• Minimun size for standpipes

    Good day, I need someone help me with the minimum size for a class II standpipe and branch lines. According to NFPA 14 7.6.1 class I and class III standpipe shall be at least 4 in. I have a class II design (by others)...
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  • Does PRV require by pass arrangement?

    Project location: Bangladesh Pump Capacity: 1500 GPM Pump Head: 14 bar. According to code for sprinkler pressure should not exceed 12 bar. So we need to use PRV upto certain height. If each PRV require to use by pa...
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  • Are Sprinklers Required Above False Ceilings?

     Are sprinklers required above false ceilings? If required, What should be the Minimum Space above False Ceiling to consider sprinkler installation?
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  • Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork Termination Through Roof

    NFPA 96-2011 (2) regarding roof top terminations states "roof top terminations shall be arranged or provided with the following... (2) a minimum of 1.5m (5ft) of horizontal clearance from the outlet to any com...
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  • Hydraulic Calculation in big rooms having concealed Spaces (upright and pendent sprinklers)

    When doing the hydraulic calculations for an open space (having only upright sorinklers), we calculate the No. of sprinklers based on the Max. protection area and the Area of coverage (ex: 1,500 ft2 / 130 = 11.5 = 12 ...
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  • DIGITAL inspection for annual fire extinguisher maintenance (seeking AHJ opinions)

    Hello,   We are looking at ways to make the annual maintenance process easier for more people, especially those in remote or rural areas who may have a hard time getting a service company to come and check their...
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    - KITCHEN EXHAUST HOOD FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS - We get training from FPC- (Fire Protection Certification ltd.)  - Are there other companies that offer the same training? Thanks,
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  • Class II Standpipe requirement for light hazard occupancy

    I'm currently working on designing wet sprinkler system for a Dormitory of Ground and First Floor "Light Hazard Occupancy". The Building is fully sprinklered as per NFPA 13R-2016. The height of the First Floor is less...
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  • Fire Hydrant

    Hello,   I am trying to find out where the fire hydrant is not required because the building is stand alone and far way from the city. Does anyone know which NFPA standard has the requirements for fire hydrant? ...
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  • Q: Please advise w/n NFPA13D per 2009 IRC 313.2.1 includes Water Leak Detention and Automatic Shut-off.

  • Hollow shaft motor for vertical turbine jockey pump

    Do jockey pump also requires hollow shaft motor as per NFPA 20, clause no. or those requirements are only applicable to main/Fire pumps?
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  • Do jockey pump (Pressure maintenance pump) also needs to be provided with Hollow shaft motor as per NFPA 20, section or that section only applicable to main or fire/ main pumps?

    Do jockey pump (Pressure maintenance pump) also needs to be provided with Hollow shaft motor as per NFPA 20, section or that section only applicable to main or fire pumps?   Clause "Vertical sha...
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  • Does anybody knows Fire Sprinkler System Coverage Requirements for Balconies and Terraces?

    Hello.i want to know information about restaurant with terrace does need sprinklers?
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  • Inergen Pipe dislodged during discharge

    We had several discharged of inergen system on our substations. There were three such occasion wheres two of the incident had pipe dislodged.   I was asked by my superior how did that happen? I understand that t...
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  • NFPA 96 Exhaust Rooftop Termination

    Are there any known or frequently applied, accepted methods to reduce the 10 ft. minimum distance requirement to adjacent buildings and property lines as per NFPA 96 (2017) section Restaurant tenant has ...
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  • Elevator Recall and flow switch

    Does Fire Sprinkler riser's water flow switch initiate elevator emergency recall? In NFPA 72 "Table A." Typical Input/Output Matrix" shows water flow switch on first or second floor initiate elevator emer...
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  • Do I need Sprinkler System in PA for Single Detached Family Residential?

    I have a township building inspector requiring me to put in a sprinkler system into my house that we are rebuilding and it is a single family residential on a 2.5 acre lot. Why would I need this?!
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  • Which fire pump size, shall I consider for a combined sprinkler/stand pipe CLASS I system

    In a  new hotel with a combined sprinkler/standpipe system CLASS I, (23,46 m height of occupable story), which water demand and pressure we must considered for the size of the fire pump ? 
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  • Pressure Relief Valve according to NFPA 13-2016 7.1.2

    I have a wet pipe system that is fed from an Electric fire pump rated 1000 gpm @100 psi. Is it still necessary to install a pressure relief valve in accordance with NFPA 13-2016 7.1.2 despite the fact that I won't hav...
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  • CO2 Fire suppression total flooding system

    Hi All,   Can anyone explain to me the meaning of free efflux flooding method of application for CO2 total flooding solution? It is mentioned in NFPA 12 Annex D and couldn't figure out the difference between it ...
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