• What is the difference between a sprinkler design and a sprinkler installation, to what extent does each person's responsibility

    #In a sprinkler design already reviewed by the Design Engineer, can the installer add more sprinklers to the system without letting the designer know? Or it is the designer who should review this new owner requirement...
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  • Water supply for Sprinkler system plus Outside Hose

    I have a question about the selection of pump capacity and water tank size,    As per my requirement, water demand for sprinkler system will be 1400gpm plus 250gpm for outside hose = 1650 gpm...
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  • Recommended Testing Point for Firepump

    At which point is it recommended to perform a fire pump performance test: 1) At the furthest point of the system 2) At the fire pump Can anyone answer this? Thanks
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  • Fire Pump/Underground water storage tank

    Anyone have any suggestions on a fire pump being located inside a building and 70000 gallon tank under a building.There is no direct access into the room. Everything I am seeing is that the room needs to be 2 hr rated...
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  • Max. height from floor of sprinkler heas

    I'm design a terminal OH2 and height of sprinkler head in one part of grid is up to 9.7 m! How can I proceed? May be to upgrade at HH1?
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  • Classification around digester gas storage

    Classification around digester gas storage: NFPA 820-2020 calls for Division 1 within 3m around digester gas storage tanks, valve, etc. However, there is no requirements on Division 2.  NEC specifies that there...
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  • max. allowance of sprinkler head by floor on OH group!

    I'm working on sprinkler system of one airport terminal, my problem is that the height of sprinkler head in some part of grid goes up to 9.7 m from the floor. The system is calculated with OH2 group. May need to upgra...
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  • What is a sprinkler system break? (NFPA 13)

    In NFPA 13 (2019) point or errata 13-19-2 point specifies "Draft curtains separating ESFR sprinklers at system breaks or (...) shall be permitted."   Is a system break the space between two...
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  • Residential  FDC

    Do residential sprinklers require a 1 1/2" IDC FOR Duplexes?
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  • Two Valve Low Point Drains on Dry Systems

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  • Beam spacing clarification for smoke detectors nfpa 72

    Need clarification on NFPA-72, section for beam pockets and waffle type beam configurations.   it says beam spacing greater or less than 40%...is this beam spacing referring to both width and length...
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  • Sprinkler system and standpipe

    We have a main public firefighting pipe in the site (Yard) that fed by fire pumps and fire hydrants are mounted on this pipe. The (residential) buildings in the site are equipped with sprinkler and class II...
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  • NFPA 15 - Open Nozzle Discharge Test for Operational Building

    I've got an existing operational industrial building that will have a new sprinkler system installed. As per NFPA 15-2017, Section, the spray nozzles must be tested. Read verbatim: The water ...
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  • Is it acceptable to use CPVC piping in the Fire Sprinkler Riser.

    The contractor wants to use a 1.5"CPVC pipe from where the domestic water (Copper pipe) splits off and  through the riser that includes the check valve, flow switch and pressure gauge.
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  • NFPA 10 Form for Mobile / Tablet

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    I wanted to share this great tool for mobilizing the NFPA eforms: https://docspace.io  You can fill out the NFPA10 forms on your mobile or tablet device. Plus it adds additional functiona...
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  • Solid unit load of nonexpanded plastic, voids of air.

    According to table 21.3.3(b) we can protect a solid unit load of nonexpanded plastics. In definition point 3.3.200 we can read: "Solid Unit Load of Nonexpanded Plastic (Either Cartoned or Exposed). A load that does no...
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  • Our building has a Nibco F-908-W swing check valve installed downstream from the fire pump between the input to the standpipes. Does NFPA give any specification on leak rate for that valve as specified in MSS SP-71?

    Our building has a Nibco F-908-W swing check valve installed downstream from the fire pump between the input to the standpipes. Does NFPA give any specification on leak rate for that valve as specified in MSS SP-71? O...
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    Hello, i have a question about dry fire extinguish system. Can i use dry chemical extinguish sprinklers on the car parking?
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  • What is the largest size of branch line permitted with a standard upright directly installed?

    Example: 3” line with K17 upright 
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  • Spacing of heat detectors

    Translated with google traductor: In accordance with NFPA72 2013, Table indicates that the spacing of heat detectors must be reduced according to that table before any additional reductions are made fo...
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