• Has anyone designed a system for a lazer tag arena?

    Lazer tag arena need to verify correct design
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  • Installing sprinklers in a residential suite of a non-sprinklered strip mall. What code applies?

    We have been asked to look at installing sprinklers on the second floor of a dental office that is part of a larger non-sprinklered strip mall, where the owner is wishing to renovate as a residential suite. (Canada by...
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  • Factor K for Sprinkler foam-water System

    Hello I would like your opinion about this case please.     According NFPA 13 2019 9.4.4 Sprinklers shall be with minimun nominal K factors of K=5.6.   According NFPA 16 2019 7.6.1 Sprinkler...
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  • Fire pump test

    Fire pump test. Maximum positive suction pressure 72 psi 1250 gpm @ 65 psi 150% gpm @ 56 psi Testing at 100% of rated pressure gives 60 psi Discharge / -5 psi suction. So a net of 65 psi @ 1250 gpm. It is impossible t...
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  • NFPA 291 Calculating Rated Capacity at 20 psi

    Hi, I am new to the NFPA 291 code. Please I need some clarification on the fomula for discharge at specified residual pressure /calculating rated capacity at 20 psi (i.e.   For instance: static = 100ps...
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  • Air Bleeders on Dry Standpipe Systems

    Are air bleeders required to be installed on dry standpipe systems?  I cannot find any code which requires them.  Does anyone know where I can find this information?
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  • Indoor shooting range design considerations

    What specific NFPA code addresses these places... Thanks.
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  • 5 year Internal Inspection / Annual Inspection

    When performing a 5 year internal inspection on a wet/dry fire sprinkler system, is it required to perform all items which are included for the annual inspection, and then so the 5 year internal is accepted as the ann...
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  • Toilet Fire Detection

    hello    what kind of fire detection is used in toilet areas for above and below fall ceiling. can anyone reply with NFPA 72 reference   br sebin
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    Hi  What is the standard size and length of Fire Hose Reel or Class II Hose Reel System? Where exactly is this mentioned in NFPA standard?   As per my knowledge Fire Hose Reel standard is 25mm dia and 30mt...
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  • Additional Hydraulic Calcs for Prescriptive Pipe Sizing Method

    When showing compliance for a new Fire Sprinkler system of a Single Family Home, Multipurpose wet-pipe system using the Prescriptive Pipe Sizing method referenced in NFPA 13D and the CPC-section 612.0, are any other p...
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  • fire suppression detection

    If the room protected by a fire suppression system has a beam pocket, it is required/mandatory to provide Z1 & Z2 detector in any case?
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  • Water tank & pump for 13D system

    We are in the process of getting the civil drawings done for DC Water, my local utility. We are in the process of renovating my house.      We also decided to build a detached accessory d...
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  • Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency

    #Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency   NFPA 25H 2017 Internal inspection of valves that can be reset without removal of a faceplate shall be permitted to be conducted every ...
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  • Spare capacity in SLC as per NFPA 72

    Hi guys, I know that in accordance with NFPA 72, 20% spare capacity for every Loop/SLC is required? But I don't know the reference. Can anyone mention the reference if I am correct? If I am wrong please also mention it.
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  • Selection of correct pipe MOC for Sprinkler

    FM Global – from Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-1 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems (October 2017) – Do not use galvanized pipe in a wet system With reference to above point, i was i...
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  • Are large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, really provided?

    Hi. I wonder large fire pumps, 4500 gpm or 5000 gpm split case horizontal, are commonly provided in real world projects. I am not sure there are demands for such high capacity pumps in the industry. In my experi...
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  • Commodity Classification (Class IV vs. Group A) NFPA 13

    I have a storage arrangement that has been difficult to classify. Many of my colleagues have drawn different conclusions for a variety of reasons.   The storage arrangement in question is raw potatoes in pl...
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  • Dual PRVs on a fire pump?

    The hospital in my city is planning on replacing their fire pump. One of the fire protection engineers on the project asked if we require dual PRVs. He said subs city/towns require dual PRVs. I couldn’t find any...
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  • When will someone read the question I asked 2 weeks ago?

    Is there a timeline when someone responds to these questions? 
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