but we’re having some logistical issues with ...
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    We have a water spray system on an oil rig supplied from a fire pump. The fire pump takes water from the sea. We have installed a main pipeline strainer between the pump and the water spray system as th...
  • NFPA 22 Tank Refilling and Duration

    NFPA 22, Edition 2018, Section states that "The water supply shall be capable of filling the minimum required fire protection volume within the tank in a maximum of 8 hours" and at the same time Section 14.4.3...
  • Selection of correct pipe MOC for Sprinkler

    FM Global – from Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-1 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems (October 2017) – Do not use galvanized pipe in a wet system With reference to above point, i was i...
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  • Flow distribution in a combined system and PRV

    A question that has always flummoxed me is the use of Pressure reducing valves before individual zone control valve assemblies below 12.1 bar (175psi). I am going to quote an arbitrary example below so that my peers r...
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    Hi, needing help in solving this problem.   Based on NFPA 14 : 1 standpipe can operate maximum flow rate at 379 l/min and for our plant the total standpipe needed is 7 based on theoretical demand rate on each eq...
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  • Fire pump inlet strainer for Lagoons

    . Hi, At present we have two 500,000 gallon open lagoons for fire sprinkler water. At present we have drained down these for cleaning and inspection. One of the reservoirs has 2 bulbous 12" strainers at the suction ...
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  • Spare capacity in SLC as per NFPA 72

    Hi guys, I know that in accordance with NFPA 72, 20% spare capacity for every Loop/SLC is required? But I don't know the reference. Can anyone mention the reference if I am correct? If I am wrong please also mention it.
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  • No Test Header and/or “Booster Pumps”.

    Hi there,      This is a two scenario question.  1. In an existing building with no fire pump test header, is it permissible to use Standpipe /  2 1/2” Fire Hose Cabinet valves to cond...
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