• Selection of correct pipe MOC for Sprinkler

    FM Global – from Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-1 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems (October 2017) – Do not use galvanized pipe in a wet system With reference to above point, i was i...
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  • Flow distribution in a combined system and PRV

    A question that has always flummoxed me is the use of Pressure reducing valves before individual zone control valve assemblies below 12.1 bar (175psi). I am going to quote an arbitrary example below so that my peers r...
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    Hi, needing help in solving this problem.   Based on NFPA 14 : 1 standpipe can operate maximum flow rate at 379 l/min and for our plant the total standpipe needed is 7 based on theoretical demand rate on each eq...
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  • Fire pump inlet strainer for Lagoons

    . Hi, At present we have two 500,000 gallon open lagoons for fire sprinkler water. At present we have drained down these for cleaning and inspection. One of the reservoirs has 2 bulbous 12" strainers at the suction ...
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  • Spare capacity in SLC as per NFPA 72

    Hi guys, I know that in accordance with NFPA 72, 20% spare capacity for every Loop/SLC is required? But I don't know the reference. Can anyone mention the reference if I am correct? If I am wrong please also mention it.
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  • No Test Header and/or “Booster Pumps”.

    Hi there,      This is a two scenario question.  1. In an existing building with no fire pump test header, is it permissible to use Standpipe /  2 1/2” Fire Hose Cabinet valves to cond...
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    In an storage area (storage material will be plastic bottles for juice and milk) we have to provide sprinkler system. Although, the storage hazard is light but client is asking for sprinkler system. The ceiling height...
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  • NFPA 15 Question* Steel pipe with wall thicknesses less than Schedule 30 [in pipe sizes 8 in. (200 mm) and larger] or Schedule 40 [in pipe sizes less than 8 in. (200 mm)] shall not be joined by threaded fittings. ...
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  • Fire Panel Dialer communication

    Need to know the newest requirements on POTS line vs Radio communication for a fire panel dialer. Whats the required way that my fire panels should be using in today's requirements.
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  • Sprinklers system requirement for business occupants.???

    Group B located inside (not separated from) factory building ( Group F-2). Is it required to be covered by sprinklers system??, Note that factory should be covered by sprinklers system as per nfpa101 ?  See...
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  • NFPA 25; Flow Test

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  • Design vs Code

    In NFPA 72 does it say anything about inspecting by design or by code?
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  • NFPA 20 - - Automatic Shutdown After Automatic Start

    Good Day    I need an explanation of the following: 1. How the system will automatically knowns that the reasons for the starting of the pump is present or not? is it based on the closure of all valves and...
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  • Definition of Branchline vs Cross mains

    We have been told that any branchlines that splits off to serve another another branchline supplying more than a single sprinkler is then defined as a "crossmain" and no longer is a branchline regardless of size, howe...
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  • Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency

    #Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency   NFPA 25H 2017 Internal inspection of valves that can be reset without removal of a faceplate shall be permitted to be conducted every ...
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  • Fire Protection system design

    Greetings all,  What's the hands-down best one-stop-shop software for the design of fire protection systems and why your choice?
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  • Foam Sprinkler Test connection

    Dear all ,    Good Day ,    one of the ongoing project , i have to provide a test connection for periodic inspection in Foam sprinkler system main riser after the proportioner. my basic...
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  • Jockey Pump Controller Listing

    Hi guys, Please have a look at NFPA 20 (version 2013) article, 4.25.5 Piping and Components for Pressure Maintenance Pumps: So, the jockey pump controller shall be listed or not? to me, those lines seem self-confl...
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  • Pipe Size - Hydraulic Calculation

    Dear All, Is it possible to use DN150 pipe size for the sprinkler over 275 pcs of sprinkler by using Hydraulic Calculation? Hazard Classification is Ordinary.    Can you please share any reference fro...
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  • Storage with 3:12 Pitch Roof

    I have a customer who ordered a premanufactured steel building.  This building is for the storage of solid timber (Class III) commodity, stored in an unheated building 112' X 310'.  The slope of the cei...
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