• Foam sprinkler system Design

    Dear all ,    Sub : Foam sprinkler system Design:    one of my ongoing project , Foam water sprinkler system is required to protect the generator area of 675 square meter . as per NFPA 16 ,Design...
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  • DIYer: I need NFPA-13D insight/design(er), please.

    Hello, NFPA community! Here are the facts of my situation: I'm a homeowner in central Ohio finishing out my own 1600 sq ft basement (legally permitted, of course) in a single-story, single-family dwelling (built '95)....
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    Is there any specific reason not to use abort switches on carbon dioxide system as per NFPA-12 "Abort switches shall not be used on carbon dioxide systems."
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  • NFPA 96 and Solid Fuel Cooking/Fixed water pipe with hose

    I am looking for the interpretation of NFPA 96 Chap 14 for solid fuel cooking. I understand the requirements regarding size of the fire box and the installation of a water hose. My question is, Is the hose used for fi...
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  • Class I: landing valve at roof

    As per NFPA-14 section 7.3.2* “(5) *At the highest landing of stairways with stairway access to a roof, or on roofs with a slope of less than 4 in 12 where stairways do not access the roof”   My quest...
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  • Fire Protection for Palm Oil Production Facilities

    These kind of facilities have many processes to produce some products that are very flammable (oils and flour). Also Oils are  storaged in tanks and flour in warehouses. How can I protect this kind of occupancy?...
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  • Water flow exterior notificatin devices

    Dear NFPA Member,   NFPA 13-2020 Paragraph 7.7 Water Alarm Devices states "Waterflow alarm devices shall be listed for service and so constructed and installed that any flow of water from a sprinkler system...
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  • 6" nominal transverse flue width

    If a rack storage array can guarantee well-defined, vertically-aligned 3-in. transverse flue spaces (e.g., through physical flue stops, etc.), does this meet the intent of what NFPA 13 is ultimately (and technically) ...
  • NFPA 130:2014 UPS and Battery Room

    NFPA 130:2014 protection for battery and UPS Room   Dear Sirs. in my understanding of the NFPA:130: 2014, you shall to protect against fire (clean agent gas) the critical system for Metro, for example; signaling...
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  • Minimum required flow & pressure for 1 inch (25 mm) hose reel

    As per NFPA 14 - 2016 section, 1" hose reel is allowed for Class II hose cabinets and accordingly we are using this type in our project. Our designer take the minimum flow rate as 6.34 GPM (0.4 l/s), minimum p...
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  • Adjusted Flow and Pressure

    Do I really need to reflect the adjusted flow and pressure based on actual speed in the Fire pump test report? or we just need to reflect the actual data we gathered.   One of our consultant show the calcul...
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  • Wet valve location

    Good morning, I'm writing to ask for the following clarification: the control valve of a wet system can be installed inside the protected area by the sprinkler system? (specifically insiede the warehouse area). Thank ...
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  • NFPA 20 2019 Question

    In Chapter 9 Arc-resistant equipment shall be permitted.   What type of equipment, somebody could help me given a photo o reference of this type of equipment.
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  • Fire Protection requirement for Conveyor Belts

    I have a question regarding the requirements to protect conveyor belts. Is there any requirement for fire protection of conveyor belt other than NFPA that are regarding coal mines? I want to know whether NFPA have th...
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  • Is there any requirement in NFPA 72 to provide a layout drawing next to the FACU?

    Hi..I am currently working on a project for school buildings and the AHJ here is requesting that I provide layouts for drawings right next to the FACU. Now normally thats not really a problem. But the issue that I'm f...
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  • Regarding pressure reducing valve

    1. As per NFPA 20 " The net pump shutoff (churn) pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure, adjusted for elevation, shall not exceed the pressure for which the system components are rated.* Pre...
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  • Maximum working pressure

    1. As per NFPA 20 " The net pump shutoff (churn) pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure, adjusted for elevation, shall not exceed the pressure for which the system components are rated." My questio...
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  • What NFPA standard other than NFPA30 should we refer for designing of fire protection of aboveground solvent storage tank?

    There are 5-7 solvent tanks in one project which are designed as per NFPA 30. Now which NFPA standard should we refer for the designing of fire protection of these tanks? 
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  • Gas Control Valve Location

    NFPA 17A states that a gas control valve for a wet chemical suppression system must be in an accessible location. I understand that this means the device must be accessible without removing or altering building elemen...
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  • Storage of Liquids in Underground Tanks

    Dear Community,   I wonder, which code or table is require to determine a distans from  Storage of Liquids (Fuel) in Underground Tanks to school or any public buildings?
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