• Can Fire Alarm Device Back Boxes Be Painted

    I know painted the devices (initiating and notification) is not allowed. Are the back-boxes they are mounted to allowed to be painted? I can't find anything other than the typical "Devices must be installed per manu...
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  • protection against sea blast corrosion of fire wire

    Good day Forum   Do you have any recommendations for fire rated wires to be used in an area experiencing heavy sea blast? the bare copper connections are turning black and corroding.   thank you.
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  • Fire Protection Loop Sectional Failure

    Good day,   Could anyone please provide son guidance on why this underground section collapsed? This is one of the connections from the 8” loop to a riser system which services a sprinkler branch....
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  • While podium construction clearly allows two separate sprinkler systems (NFPA-13 and -13R) below and above a 3-hour horizontal slab, can both types of systems be combined in a single building without a podium?

     This is regarding a new clubhouse/apartment building in New York state.  There will be a 2-hour use group separation between the A-3 Clubhouse and the R-2 apartment building.
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  • Sprinkler Calculation - Safety Factor

    Good Morning All,   I would like to ask, when you calculate flow (base calculation) do you include coefficient or excess?   For example: CMDA 0.30gpm/ft2 (12.2 mm/min) x 2500 ft2 (232 m2) = approxim...
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  • deluge system

    hi engineer i have deluge system for extinguishing and i want to know is there specific area  for deluge valve. i mean the maximum area can coverage by deluge valve. thanks 
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  • Is it correct to install Jockey pump in between main fire pumps

    Hi, In fire water pump house the general installation of big fire water pumps is one side and the jockey pump is on another corner even if we take the suction from the same header and th...
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  • NFPA 13,Highrise Apartment Building

    Hello to every one,i have a question that if a Highrise Apartment building has sprinkler system just in area out side apartments.Is it enough as per NFPA 13?or all apartments of highrise building required sprinkler in...
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  • FW control valves provision for LPG Multi-container installation

    If we have an LPG multi-container installation what is the best way to provide the fire water control valves, individual to every container or consider it as a group and provide one control valve for all the cont...
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  • if the fabric passed test number 2 (NFPA 101 & 701) , will it be fire rated for 1hr or 2hr or ……?

    While designing out door parking Car shade-  steel Canopy which contain a fabric as a shade - its required for the fabric to pass test 1 or test 2 according to NFPA 101, NFPA 701.  But its not mentioned how...
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  • Self-Storage Pods and Sprinkler Protection?

    Hey all, I am looking for guidance on the issue of self-storage containers and how to protect them or how you've dealt with them (fellow AHJ's.).   The applicant has submitted for protection of 8' high (stacked...
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  • Fire Hydrants Max Pressure

    We are designing a fire service main to provide water for hydrants and for some buildings in a complex. The limitation pressure will be set by hose cabinets within one of the buildings. As this complex will be very la...
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  • Dry chemical ABC fire extinguisher question

    I understand the monthly inspection, the vague annual maintenance checkup, the 6 year recharging and the 12 year pressure testing requirements for dry chemical fire extinguishers.  The monthly inspection makes lo...
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  • A listed sprinkler with their Protection Height.

    According to UL listed. Most of sprinkler was listed at 13.7 m in height from ground.   But today we also have ASRS that very tall more than 40 m. How do we select the sprinkler? I know that we need to install ...
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  • LPG Filling Hall

    In which zone does the LPG filling hall come under?     Please support your answers with any particular standard and mention the details which will be much use to me.
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  • Fire protection in Generator room.

    According to NFPA 110 that recommend Pre-action system to be protected in Generator room.   and shall not be used CO2 , Dry powder in this room.   I'm not sure why NFPA said like that??   Why we can'...
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  • Bathrooms in NFPA 13R

    In NFPA 13R you are only required to provide fire sprinklers in a bathroom if it is over 55 Square Feet. When calculating the square feet of the space do you include the bathtub/shower area in the calculation or not.&...
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  • Fire sprinkler in elevator shaft

    Director is asking about fire sprinklers in elevator shafts. Is it necessary?
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  • Listed Valves & Fittings for Fire Fightin Pipe Systems

    Dear NFPA, Here in our Petroleum Refinery we have some doubts about listed valves (or fittings) on the fire fighting piping systems. Please according with NFPA updated criteria,  which material is recommended for...
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  • Fire Loads from over storage of paper materials in an office

    We have an issue with the amount of paper files being stored in an office, now I went with the BTU's for paper (6500 BTU's/lb), multiplied by the amount, say 200lbs... so that is 1,300,000 ..  then divide by the ...