• NFPA Help!

    I am looking for the paragraph in the NFPA that helps protect the fuel zone liquids in plastic containers by means of FOAM. Without using water.
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  • Can ESFR/CMSA be used in misc. storage type?

    20.10.3 of NFPA 13 2019 Ed. specifies that :  CMSA and ESFR sprinklers shall be permitted to protect storage of Class I through Class IV commodities, Group A plastic commodities, miscellaneous storage, and other...
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  • Fire Detection Recommendation

    Hi   I wanted to know what is the preferable detection device for Indoor transformer (Inside Room) is it Heat or Smoke Detector, and if it is heat what is the temperature rating of the detection device should be...
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  • Exposed Unexpanded Group A Plastics

    Hi,    I am designing wet sprinkler system for a warehouse as per NFPA 13, commodity is exposed unexpanded group A plastic, ceiling height : 14 mt, storage height : 6 mt, storage arrangement: palletized....
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  • Which NFPA code is recommended NFPA 70 or 72 ?

    I am new to fire alarm systems . Which NFPA code  should i start with ,  to learn more about fire alarm systems . NFPA 70 or  NFPA 72  Any other Codes ,should i start studying ?
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  • NFPA 96 "Means" vs Interface

    In regards to  NFPA 96 specifically Section within the 2017 standard, the term "means" is being challenged as not to require an interface between the exhaust fan and heat producing appliances. Has there b...
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  • NFPA 415, NFPA 13

    I am looking for NFPA regulations regarding fire sprinkler system for airport Baggage handling system.   Thanks LKW
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  • NFPA 497 Military question

      Ok, l am working on a project that requires exit devices for the following:     Reference NFPA 497 (2012 Edition)   All three and all three floors and stairs:       Class I, Div. ...
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  • Concealed space sprinkler protection

    Concealed space sprinklers. In Australia, Clause 5.8.1 of the current sprinkler standard requires concealed space sprinklers in roof/ceiling cavities as shallow as 200mm, and allows sprinkler spacing up to 6m x7m. I ...
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  • What NFPA Code Number details fire suppression wet pipe flow direction and function labeling requirements?

    I am currently trying to repaint scaling and corroded pipe a large scale facility fire pump room with multiple pumps for redundancy purposes.  What code will I need to look at in order to find the system flow dir...
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  • Fire Exntinguisher Question

    Hello, I am new to the food processing industry and I have a question on Fire Entinguishers.  We have Class ABC Extinguishers but we are installing a new process that has Dust Collector/Baghouse attached. Its not...
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  • Sprinkler in Single Row Racks

    It is possible to place in-rack sprinkler in single row racks for Exposed Nonexpanded Group A Plastic Commodities (according to figure 13.1.7 / NFPA 13, 2016 Edition) in the transverse flue space as indicate...
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  • NFPA 13-2019 vs 2016 Revamping of Hydraulic Design Systems

    NFPA 13-2019 vs 2016 Revamping of Hydraulic Design Systems   In NFPA 13-2016 in clause A. It is not the intent of this section to require a full hydraulic analysis of the existing piping sys...
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  • ESFR Equivalency

    We currently have an installation of ESFR pendent sprinklers, 165 degree F, K=14.0, dated 1998, in a warehouse area, that have been submitted for testing.  One of the twelve tested sprinklers submitted has been c...
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  • Fire hose reel

    Shall i connect a 25 mm fire hose reel station to the plumbing line is it applicable ?
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  • Sprinkler head is reusable or not?

    Sir, Now we are doing a fire sprinkler system modification job.We replace the existing sprinkler line . As per NFPA standard the existing sprinkler head is re usable or not.
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  • Which class does organic fertilizer produced with biogas fall into?

    Which class does organic fertilizer produced with biogas fall into? not based on ammonium nitrate. solid and liquid shelving storage   MSDS mixture names phosphorus pentoxide zinc powder potassium oxide ca...
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  • NFPA-2001

    Please tell me about NFPA-2001 basic requirment for design
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  • Do interstitial sprinklers installed in open web construction require access?

    We have a large building with open web truss's that will have 800 interstitial sprinklers. Drywall is being installed directly to the bottom of the joists. A building inspector is asking how access will be provid...
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  • Fire Prevention

    I want to learn about fire prevention how should I start?
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