• Two different occupancy building

    I have a question in regards to an existing building with two occupancy one is main occupancy group B division 2 and requires no sprinklers. The building has a assembly room which is classified as minor occupancy grou...
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  • NFPA 13 (2013) Section

    A sprinkler contractor has installed extended coverage sprinklers with the deflectors 16 inches below the concrete ceiling of a parking garage.  Construction is unobstructed.  They referenced NFPA 13 (2013) ...
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  • The storage period of the mixture of water and 3%AFFF?

    There is no fire water pump to supply water in an unmanned platform, so the platform used the foam fire-fighting system which the water and 3%AFFF is premixed. In the NFPA11, NFPA16 or other specifications, Whet...
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  • Water sprinkler system in Li-ion Battery ESS project

    In Li-ion battery energy storage system, it is recommended to install water sprinkler system as a fire protection measurement (NFPA 855).    But is there any risk of water eletrolyzed?If H2 generated, it ma...
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  • Depth of obstructions

    Is anyone aware about depth requirements of obstructions as it relates to figure (a) in NFPA 13?  I have an exit sign that is about 14"x14" approximately 16" away from a pendant head.  Based on the...
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  • NFPA 2001

    We have several older clean agent systems that our new inspector are failed because there is no disconnect switch per  As stated they are older systems, two were installed in 2009 and the other in 2006. ...
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  • Manual release requirements as per NFPA2001

    Dear, everyone! According to NFPA2001 clause (please see as follows), i understand that once we operate the manual control, the whole system will working forward completely. But i have the two que...
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  • NFPA 13 - Concealed spaces

    NFPA 2013 Section - uses the term limited access. Is there a definition for "limited access" or is left up to interpretation by the AHJ?   Thanks
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  • NFPA 13/2019  2:12 roof and cieling

    Good Morning, please in the NFPA 13 2019, have a Question, in the 14.2.3 (ESFR) it talks about a maximum slope of 2:12 for the roof and ceiling, but if I have larger slopes, I can place only the sprinkler pipe in...
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  • Double interlock preaction system - full building coverage

    Are there any occupancy restrictions where a double interlock preaction system may be used?  For example, could an entire hospital (Institutional) provide sprinkler coverage with a preaction system?  It appe...
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  • Fire Protection requirement for Conveyor Belts

    I have a question regarding the requirements to protect conveyor belts. Is there any requirement for fire protection of conveyor belt other than NFPA that are regarding coal mines? I want to know whether NFPA have th...
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  • Wireless Fire System Monitoring - The Way To Go?

    How common are wireless fire monitoring systems & what are advantages & disadvantages? We're a townhome community & we've heard some negative stories.
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  • Underground piping requirements as per NFPA

    Hi All Its Istiaque from Bangladesh. In one project where from fire pump room to building fire main pipe have to run beneath the ground, I have read in some articles that microbiologically influences corrosion happens...
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  • How many enclosures or rooms can be protected simultaneously as per NFPA2001?

    Dear everyone, as the NFPA2001 didn't give the specific discription about multi-zone system and did't use this phrase words such as "multi-zone" or "multi-room", but, according to the general comprehension about the s...
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  • Fire Sprinkler Systems "Tiny House"

    Has anyone ever been required to sprinkler a rental Tiny House.A local developer is planning to develop a 405 space RV Park that will include some 499 s/f manufactured Tiny Homes as overnight rentals. All are on fixed...
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  • Stable Liquid as per NFPA -30

    As per NFPA-30, Table location of above ground storage tanks storing stable liquids is provided. Please let me know what is the meaning of stable liquid? and from where I can find out for a particular liqu...
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  • How to design the "Dirt Trap" expressed in NFPA2001?

    Hello, everyone, good day! As the new provisions as NFPA 2001 (2018) stated as follows, I  have two comfusions regarding when designing, firstly,how many locations should be arranged for pipe network sy...
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  • Hops

    What commodity would you consider hops?
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  • Question about "Zones"

    I have a job, its updating sensors, wiring and FACP, it currently has 8 zones and old IDC stuff. They want everything new, and also they want a FACP with 10 or 12 zones.    I have a new SImplex FACP 4007-91...
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  • Residential Sprinkler Remote Areas per NFPA 13

    We have a project that is a hotel. Typical floors have small residential hotel dwelling units that require between two and three residential sprinklers for adequate coverage per the sprinkler Listing Criteria and NFPA...
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